Worldcoo · Team

  • Sergi, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Sergi is in charge of communicating our vision to the world and seeking out the resources and alliances we need to achieve our goals.
  • I’m an optimist. I believe in people and the common good. I think a different world is possible. And Worldcoo can be a good tool to change the world. I have a degree in Law and Business Administration and a Master in Foreign Relations. I like the challenge of turning an idea into reality. I like things to happen. Without reading the paper and doing sport, I’m not me. I look towards the future and see Worldcoo as a key ally for many companies, as a tool to become socially responsible easily and efficiently. Together, we can do great things!
  • Aureli, Co-Founder and COO
  • Aureli knows how to find projects that have the greatest impact, anywhere in the world and focusing on any topic. He audits them until they become a reality.
  • I’m a dreamer. I think if we work together we can change the world and Worldcoo is our vision of how to do it. I’m an engineer by trade and a stubborn entrepreneur. I like to stay behind the scenes. I’m passionate about the try-measure-learn method behind all the processes in any start-up and have loads of fun finding new NGOs and high-impact projects. I love animals, Italian food and the cinema. If I’m not online, I’m probably doing sport, occasionally lost on a mountain or, if I’m lucky, backpacking.
  • Albert, CTO
  • Albert is in charge of the bits and pixels. He’s leading the design and development process for our new platform.
  • I believe that computers are a tool and must always be used to serve our needs, not the other way round. I enjoy looking for the best way to make things a bit easier by aligning technology, usability and product. I’ve been working in web engineering and digital-product design for more than 10 years now. I’ve been lucky enough to get different viewpoints at different companies of all sizes of the products we are now designing at WorldCoo, and I couldn’t be happier to be applying that know-now here, where our contributions count, really matter, helping improve the lives of people in difficult situations. When I’m not at the office, you’ll find me in the mountains, whether on a long hike, rock climbing or canyoning.
  • Joel, CCO
  • Joel seeks companies committed to making a difference in the world.
  • I feel privileged to form part of Worldcoo, a magnificent project that enables me to channel all my energy and experience so as to have a positive social impact, as well as help make the world a better place. I enjoy convincing people and adding ecommerce to our cause. I thrive on challenges and I love leading my teams to exceed our sales targets, especially when achieving them implies helping those who need us. I have an Executive MBA from ESADE and a Master’s in International Commercial Law. If I’m not in the office, you’ll find me playing with my children, listening to jazz music or enjoying nature. Working together we can achieve great things and I really hope that you decide to join our efforts.
  • Anna, Communication and PR manager
  • Anna’s mission is to make sure that Worldcoo’s voice is heard around the world in order to make all the projects behind our platform a reality.
  • Curious, restless and resolute; this is how they define me. I like to talk, but I love listening. I think that a few words are worth enough to tell great stories; Worldcoo is an example. I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and I’ve specialized in Corporate Communication. Music, nature, shows, travel, long time with my friends, the advertising and media world in general help me to understand a little bit more the peculiar world we live in.
  • Clàudia, Project and NGO coordinator
  • Claudia liaises with NGOs to find new ways to collaborate and boost cooperation.
  • I believe that the sum of many small actions can lead to big changes and that’s why I also believe in Worldcoo. My job is to seek out innovative solutions and reach agreements with organisations in order to improve the situation of people in need, as well as raising awareness of high-impact projects to give them continuity and to monitor them. I have a BBA - Bachelor in Business Administration. I have always worked on projects related to the third sector, which is work I believe is necessary and I would like to stay connected to. I’m proud to be part of this challenge and to help grow it worldwide. 
    I cycle everywhere and act in my spare time. I love to have a good cup of coffee while reading the morning paper.
  • Eva, Business Developement
  • I like to believe in what I'm doing, and it makes me proud to think that my efforts are having a positive impact. I’ve always been good with numbers and I’m passionate about the digital era. With Worldcoo I have the chance to combine what I can do with what I want to do. I’ve realised that if you really want this, it is possible. Anyone can help build a more just world without even getting off the sofa. I have a degree in Economics and am currently studying an MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility. I never travel without my camera and I could never live far from the sea.
  • Marc, Project Manager
  • In my opinion, to build a more just world, the third sector and the business sector must work together, sharing common goals. Worldcoo gives me the opportunity to fight for this, striving to build lasting alliances that can strengthen the economic and social fabric of our society in the middle and long term. My experience and training in both cooperation development and the e-commercesector allows me to raise awareness of our project among organisations in the third sector on a national and international level, seeking out and monitoring projects that can have a great impact on society. In terms of hobbies, what better than travelling and discovering new cultures? I also enjoy doing sport, going to the cinema and reading a good book.
  • Borja, Key Account Manager
  • I think there’s a really beautiful idea behind Worldcoo: that anyone, anytime, anywhere can help make the world a better place. And with minimal effort… it only takes one click. So I’m really happy to be part of this idea, and of the team working towards it. I’m also very happy for everything I experienced before I got here: I’m married with four daughters. I have a degree in Law and Business but work in communication. I have an MSc in Internet Business and did a seminar on the topic at Harvard. I have a vocation on the back burner, although it continues to call to me: education. I am also a businessman. Along the way I’ve met great friends. And, since I can’t sit still, I’ve also tried to do many other things well: play the drums, play tennis, travel… and I’ll keep trying! Looking to the future, someone said to me, “We’re not in a era of changes, but a change of era.” I think they were right, and that it will be much better than the previous ones.

Board of directors

    • Ignasi Ferrer
    • CEO of The Eat Out Group, advisor to organisations like the European FoodService Summit, and vice-president of the Ship2B Foundation.
    • Xavier Marcet
    • CEO of Lead To Change (LTCproject), founder and president of the Barcelona Drucker Society and professor at IDEC.
    • Josep Maria Martorell
    • Director General of Research and Universities for the Government of Catalonia
    • Carles Florensa
    • Owner and general manager of Eurosilla, on the board of companies like Inveready Venture Finance and Intercros, business angel, mentor in the Momentum Project and Ship2B, and professor at UAB and IED.
    • Yolanda Pérez Sáez
    • Director of BStartup at Banco Sabadell.
    • Didac Lee
    • Serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Inspirit (Spamina, Fhios, Theetailers, Zyncro, etc.) and head of technology for Futbol Club Barcelona.
    • Pablo Pérez Caldaya
    • Investment Manager Sabadell Capital (Private Equity Banc Sabadell)

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