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Let's fill the hospitals with smiles this Christmas

Madrid, Murcia, Valencia, San Sebastián -

Hospital clowns provide an emotional relief to hospitalized children, allowing them to have a playful space through which canalyzing their fears.

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AlgaraKlown, Saniclown, PayaSOSpital and PupaClown joined this Christmas to bring smiles to children and adolescents hospitalized in several communities in Spain: Madrid, Murcia, País Vasco and Valencia.

The clowns of these organizations visit hospitalized children to relieve their stress and anxiety, as well as the one of their parents. They provide moments of joy and good humor, generating an atmosphere of magic in the hospital rooms. Its mission is to fill spaces of smiles and generate magical and beautiful moments. The clowns work in coordination with the health personnel. Their work allows to create a more relaxed atmosphere and, thus, doctors and nurses work with greater tranquility and can concentrate on the technical aspects of their actions. The parents, on the other hand, also respond to the game of clowns and stay more relaxed and calm.

With the performances of the hospital clowns, the hospital environment is demystified by showing the children, their relatives and the healthcare staff that humor, laughter and fantasy can be part of their life inside a hospital. In addition, communication of the child with his environment is facilitated, helping him to accept his own hospitalization and to collaborate with the therapies he requires, using laughter as a stress-releasing stimulus. In this way, it is possible to return the hospitalized child to his childhood.

Obiettivi del progetto

Brighten the lives of hospitalized children with regular performances of professional clowns adapted to each child and coordinated with health personnel.


  • Attend the emotional care of hospitalized children in a comprehensive manner.
  • Coordinate the clown visits with the health personnel.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With your help, 200 children will receive the attention of the hospital clowns of Saniclown in the "Hospital Gregorio Marañón" in Madrid, of AlgaraKlown in the "Hospital Universitario" in San Sebastián, of PayaSOSpital in the "Hospital Clínico" in Valencia and of PupaClown in the "Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca" in Murcia.

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