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The Honduran Moskitia

The Honduran Moskitia

Wampusirpi is a small village located in the middle of the Honduran Moskitia. The inhabitants of this area are mostly Miskito and the population is as little as 1,500. With neighbouring villages around the Wampusirpi the population totals 6,000.

The Miskito inhabitants have faced decades of extreme conflict and sadly there are still problems that the Miskito face. The majority of young and adult Miskito are illiterate. This is due to there not being schools in the small villages and so students need to travel to surrounding villages to attend school. The students who are fortunate to attend school, often have to leave because of the high cost of education to join their parents in low paid work.

For the Miskito Indians the typical jobs are manual work, farming and cultivation, however there is a lack of work, which when found is poorly paid and of temporary duration. Many children assist their families within the household and manual work.

A more substantial future is wanted for the young people of Moskitia, where they will be able to gain the education that they deserve thus allowing them to develop a career in their home town.

by Sally Rice.

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