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Report of funding and monitoring the project “Back to school Lunchroom program”
#Newsponsor & #Newproject: PcComponentes & Aldeas Infantiles SOS
We have another funded project…now we have 14 projects funded! School Lunchroom Program together with
#GivingTuesday a global day to giving back.
Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”
6 amplía su campaña a 1.900 comidas para dar más becas comedor
Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”
End Violence against Women #orangeurhood #16days
#orangeurhood #16days para la eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer
Worldcoo has been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity

Report of funding and monitoring the project “Back to school Lunchroom program”

We launched in September 2014 the project Back to school lunchroom program with LetsBonus to help those families who are going through dramatic situations: evictions, unemployment, lack of economic resources,… and cannot meet their basic needs such as food; to ensure that their children can eat at school providing stability during the school year.
One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our committed e-commerce service. In this case, 430 meals will be distributed to 3 kids from 2 schools of Cuenca and Toledo.

Informe Final LetsBonus - Aldeas Infantiles - EN

#Newsponsor & #Newproject: PcComponentes & Aldeas Infantiles SOS


This December PcComponentes joins the list of socially responsible e-commerce’s with the commitment to generate more positive social impact together and to tackle poverty during Christmas.

Worldcoo launches together with the new sponsor the project “No child without a meal at Christmas” from to ensure a healthy and balanced meal to those children that live in a vulnerable situation.

Through the solidarity of users the feeding of 186 minors will be covered and 6 school lunchrooms will be provided to ensure a healthy and balanced meal for these children during the school year.

With 9.400€, is Worldcoo’s most ambitious project up to date.

Thanks PcComponentes for joining the Worldcoo community and welcome!

We have another funded project…now we have 14 projects funded! School Lunchroom Program together with

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Today we have funded the ‘School Lunchroom Program’ of NGO, via our e-commerce partner and its customers.

Initially, we were looking for 3.500€ and then we sized the project to 4.500€. Today we get all the funds, 4.500€. So, thanks to the solidarity and generosity of Redcoon’s customers we can fund 1,800 meals for kids in exclusion risk.

The aim is to strengthen its commitment to a cause that is dramatically affecting the Spanish population. Every three minutes a child in Spain falls at risk of poverty and one in four children are malnourished and do not get a balanced meal a day. In a period of just two years, between 2008 and 2012, child poverty rates have increased by 200,000; which are even poorer than they already were before the crisis. is in contact with public schools that have identified the most vulnerable students through reports from social services and who have a signed agreement to receive aid in the form of scholarship dining. So far they have contacted schools in 17 regions but there are still many that need support.

Thanks @ for not abandoning the cause and its users for their infinite solidarity and commitment!

#GivingTuesday a global day to giving back.

There’s a day for giving thanks. Two  more for getting deals (Black friday and Cyber Monday). Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone how you are giving and be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity.

At Worldcoo, our comunnity, donate every day. Because every day there are reasons to be generous with others. We are so proud of or e-commerce with cause (;,;;; Evacosmetics or  who encourage solidarity every day through their users. Up to now, all together, we have raised more than 30.900€ thanks to more than 17.000 donors to fund 11 projectThis data increases day by day. Thanks so much again.

Data on Global Donation
Would you like to know how many people around the world helped a stranger in 2014? Or how many people donated money or volunteered time? What are the top giving countries around the world? Find all this information in the infographic below or read the full World Giving Index 2014 report , which looks at charitable behaviour across the world, involving 135 countries.The World Giving Index score is based on an average of three measures of giving behaviour – the percentage of people who in a typical month donate money to charity, volunteer their time, and help a stranger. This year’s report shows that, with only five G20 countries represented in the World Giving Index Top 20 – indeed, eleven G20 countries are even ranked outside of the WGI Top 50. Of the fifteen countries with the largest increase between their 2013 giving score and their five-year average score, only one is classified as a high income country by the World Bank. The UK and Ireland are leading the way in Northern Europe when it comes to acts of generosity. Download the World Giving Index 2014 bubble map  to see the differnces bettween countries involved.


1555a_caf_wgi_infographic_loresPaises globales


Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”

worldcoo_segell1_english worldcoo_segell2_english worldcoo_segell3_english


All e-commerce companies that have integrated our widget to transform their online shopping purchases in solidarity receive the stamp of E-commerce with Worldcoo´s Cause. This label attesting to their social commitment and the desire to create a positive social impact alongside its users with all the guarantees of the fundraising campaign run by Worldcoo.
With the seal, Worldcoo guarantees:

  • Including a 100% secure technology in solidarity donation widget developed by technological equipment from Worldcoo.
  • The rigorous selection and auditing of all projects by a team at Worldcoo and the network of 21 ambassadors we have in 11 countries worldwide and managing international projects.
  • The traceability of every dollar donated, with the completion of monitoring and relevant verification.
  • The social commitment of e-commerce and generating a positive social impact alongside its users.

