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An incredible hosting experience
Sustainable energy, challenge and solution
The last straight line
Worldcoo at the IMPULSA Forum of Girona
Summer is coming, what are you waiting?
The Dafort water project
The vision of humanitarian sector with Dan Pallotta
The great potential of agroforestry
Worldcoo OHMI registration
54% of the project released !

An incredible hosting experience

As you may know, the project Summer Hosting for children from Ghana and Nigeria aims to host three children in Spain for the summer. This experience is something very important in the life of such young people, first because they will have a health treatment they cannot have in their original country, and then because they will discover a developed country and all the entertainment and comfort that comes with.

Nevertheless, this experience is also something great for the family which host them. Indeed, they will learn a lot about the culture of an impoverished country. They will share intense moments will a young child and get the pleasure to help him to flourish. It is a very interesting and uncommon to host a people who comes from a totally different environment. That also help to awareness the inequalities of our world and focus a little more on these regions which need help.

As a result, a double win situation! Isn’t that great?
But to make it happen, we strongly need your help. Money is needed to pay the visas and plane tickets for the three children.

Families are ready to host them, what are you waiting? Spread the word and donate to the project, for them, for us, and for everybody.

Sustainable energy, challenge and solution

Today, an important part of the world’s population, about 17%, is without access to electricity. Another 35% is dependent on energies like coal and wood in order to cook or heat. What’s the result? Over 4 million people are killed by indoor air pollution. Unsurprisingly, most of them are located in Africa and Asia. Developing countries are facing major challenges by trying to stem shortages in power supplies. But the underinvestment cannot afford a reliable and a good quality of electricity production.

How to solve the problems?

Scientific and technologic innovations brought least-cost solutions to develop renewable energy. Because there are two problems to face actually. In one hand, we have to make sure that energy production is sustainable and viable for the environment. In an other hand, we need solid business plans to ensure that projects are profitable.

Now, here are some renewable energy sources that could do it : hydropower, wind power, solar, and geothermal.

Electricity access is a hot topic today, because innovations are bringing new solutions, and because of the power of the energy sector. What do you think about that? Do you believe in a proper world with energy for all?

The last straight line

The project Let’s have one more, which consist in getting funds to pay for a scholarship to form an ambassador of peace is about to reach the objective.

As you can see, it passed 80% of the final goal and less than 1000€ still need to be collected. More than 130 donators from more than 15 countries arround the world have already been committed with the project.

If we divide the money collected by the number of donors and then, divide the money we need by the average donation, it means that around 25 donors are missing yet to end the collect.

With all we did until today, we can easily say that we passed the hardest part. But the final straight line is still in front of us!

Spread the word on Facebook & Twitter!

Worldcoo at the IMPULSA Forum of Girona

On the 26 and 27 of June is held the IMPULSA Forum in Girona, Spain. Launched in 2010, this event aims to discover and analyse many subjects like education, technology, economy, politic, and many others in order to motivate and bring ideas to young creators. The objective is bring progress through initiative in all fields : science, technology, business, society, sport, art, and culture.

The IMPULSA Forum is also a good place to mix generations. Juniors can collect the experience of seniors and find resources to build their projects.

According to the IMPULSA website : “IMPULSA is the time and place in which young people lose their fear of becoming entrepreneurs

What about Worldcoo? Sergi Figueres is going to present the company on stage on Thursday 27. He will talk about how our website is working and how to collect funds for NGO projects.

Want to see the show? It’s right here in live stream.

Summer is coming, what are you waiting?

The three children from our project Summer hosting for children from Ghana and Nigeria haven’t reached a third of the goal yet.

Just to recall the objective, the project has a main aim to make possible that children coming from orphanages and other institutions in Ghana and Nigeria can spend one summer with a Catalan family.This project consist on a month and a half stay in a familiar atmosphere, enjoying coexistence and creating a special tie with the hosting family.

Moreover, this stay makes it possible for them to receive a healthy feeding, an adequate medical care and also a special motivation for them during the year in Africa to be good student and then culminate the year with their stay in Catalonia.

The only thing that is still missing to lead this project to the success is the money to buy visas and plane tickets for these children. Otherwise, all their stay in Spain is already managed, and families are hosting them for free.

They need your help, share the cause with your community, and make a donation to illuminate the life of three children!

