We fund projects, not organisations

Worldcoo is a free online tool to allow e-commerce sites to fund social cooperation projects with their users.

Our numbers

  •   101


  •   +390.668€

    in donations
    coming from 35 countries

  •   244.860


  •   143.056


What do we do?

We provide a new fundraising channel:

    • We select and evaluate projects.
    • We efficiently manage funds.
    • We add a donation checkbox (widget).
    • We generate synergies between people, companies and NGOs.
    • We multiply the impact and visibility of projects.

The total donation achieved by users of e-commerce goes directly to NGOs for the implementation of the project. Meanwhile, Worldcoo receives the equivalent of 8% of the total funds from NGOs; in the form of services rendered to fundraising. This allows us to develop a fully professionalized activity. 

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