!Become an E-commerce with a Cause!
Only e-commerce that meet these regulations may obtain the stamp and become an E-commerce with a Cause with the utmost confidence for their users.Worldcoo was born with the mission of generating a positive social impact and providing a solution to the lack of public funding of NGOs. The e-commerce industry and NGOs collective solidarity allows the new system of solidarity crowd funding.  The e-commerce industry will grow at an unstoppable pace in 2015, at around 20%. The involvement to generate a positive social impact can be instrumental to realize many social and cooperative projects that otherwise would have been impossible due to a lack of resources. These provide visibility to projects and social causes and foster collaborative solidarity among its members.

Our E-commerce with a Cause
In less than a year of activity since the launch of our widgets, more than 10 e-commerces have joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, , Network Verticomm -Uvinum, Mascotic … -,,,,,; have funded more than 10 projects with 16,000 donors who have contributed almost 30,000 € and have benefited over 11,800 people directly.
From Worldcoo we hope that the community of ´e-commerce with a cause´ continues to grow to generate a much greater positive social impact. amplía su campaña a 1.900 comidas para dar más becas comedor

Becas comedor

Esta semana nuestro e-commerce comprometido ha ampliado el plazo para seguir captando fondos a la causa de Becas Comedor de De un reto de 3.500 pasamos a  4.750€. De esta forma, gracias a la solidaridad de sus usuarios podrán subvencionar 1.900 comidas para niños en situación de vulnerabilidad; 500 comidas  más que el plan inicial de mediados de septiembre.

El objetivo es afianzar su compromiso con una causa que está afectando dramáticamente a la población española. Y es que cada tres minutos en España un niño cae en riesgo de pobreza y uno de cada cuatro niños sufre de malnutrición y no recibe una comida equilibrada al día. En un período de tan sólo dos años, entre 2008 y 2012, los índices de pobreza infantil han aumentado en 200.000 niños; los cuales son aún más pobres que los que ya lo eran antes de la crisis.  contacta con escuelas públicas y concertadas que tienen identificados a los estudiantes más vulnerables mediante los informes de los servicios sociales y firman un acuerdo para recibir la ayuda en forma de beca comedor. De momento han contactado con escuelas de 17 comunidades autónomas pero aún quedan muchas que necesitan ser apoyadas.

¡Gracias por no abandonar la causa y a sus usuarios por su infinita solidaridad!


Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”

The project of ´Care at home´ by the foundation “Friends for the elderly” , was the first project we did with LetsBonus in February 2014 and with which initiated their intention to work closely with #LetsBonusActúa program. Thanks to the solidarity of its members, who managed to raise € 1,015 in one month. Here we present the report of investments and everything that was made possible due to the help received.

  • 67 gatherings with 3 volunteers at the home of an elderly person to discuss providing personal support and dynamic activities for them.
  • 450 telephone calls to the elderly person to know how they are and for a follow up.
  • 51 Carers in the individuals home for two hours to give them emotional support and to build stronger ties with them.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to support the transparency of donations and so we track every € donated by the users of our committed e-commerce service. In this case, 586 seniors have benefited from the program activities. This project is great way of providing emotional support to elderly people living alone and also to avoid the social isolation that affects a umber of people.


Informe Final LB - Amics de la gent gran - EN


End Violence against Women #orangeurhood #16days


Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the UN has launched the “Orange YOUR Neighbourhood” campaign. UN Women , its partners and public and private entities acts performed worldwide with orange as a protagonist to raise awareness and show solidarity with survivors of abuse. This is the color chosen to symbolize the hope for a future without violence for women and girls . And besides, is also the color of Worldcoo as part of its corporate identity. So we wanted to join the initiative and convey the message loud and clear to all parts of the world .

WCOO-foto (1)

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence which follow (ending on 10 December, Human Rights Day) are a chance to mobilize and raise awareness in order to end this grave violation of human rights of women presenting these figures:

1 in 3 women have experienced  physical or sexual violence , mainly by an intimate partner ;
about 120 million girls have been forced  intercourse or other sexual acts at some point in their lives;
and 133 million women and girls have been undergone  female genital mutilation.

We leave the message of the Executive Director for the occasion and an infographic that explains the different ways in which this pandemia  is presented.

[youtube SiYpehRUnlU ]

The promise of Beijing
At the Fourth World Conference on Women held in 1995 , held in September 1995 , achieved a record attendance: 17,000 participants and 30,000 activists. Despite its great diversity and different world provenance approved innovative Declaration and Platform for Action , echoing the global call to end all forms of violence against women and girls and highlighting this issue as one of the 12 areas of particular concern. They recognized that violence is a major social mechanisms that deny women equal , and having high social , health and economic costs .