The Dafort water project

The water management is one of the biggest preoccupation in the world. With this project, the NGO Santa Perpetua Solidaria wants to help the community of Dafort, in Mauritania (Maps), to fight against hunger and drought.

Some surveys were conducted and it reveals that there is underground water, but the population of Dafort cannot afford to extract as it is expensive and it needs a lot of resources. Thus, this project has been created with the help of the local population and authorities, and the community of emigrants in Catalonia.

The project is divided in three main objectives. First, the drilling of water well and the construction of the required infrastructure to provide population with safe drinking water. It will end with 12 fountains located on the streets of Dafort. Then, the creation of a water community to manage the infrastructures. That’s an economic key point to make sure that there is no waste and no problem with the distribution. Finally, teaching families in improving sanitation and hygiene habits.

16,000 inhabitant are waiting the concretization of this beautiful plan. Everything is calculated, prepared, people are ready to move away to start working on it. But the financial goal is not already reached!

Support the project by giving a donation and sharing it with your network.

The vision of humanitarian sector with Dan Pallotta

Last week, we published on our Facebook a video from the TED conference about The way we think about charity is dead wrong! Whether or not you’ve seen the video, here is a little summarize to tell you what’s the message:

Activist and fundraiser, Dan Pallotta denounced the double standard that drives our broken relationship with charity organizations. According to him, too many nonprofit organizations are valued when they spend a little, and not for what they achieve. That’s a pity, a charity group shouldn’t be watched like an embezzlement each time they spend money indirectly for charity causes (mainly the advertisment). The reason is that there is a double standard between nonprofit and for-profit sector.

Instead of assimilating the frugality of morality, he asks us to begin to develop the charities for their great goals and great achievement, even if it comes with great expenses. As exemple, 350,000$ has been invested for the campain of Breast cancer, and they multiplied this investment by more than 551 times to reach the incredible amount of 194,000,000$ raised!

To summarize the main message of Dan Pallotta, nothing better that the sentence he said: “Changing the way we think to change the world.”

What do you think about that? Let us your opinion by leaving a comment!

Watch the video on TED’s website

The great potential of agroforestry

When we talk about agroforestry, two main configurations are possible. The first one is to plant trees (in line) inside plowed and cultivated agricultural plots in a sustainable manner. The second one is to make cohabit trees and pets. Thus, the profitability of lands is improved because of a better organization.

In the case of the Wordcoo project located in Dindefelo’s Natural Reserve (Map), the electrical equipments required will be used to organize the agroforestry. They are absolutely necessary because the project consist also in building a school. Then, they will be able to manage natural resources in the best way (without waist), they will improve the food security, and they even will contribute to the endangered chimpanzee’s survival in the region.

All these developments will make Dindefelo a reference in West Africa for biodiversity.

Support the project right here, and share it with everybody!

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Worldcoo OHMI registration

Today, we are happy to announce you that Worldcoo has been registered by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHMI).

What is OHMI ?

In spanish OAMI, Oficina de Armonizacion del Mercado Interior, has been created to promote and manage Community Trade Mark and Community Designs within the European Union. Also, it is an office created under European law and governed by the European Commission. Their mission is to harmonize the internal market and to carry out registration procedures.

So, for Worldcoo the fact to be registered proves that the European Union recognized us as a registered trade mark. Furthermore, our logo, our name, and some features about the company are protected.

See also What is a community trade mark (CTM)?

Step by step we are growing, stay tuned!

54% of the project released !

Congratulations everybody, you did half of it. Let’s have a look at the figures…

You are 93 Donors from 15 different countries!

Most of you are from Spain, but we have people from all over the world! Argentina, Germany, Nicaragua, México, United Kingdom, Panama, Sahara, Denmark, Rwanda, Ecuador, Switzerland, United States, Venezuela, and Austria.

You raised 2,705€ with an average of 30€ per donor.

We’ve seen a good growth of the project, if you look at the graph, you’ll find that the founds are growing regularly but you have to keep going. According to it, we should expect 100% of the project by June 25th.

So, what’s next? Now you have to tell your friends, your family, your coworkers or classmates and everybody that the project needs their help!

The best way to achieve it is to spread the maximum with your community and explain them why it is so important to form ambassadors of peace (see the previous article).

We count on you! Support the project on Worldcoo.

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