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New sponsor : Cottet
Give a respite to the forest
A warm welcome at the airport
A student has been selected
Ocular hygiene in Mozambique
Help seven schools in Vietnam
Our policy of transparency
Registration for the Master of Peace
[Funded] Plane tickets and visas for three children to spend the summer in Catalonia
New sponsor : Jomar Consulting

New sponsor : Cottet

Cottet Optics is the third group to join Worldcoo as a sponsor.

Cottet Optics, founded in 1902, is a revolutionary company focused on optics / opticians. At the moment, they have more than 37 shops.

You can read more about their history here (in Spanish; in Catalan).

As a sponsor, they decided to support the project Out of sight, out of mind, in Maputo, Mozambique, carried out by the NGO Ocularis. We thank them a lot.

Website of Cottet :

Give a respite to the forest

Wild chimpanzees inhabiting in the Dindefelo Community Reserve, south of Senegal, depend almost exclusively on a fruit called Lare in the local language (Saba senegalensis) at the peak of the dry season. Not only is Lare a keystone resource for chimpanzees, but specifically for the families living in this area who derive a great percentage of their annual income from this wild fruit harvest. It is a very popular product in cities like Dakar, where it is consumed prepared as a juice or just raw. In the past two years  massive exploitation and uncontrolled bush fires have reduced into a minimum the amount of Lare in its natural habitat.

To solve this situation citizens of the Dindefelo Rural Community have taken an extraordinary and courageous decision based on the technical reports from the Jane Goodall Institute Spain (IJGE) and Management Committee Community Nature Reserve Dindefelo (RNCD): To set an ecological truce for the Lare extraction in all the forests of the Community during the year 2013.

This means that many families will no longer economically benefit from the Lare harvest, important income during the year. The role of the income generated by this harvest has an enormous effect on the economy of the harvesters and their families. Due to the Lare truce extraction this year, the Rural Community and the Jane Goodall Institute Spain are financially compensating the families involved. Also and most important, together, they are creating new sustainable alternatives to harvesting wild Lare: They have put in place Lare nursery beds and the saplings are being transplanted to reforest protected areas along with other wild species like Thiale (Spondias mombin), also eaten by chimpanzees. Families who harvested wild Lare are now responsible of taking care, growing and transplanting the Lare nurseries back into the forest.

We don’t know if it’s due to this program, but the fact is that the researchers from The Jane Goodall Institute working in the area have confirmed the return of the chimpanzees to certain important fruiting areas where there used to be conflicts between locals and chimpanzees themselves. Now everyone seems to be more at ease! You can see the video of the Dindefelo chimpanzees, caught on a camera trap put by the research team last week.

A warm welcome at the airport

Last week, the three children from Ghana and Nigeria : Lydia, Kobi, and Belinda, arrived at Manresa in Catalonia.

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They are now starting a stay of 6 weeks, immersed in a familly and in the european culture. On the picture, you can see the tenderness of the families, which are very happy to host them, and happy to spend a special summer with children from impoverished countries. By the way, they will receive medical care that they don’t have in their originary country.

Worldcoo is proud to share those pictures with you, we believe that this is the best reward we can give to our donors. Transparency is the main aspect we want to show in order to initiate confidence.


A student has been selected

Today we are glad to tell you that the University Jaume I selected a student to give the scholarship for the Master of Peace.

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The student is from Pakistan, Izar Alí. He has been the person who scored the most, regarding to his qualifications. Now he will soon sign the policy agreement for the Master, so the money raised for him can be unlocked and spend for the first study payments.

We will keep you turned within the beginning of the university year about him and his first steps at the University.

Thank you to all the people who committed with the project!

Ocular hygiene in Mozambique

The vast majority of eye diseases could be treated simply by the knowledge and skills of a trained Ophthalmologist. In fact, most of them are easily cured in Europe, but in Mozambique they become chronic due to the lack of available professionals.

With this Worldcoo project, the NGO Ocularis aims to help more than 500.000 people who face eye problems in Mozambique. 50% of the cases of child blindness could be easily prevented by a minimum healthcare.

