Our e-commerce widget is the simplest way to fund social or cooperation projects through your users

How does it work?

Once added to your site, the widget shows a message on the checkout page telling users that they can add €1 to their purchase to help fund the social or development project chosen by the e-commerce site.
If the user wants to make a donation, they just have to tick the box and €1 will automatically be added to their purchase (after taxes).


  • Customisable Design

    You can customise the design of the widget as best fits your page. Choose the skin you like best, change the colour and don’t worry about the size, it's responsive.

  • Multi-Language

    The widget is currently available in 8 languages… and growing. If you have a multi-language site, you just have to change one variable to adapt it to each language.

  • Asynchronous Loading

    We’re aware of how important page-loading speed is, so the widget is asynchronous and loads in parallel so it doesn’t affect you.

  • Secure SSL Connection

    Data is transmitted from the widget to the Worldcoo servers using an encrypted SSL connection.




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