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Worldcoo was created in 2012 as a free online tool to allow e-commerce sites to fund social and cooperation projects through their users.

But the origins go back further, to 2010, when the founding team, classmates and friends since they were young, founded an NGO to carry out cooperation projects in engineering. For 18 months, we worked with other associations, NGOs, the government and other social entities to develop projects that could change many lives. But in many cases, they never came to fruition due to a lack of funding.

That’s when we realised there were many others just like us, focused on developing projects that could solve the large-scale problems in the world. However very few had focused on funding all of these projects in an efficient, elegant, sustainable manner.

In 2011 we started to create a new fundraising channel for all of these projects. A different path that doesn’t depend on the government and brings value to all involved.

That’s how the idea came about in 2012 to create technology to unite a new fundraising system, crowdfunding, with a sector that is growing around the world, e-commerce.

  • And what if we could add €1 to help change the world to every trip, article of clothing or takeaway meal purchased online?



  • We believe that innovation is a driving force for change.
  • Each time we try something new and it doesn’t work out, we’re a bit closer to reaching our goal.
  • We like to question things and ask, why not?
  • Feedback from our clients guides our roadmap. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


  • We provide services to NGOs. Once the NGO receives 100% of the total collected, Worldcoo receives the equivalent of 8% per euro.This pays the bills.
  • The donations go to fund projects, not organisations.
  • All donations are fully traceable, from the website to their destination.
  • We publish our accounts once a year and you can take a look whenever you want.

 Social commitment

  • We’re committed to the principles of social business.
  • We devote 70% of our profits to social projects or reinvest in R&D&i.
  • Our pay-scale ratio is below 1:8.
  • We follow a strict code of ethics.

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