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#TheSouthSummit2014 and the Worldcoo’s hope

#TheSouthSummit2014 and the Worldcoo’s hope

“The crisis turned out to be the genesis of a new spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Due to it,   enterpreneurs  decided not to go a bank, not to go to Mackenzie  Institutional, they decided to do something by their own”.

Ciarán O’leary, Earlybird. Investor of  Carto DB.

From “Investing in the South… Really?” panel during the #SouthSummit2014 .

This quote can sum up the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Spain as Ciarán O’Leary panelist # SouthSummit2014 explained in an event held in Madrid over October 8th,9th and 10th and in which Worldcoo was also present. Most experts agreed to highlight the promising future of the industry comparable to any other European country. From Worldcoo, we believe that in our country there are great ideas and enormous talent. We hope that in the coming years social initiatives like ours will have, each time, more presence. This would mean that the social enterprise whose aim is to generate economic impact, but also social, is on trend.

According to the latest report of G.P.Morgan on the trends on the impact of investing, this market could reach 400 billion dollars in the coming decades. The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) defines impact investing as “investments in companies, organizations and funds that are intended to generate a measurable social and environmental impact with a financial return.” Thus, the impact and social commitment of is twofold because using their solidarity widget, Worldcoo encourages social involvement of other e-commerce companies and is a social enterprise itself with an innovative model in Europe. is also committed to reinvesting 70% of its profits. In most companies this scale is nonexistent. See mor about our  social commitment here.

Here you have some photos of Worldcoo at # SouthSummit2014.

Worldcoo Team.

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