Companies with a cause

Many socially responsible companies are already using our APIs to have a great impact on society. 

Worldcoo is a free online tool to allow your users to fund social and cooperation projects.

How do we do it?

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    We offer a wide range of high-impact projects so you can select the one you want to sponsor.

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    We provide our APIs, which integrate into your systems and allow clients to add donations to help fund the selected charity project. 

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    We audit and monitor the project through to the end to give your users full traceability for each euro donated.

Benefits for your company 


    managing CSR policies is expensive and difficult; we offer professional management at no cost.


    we generate synergies between people, companies and NGOs to maximise the impact and visibility of your collaboration.


    we have a network of Ambassadors in 20 countries that allow us to monitor the projects on the ground and provide you with exhaustive reports.



  • Uvinum
  • MeQuedoUno
  • Zacaris
  • ByHours
  • PcComponentes
  • eShopVentures
  • Dreivip
  • Banc Sabadell
  • SantaFixie
  • Planeta Huerto
  • Tradeinn
  • Valencia CF DEV
  • Regalador

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