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Operation "cold"

Sant Cugat del Vallès -


Please make a micro-donation to operation ‘cold’ and help improve the conditions of the 40 shelter dogs. Help is of vital importance.


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    Diejenigen Personen, die auf natürliche Art direkt von den im Projekt ausgeführten Aktionen begünstigt wurden.

El Cau Amic


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We’re raising money to improve the life conditions of 40 healthy dogs that are living in a temporary shelter Refugi del Cau Amic at Sant Cugat.
The operation will take place in Sant Cugat at the refugee Cau Amic. Through an altruistic and voluntary way, they give shelter and help to animals in need and always with the intention to find new caring homes for them where they get the affection they deserve. Operation ‘cold’ is mostly realised by a group of volunteers of Cau Amic.



  • Improve life conditions of 40 dogs during the winter.
  • Avoid diseases and guarantee survival for the dogs. 
  • Help dogs find a new home in good conditions.



  • Reparation of the doors of the kennels.
  • Construction of new shelter homes, installation of beds of straw and hearth extension to avoid moisture and cold.
  • Installation of electricity for lightning and other basic services.

Wer wird begünstigt?

The beneficiaries are 40 dogs from El Cau Amic.

Aktualisierungen und Links

  • 2014/11/21: Finalized the reparation of the doors of the kennels (photos)


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