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Worldcoo signs an agreement with the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation

Worldcoo signs an agreement with the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation

On Wednesday 13th of February, the Catalan Agency For Development Cooperation (ACCD) will present a collaboration agreement between them and Worldcoo, the best way they have found to get funding for the projects they support.

The agreement is part of the Catalan Government’s desire to find new ways of financing, additional to public resources, for development cooperation projects, as well as new innovative instruments adapted to the Catalan cooperation, for example, microdonacions. At the same time, this agreement meets the guidelines of the Master Plan for Development Cooperation 2011-2014, which establishes the need to promote innovation in instruments for development cooperation of the Government. The Catalan Government evidence with Worldcoo that the tools to implement strategies cooperation have evolved according to the changes in international contexts, as well as the needs and interests of the actors in the North and the South.

With this agreement, Worldcoo will start to work with new different NGO’s as well as more new projects. It represents a big expand in the research of high quality projects that will allow Worldcoo to keep offering to its community the best projects around.

By singing this agreement, Worldcoo is linked with the most relevant and important cooperation agency in Catalonia and its prestige and reputation. Worldcoo is proud to partner with the ACCD and appreciates its trust and support.

The people in charge to present the deal and sign the agreement this Wednesday will be Carles Llorens, Director General for Development Cooperation, and Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo. Roger Albinyana, Foreign Secretary, will also attend the signing.

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