Archive - 17 September, 2013

End of the campaign "Water Bank in Ethiopia"

End of the campaign "Water Bank in Ethiopia"


We are sorry to announce that today we reached the end of the crowdfunding campaign and that we could not reach the funding target to fully develop a Water Bank in Yegobecha.

Our team believed in this project, as we felt it was very necessary and that the project had great potential. We know that we are a young company trying to change big things, and this is not always easy. We take this situation as an opportunity to learn and to improve for future projects around the globe. Also we would like to appreciate the efforts done by Intermon Oxfam to promote this project. It’s been a nice experience to work with such a big NGO.

All the donors of the project will find their donation converted into Worldcoo credits equivalent to the donation amount. An email with further instructions has been sent to all of the donors.

Again, thank you so much for your participation, we will keep working to offer new amazing projects in order to foster cooperation.


The Worldcoo team. 

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