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To compensate our forests

To compensate our forests

On World Environment Day Worldcoo has a new project to protect our forests!

In times of massive industrialization and urbanization all over the world, nature and biodiversity are highly in danger, and with them our whole ecosystem. Forests are known for being the lungs of our planet but yet we keep destroying them. Everyone agrees sustainable development is a solution to guarantee future generations will still have natural ressources. But what is sustainable development in concrete terms? Having a responsible consumption, recycling, advocating for the environment on World Environment Day (and also the other 364 days of the year!)…

Now the environmental NGO AcciónNatura is offering you a new way of doing sustainable development. It seems inevitable to consume, to build, to create waste in our societies. But what if we could give back to nature? The CompensaNatura campaign gives us the opportunity to make up for the place we take upon nature by preserving endangered biodiversity. 

By buying harvesting  rights for m2 of old Mediterranean forest in Spain or tropical rainforest in Equador you can make sure that biodiversity is preserved in these areas for at least 25 years. 

Thanks to our sponsor LetsBonus who’s fully engaged in environment protection along with AcciónNatura we can all do something to compensate Mother Nature on her day.  

The campaign has started, more information soon!

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