#orangeurhood #16days para la eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer

UNTF_OrangeSplotch_ES_638x300Hoy es el  Día Internacional para la Eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer y las Naciones Unidas ha puesto en marcha la campaña “Pinta TU barrio de naranja”.  ONU Mujeres,   sus socios y entidades públicas y privadas  realizarán actos en todo el mundo con el color naranja como protagonista para generar conciencia y mostrar solidaridad con las sobrevivientes del maltrato. Este es el color elegido para simbolizar la esperanza de un futuro sin violencia para mujeres y niñas. Y además, es también el color de Worldcoo ya que forma parte de su  identidad corporativa.  Por eso no podíamos dejar pasar este día y aprovechar para unirnos a la iniciativa y  transmitir el mensaje de forma alta y clara a todos los lugares del planeta.

El día 25 de Noviembre  da inicio además a 16 días de activismo a nivel mundial, hasta el 10 de diciembre, Día de los Derechos Humanos, con el fin de poner fin a esta grave violación de los derechos humanos de las mujeres que presenta estas cifras escalofriantes:

  • 1 de cada 3 mujeres ha soportado violencia física o sexual, principalmente por un compañero sentimental;
  • cerca de 120 millones de niñas han sufrido el coito forzado u otro tipo de relaciones sexuales forzadas en algún momento de sus vidas;
  • y 133 millones de mujeres y niñas se han visto sometidas a la mutilación genital femenina.

Os dejamos el mensaje de la Directora Ejecutiva para la ocasión y una infografía que explica  las distintas formas en que se presenta esta pandemia así como los datos más destacados.

La promesa de Beijing

En la Cuarta Conferencia Mundial sobre la Mujer celebrada en 1995, celebrada en septiembre de 1995, logró una asistencia sin precedentes: 17.000 participantes y 30.000 activistas. Pese a su gran diversidad y distinta procedencia mundial,  aprobaron las innovadoras Declaración y Plataforma de Acción de Beijing, haciéndose eco del llamado mundial para poner fin a todas las formas de violencia contra mujeres y niñas y resaltando esta cuestión como una de las 12 esferas de especial preocupación. Reconocieron que la violencia es uno de los principales mecanismos sociales que niegan a las mujeres la igualdad, y que tiene costos sociales, sanitarios y económicos elevados.





Worldcoo has been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity

  • “EslaIniciativa” is a project by the Business and Society Foundation, which recognizes acts of corporate social engagements.
  • The social commitment of Worldcoo is twofold because it is a social enterprise itself and also promotes support and aid for other activities. Thanks to our fundraising activities, together with business e-commerce and its users, Worldcoo has already improved the lives of over 12,242 people.


We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity by the  spanish Business and Society Foundation. This award has two sides. On the one hand, it recognizes our work of starting the e-commerce sector in the management of corporate social responsibility policies and to promote solidarity among consumers online. On the other hand, we at Worldcoo are a social enterprise that meets the ethical needs of Social Bussiness and follows in the footsteps of other similar models operating in the Netherlands, UK and USA, where the company reinvests 70% of its potential benefits to other social projects or R & D.

Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo explains, “this recognition provides additional momentum for companies of e-commerce to decide to join the initiative and generate a more positive social impact and more donations directed to the beneficiaries”. To date, thanks to the solidarity of all consumers in online shopping, we have directly benefited and improved the lives of 12,242 people thank you to everone who has enabled these projects to become a reality.

The “Initiative” is a collaborative project supported by the Friends of Business and Society, which recognizes acts of social commitment from employers that will inspire increased support for companies to disadvantaged people.

The other winners were project “Attention, the new poverty” by Cecot which has managed to improve the employment of over 200 people struggling to meet their basic needs; ´FamilyApp´ chain, “esLaIniciativa” an everyday savings services for those who donate to NGOs and agency photographers Us, Why Not, “esLaIniciativa” for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The Apsuria Foundation, which provides special education services, day centers and residence for people with serious disabilities, all gathered to the event held last November 13th in Madrid.

The jury formed of Ander Bilbao, founder and CEO of Grupo Sörensen; Cipri Quintas, entrepreneur (Silk & Soya); Francisco García Molina, director of various companies and chairman of the Apsuria Foundation; José María Irisarri, president of Oz Partners; Javier Rosino, principal partner ActiveCompass and Francisco Abad, managing partner of ABest social innovation.

The social impact of Worldcoo, in less than 1year
In less than a year after the launch of the widget, more than 10 e-commerce have already joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, Mequedouno .com, Verticomm Network -Uvinum, Mascotic … –,,, Due to this positive social impact, we have funded 10 projects from which there were over 12,242 direct beneficiaries. Many thanks to the 14,200 donations from 35 different countries which raised €28,000. We also have 7 open projects. Currently is supporting and in two months has exceeded 62% of the project funding for ´Dining Scholarship´ which aims to subsidize 1,600 meals to children in poverty., meanwhile, supports research for Sanfilippo Syndrome, an ultra-rare disease that causes premature death of those affected when they reach 15 to 20 years old; and LetsBonus, continuing to support affected achondroplasia (dwarfism).


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