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Worldcoo at the IMPULSA Forum of Girona

Worldcoo at the IMPULSA Forum of Girona

On the 26 and 27 of June is held the IMPULSA Forum in Girona, Spain. Launched in 2010, this event aims to discover and analyse many subjects like education, technology, economy, politic, and many others in order to motivate and bring ideas to young creators. The objective is bring progress through initiative in all fields : science, technology, business, society, sport, art, and culture.

The IMPULSA Forum is also a good place to mix generations. Juniors can collect the experience of seniors and find resources to build their projects.

According to the IMPULSA website : “IMPULSA is the time and place in which young people lose their fear of becoming entrepreneurs

What about Worldcoo? Sergi Figueres is going to present the company on stage on Thursday 27. He will talk about how our website is working and how to collect funds for NGO projects.

Want to see the show? It’s right here in live stream.

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