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#NewProject: Children’s Diner Scholarship Program of SOS Children & LetsBonus

#NewProject: Children’s Diner Scholarship Program of SOS Children & LetsBonus

The school year in Spain  begins today and we have started  determined to help those who need it most in this back to school report.
Thanks to the collaboration of LetsBonus that will help us with our cause, we have prepared a new #plansolidario (Charitableplan) for LetsBonus CSR program that works with the NGO, SOS Children ( Aldeas Infantiles, SOS).


Children’s Diner Scholarship Program of Aldeas Infantiles SOS

This month, the cause has been chosen as the Children’s Diner Scholarship Program. This entity provides soup kitchens in different Spanish cities, where many families frequent due to situations like evictions, unemployment and a lack of economic income. These prevention programs do their best to help these families, guiding them so they can find work and aiding in the care of their children. But increasingly, these families need help to cover the basic essentials: food, clothing and school supplies needs. This year the entity has encountered 542 children with a particularly urgent need for basic meals, therefore, this new scholarship program has been inniciated, so that children can stay and eat in their respective schools, allowing them to maintain a normal life.
This video summarizes the action and mission of SOS Children, a private, non profit international organization, which helps children and was founded in 1949 in Imst (Austria) and is now has activities in 133 countries.

LetsBonus Act Program
The program ‘Acts LetsBonus’ supports the more real and closer problems to heart in our day to day lives. To date, the NGO Friends of the biggest, Adsis Foundation, AccióNatura, the Federation of Autism Madrid have been the beneficiaries of the solidarity of its members. Worldcoo has been involved in the selection and auditing of projects submitted, ensuring compliance and traceability of donations received.
Thank you very much, again, for being a socially responsible LetsBonus  e-commerce company.

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