The money raised will allow to send 4 professional specialist doctors in order to dispense training courses to 7 local ophthalmologists and 30 technicians. The final objective is simple, make a campaign for local nurses to be able to take care of the eye hygiene (having a good habits would remove half of the eye disease of children.), and help to achieve the most delicate surgery operations.

The problem has been clearly identified, the solution is simple, they just need to raise 6.400€ to make it happens. Donate for the project and spread the word!

Help seven schools in Vietnam

Today, the Vietnam faces the premature death of 14.000 children each year. Due to that, poor sanitation and hygiene conditions. Then, Vietnam is fighting to bad conditions of water.

This Worldcoo project is located in the district of Mu Chang Chai (see map), where more than 70% of households, public centers and schools don’t have latrines. Moreover, the inhabitants of that region are strongly attached to their cultural roots, which means that even with appropriate services they prefer to keep their poor hygiene practice.

Therefore, the NGO Codespa started to plan a project which aims to train, study, develop and systemize the hygiene in 7 schools. That will directly benefit to 2.500 children. The budget includes operations of studies and technical work, development tools, training to local partners, and construction of sanitations. Then, 10% is dedicated to the coordination of the project.

So far, they need 15.000€ to concretize the project. Help them to make it happen by donating to the project and spread the word.

Our policy of transparency

In this article we want to explain you how Worldcoo aims to make your charity experience something awesome.

The way we want to boost is : transparency. Because we think that the fact to follow where your money goes makes you even more happy to donate. Moreover, you are the witness of your actions. We want to engage you in the project further than the donation, plus being able to share the real change you made possible.

To end this transparency aspect, we will simply keep you tuned about the construction of the project. Indeed, when a project is “Funded”, it pass automaticly to “In construction”. Then, when the project is achived, you can see it as a “Success story”. The follow up starts with the begining of the crowdfunding campaing and ends when the project is a success story. We illustrate all the process by blog articles with stories, pictures, and videos.

So, when you donated for a project, make sure to have a look to see how it is going 😉

By the way, here you can find our Youtube channel –> WorldcooTV

And here is the Pinterest –> WorldcooBoards

Registration for the Master of Peace

As the funds needed are now raised, the application section for the Peace Master of Castellon is now open to students from impoverished countries.

The University Jaume I will then select the student which fits the most with the program. He will start, later this year, a two years Master of Peace. As we already said, this Master aims to form ambassadors of peace who will disseminate informations in order to keep peace and establish good relationships with other states.

If you know a student community in an impoverished country, you can help us spread the word!

Here is the link to download the application form : Download Application Form


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[Funded] Plane tickets and visas for three children to spend the summer in Catalonia

We are glad to announce you that the project is now completely funded! Thanks to our very generous donors and to our sponsor Jomar Consulting, we reached the goal almost one month before the deadline.

To recap, this campaign aims to make possible that 3 children from Ghana and Nigeria, Lydia, Kobi and Belinda, can spend one summer with a catalan family. It consists on a month and a half stay in a familiar atmosphere, enjoying coexistence and creating and special tie with the hosting family. Moreover, this stay makes it possible for them to receive a healthy feeding, an adequate medical care and also a special motivation for them during the year in Africa to be good students and then culminate the year with their stay in Catalonia.

As the families will host them for free, the funds are dedicated to the plane tickets and the visas. Again, thank you very much for all the people that donated to the project and all the ones who will make it possible.

We will keep you posted soon to explain how the project will be organized.

New sponsor : Jomar Consulting

Jomar Consulting is the second group to join Worldcoo as a sponsor. It is a service company which offers a complete service to manage different sectors of your company (financing, taxes, labour paper etc.) They aim to resolve all the problems that your company may face following the necessary steps to fix them.

According to Jomar : “Any customer problem becomes a priority for our team, offering you the best solutions according to our principles”

As a sponsor, they decided to help the project Summer Hosting for children from Ghana and Nigeria by engaging 1400€. We thank them hugely!

Website of Jomar :

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