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FAO helps Gambian farmers to face climate changes

FAO helps Gambian farmers to face climate changes

Gambia is subject to severe weather condition. In 2012, many areas were touched and that affected the productive capacity of agriculture.

In this way the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), under the Emergency Assistance Project for the fourth time, set training programs to help Gambian farmers adapt to climate changes. Thus, farmers will be able to better manage the weather risks in order to preserve their productive capacity.

The objective of these programs, according to the FAO assistant rep, is to ensure that they build the capacity of communities and targeted vulnerable households and people, to enable them tackle hazards like drought and floods.” says an article from Allafrica.

It is important to point out that the main target of all helps for Gambia is to learn them how to be autonomous. They need to face problems by themselves to evolve and reach a better level of development. In an other hand, they need materials to work in acceptable conditions and many others stuff to handle such a development.

At last, those aids are in line with the Worldcoo project which consist to give workshops, materials and building material. Furthermore, Gambian farmers would be able to face to bad wether conditions with greater ease and safety.

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