Making dreams of sick children possible

For a sick child the need to have a wish is vital.

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Make-A-Wish Spain


  • Staff 2.000€
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Severely ill children and their families live in a harsh routine that transforms their reality. However, despite being children suffering from serious diseases, they are still children: children who play, laugh, cry and wish.

Make-A-Wish Spain awakens and strengthens the wishes of these children. They visit them in the hospital and ask them: What is your greatest wish?

The child and the family must work together to make that wish come true. There are no gifts or surprises; there is effort, joy, commitment and teamwork. They involve the child and his family in work and tasks around his wish. In this way, resilience is built in children, making them more capable of facing physical and mental suffering.

Beyond the unique experience that children experience when their wish is reached, there is a positive reaction in their response systems to the disease, in the relationships between the people who live around the child and in the ability to generate positive expectations for the future.

Project objectives

Awake wishes in children with serious illnesses; wishes that will give them hope for the future, joy and the necessary strength to overcome their illness.


  • Coordination with the medical team according to the special conditions of each child.
  • Definition of the child's wish and the steps to follow to make it a reality.
  • Creation of tasks and duties linked to this wish, so that the child and his family participate actively in the development of that wish.
  • Fulfillment of the wish of the child.
  • Accompaniment throughout the course of the wish, from its definition to its fulfillment.

Who will benefit?

With €2,000, the customers of Maxcolchon will be able to help make come true Timothy’s wish.

Timothy is a 9 year old boy who has a passion that helps him when, because of his oncological illness, he can’t go to school, during treatments, in the hospital. It is a passion that he shares with his little brother Kenji and that helps him to build a world in which everything is possible: LEGOLAND. A multicolored world that helps him in the difficult moments to continue fighting against the disease. And his great hope is to visit LEGOLAND and enjoy it with his family. Timothy knows that he has to work to achieve it ... and that there are many people who are willing to help him so that, piece by piece, his illusion becomes a reality.

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