10 actions that every business can take to combat climate change

Nowadays (almost) everybody does not doubt that climate change is a reality, the importance to fight against this phenomenon is on the agenda of every government from all over the world and also of many businesses and homes, both in our country and beyond our borders. Climate change is, ultimately, a global problem for every one of us. On a local scale, we can fight against it, being it from our own homes or from our work places.

In this situation, which business would deny the chance to fight for a more sustainable world and against climate change? In this battle, there is no such thing as an insignificant role or action because every person and every business can contribute their fair share.

Therefore, today we are proposing to you ten actions that every business, irrelevant of its size, can take in order to fight against climate change.

  1. Don’t abuse the air conditioning unit. During the summer, air conditioning makes those days in the office a bit more pleasant, however, be careful and do not go over the top with it. Excessive use of these units will not only cause damage to our planet, but also the wellbeing of your employees. Control its use, and in exchange, it will help you to save money in your business.
  1. Encourage using public transport to your employees. Going to the office in shared transport, by bike or walking produces a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. The fact that your employees may opt for this alternative may seem like a small change, however, together with other small changes, big results will be achieved.
  1. Reduce the quantity of packaging being consumed. Do you drink water in the office? If you buy five or eight litre bottles and refill glass bottles, you will reduce not only the amount of plastic bottles that deteriorate our planet, but you will cut down on expenses for your business.
  1. Recicle. Facilitate recycling in your business, get different bins so that you can separate the waste and ask your employees to separate paper, plastic, glass and the rest. Only by separating these, you can cause a great reduction in CO2 emissions.
  1. Reuse. How many sheets of paper do you use in the office? How many of them do you throw away with only four lines written on them? Put a tray on the desks where the employees can leave and use already used paper. A lot of the time, it is not necessary to use a blank sheet of paper.
  1. Reduce. Is everything that you print off in the office essential? If so, try to make it that in every case it is printed double sided. Again, this will produce a reduction in costs for the business and it will benefit our planet.
  1. Switch everything off! Don’t leave your devices on Stand-by. Do you leave the office during the day? Do you go to meetings and not use your computer? Well, switch off all the electronic devices that you are not using. For example, a television left on stand-by, consumes 40% of energy that it consumes when it is on normally. Just with this little action, you can reduce this consumption down to zero.
  1. Switch off the lights. Is there anyone in the toilet? Or in the meeting room? If not, keep the lights switched off and only switch them on when it is necessary.
  1. Make the most of the natural light. Working close to a window makes working days nicer and it makes it not essential to have all the lights kept on. Take full advantage of the sunlight, your employees will be grateful to you and the planet as well.
  1. Use energy saving lightbulbs. By simply substituting some lightbulbs for others, you can make a reduction of 45kg of CO2 per year.

The preservation of our planet is the responsibility of all of us; let’s make our organisations more responsible.


Worldcoo Team.

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