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The power of crowdfunding in the service of humanity

The power of crowdfunding in the service of humanity

In today’s world, with globalization, we are all affected by the troubles which afflict some parts of the globe whose level of development is extremely low. Indeed, some people don’t have the technology and tools that some countries benefit for decades.

In an effort to give these regions the opportunity to live and not to survive, NGOs began to emerge after the Second World War.

Today, it is the eighth largest economy in the world (1 billion dollars per year). And it continues to grow with globalization. Despite this, NGOs are funded by donations. And apart from the generous donors with astronomical fortunes (CEO, movie star, sport star, etc..), The general public doesn’t have a very important place.

But that will change! Since the advent of the Internet, a new method of financing has emerged: the crowdfunding. The concept is simple, a project is presented on a crowdfunding platform and users can finance it in the variable tiers (sometimes undetermined).The objective is to target small donors. This concept has been proven, for example when the campaign Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. He then gleaned nearly 700 million dollars.

So what link can be made between the funding and the fight against poverty in the world? Just the fact that crowdfunding is now an intermediary between NGOs and individuals. With Worldcoo, humanitarian projects governed by NGOs are presented to the public to finance from only 5€. Everyone can now give and help impoverished countries to live in a better world.

What is more beautiful at the end of your life to tell you that you leave the world in better shape than you’ve found it?

Help your world, make your contribution by registering on Worldcoo and supporting one or more projects!

Love and appreciate, the Worldcoo team.

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