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Worldcoo received the recognition for the program #Yuzz.
#Newproject & Sanfilippo syndrome
430 meals can be subsidized thanks to LetsBonus users
Sergi Figueres explains the experience of Worldcoo in the presentation of the 2nd edition of # Bstartup10.

Worldcoo received the recognition for the program #Yuzz.


During the celebration of the fourth edition of the National Yuzz Meeting, held in La Casa del Matadero Madrid, 10 entrepreneurs of the Yuzz program received special recognition. Among them was Worldcoo. They were selected from more than 450 entrepreneurs who have been with Yuzz since its start. They proved that they represented the values that have grown with the program and demonstrated that “an idea can become a good business plan.”

The other people selected who also received the special mention were: Francisco García Franco, Qlikbar, Iris Sancho, FormalDocs, Francisco Javier Campos, Mobile.ndo Cesar Martin of Me gustan las flores, Alvaro Sanmartin of Floqq, Isabel Rubio, of Ilatela, Eduardo Delgado, Begoña Martínez Roams and of Swear.

Sergi Figueres also participated in a discussion panel to share their experiences with the community of Yuzz with Pilar Mateo, researcher and creator of paintings Inesfly; Carlota Mateos, online marketing expert and founder of the platform and two other Hotels Rusticae and two other emerging entrepreneurs of the  YUZZ Program.

Yuzz is the online platform that brings together hundreds of young people across the country and renowned entrepreneurs in an environment of innovation, creativity and technology to foster entrepreneurship.

We are very pleased by the recognition from our community.Many thanks for your work!



#Newproject & Sanfilippo syndrome


• Sanfilippo syndrome is a rare disease that causes the premature death of those affected, between 15 and 20 years old.

• In Spain there are 12 cases and 250 in the world.

• Gene therapy is the only way to research this disease and has cost 4 million euros.

Following the success of the project against cervical cancer, funded by users of through the widget of Worldcoo, it is time to explain another illness, Sanfilippo Syndrome (Mps III). The new charity project seeks to raise funds for research into this ultra-rare disease, affecting 250 families in the world and 12 families from Spain. Currently there are 7000 rare diseases. The challenge is for 2500 euros to go directly to the foundation to fund Sanfilippo Barcelona. This small contribution will finance part of the € 4million costs of research funds that are needed.

Sanfilippo Syndrome is a cumulative, degenerative and fatal genetic disease that attacks the central nervous system causing severe motor and mental deterioration. Due to the lack of an enzyme (protein) in the body, the body does not degrade large molecules of sugar accumulating in the lysosomes. A person without this disease would eliminate these substances through urination. These substances accumulate in your brain, gradually becoming toxic, thus killing all cells, causing premature death, between the ages of 15 and 20. To date, their only hope is the so-called scientific gene therapy, led by Drs. Bryan Bigger, University of Manchester and Dr. Alexey Pshezhetsky, Montreal. Gene therapy is mainly based on the direct introduction of a vector in the brain. Today its effectiveness has been demonstrated on an animal model (mice) whilst waiting to be conducted in the clinical trial with humans.

La Fundacion Sanfilippo Barcelona was founded in 2010 in the city of Terrassa, after the founders received the fateful diagnosis of Pol, their son. They saw that there was no treatment around the world that could save his life. From here, they tirelessly sought scientists around the world and began working with them in a race against time, with the sole purpose of finding the cure against Sanfilippo Syndrome.

The foundation is part of the consortium called Hands, Sanfilippo composed of different organizations around the world:

– Jonah’s Just Begun (USA) – JLK Foundation (USA).

– Sanfilippo Sud (France).

– Sanfilippo Barcelona (Spain).

Between them all they are financing gene therapy due to large individual initiatives.

Thank you again,, for being a socially responsible ecommerce and willing to continue to generate social impact through your users.

430 meals can be subsidized thanks to LetsBonus users


In less than a month LetsBonus users have got a new challenge for a new social cause, within the program of # LetsBonusActúa.

This time the challenge was to raise funds for the sponsorship of two annual Scholarships Dining Organization SOS Spain. Not only have they achieved what they intended, however they have surpassed. Thanks to this solidarity plan, almost 3 children in a vulnerable situation and under the poverty line will receive a balanced meal a day with their classmates. Each scholarship is worth € 900 per year, which corresponds to a daily meal of 5 € each. Thus, with a total collection € 2150, 430 meals can be subsidized.

This year, a total number of 542 children were detected with a particularly urgent need, in Spain. Thus the Scholarship Dining Program was launched.

 LetsBonus Act Program

The program ´LetsBonus Actua´ supports the real problems close to us in our day to day life. To date, the NGO ´Amigos de los mayores´, ´Fundation Adsis´, ´AccióNatura´, the ´Federacion de Autismo Madrid´ have been the beneficiaries of the solidarity of its members. Worldcoo participated in the selection and auditing of projects submitted, ensuring compliance and traceability of donations received.

Thank you very much, again, LetsBonus for being a companon of social e-commerce.

Stay tuned, because from this blog we can show you the details of those scholarship recipients.


Sergi Figueres explains the experience of Worldcoo in the presentation of the 2nd edition of # Bstartup10.


At the end of September, Sergi Figueres was invited to the presentation of the 2nd edition of # Bstartup10 of Banco Sabadell to explain Worldcoo´s experience after having participated in his first edition. Following their participation in the program, Worldcoo closed its first round of funding with the entry of Delta Capital Partners and Ona main investors, and is beginning the process of internationalization of its supportive e-commerce widget for socially responsible e-commerces. “Do not be alarmed but you will forget about your life for 6 months,” explained Sergi to those selected startups present at the event.

Here  we have the entire article from La Vanguardia,  on the new startups thanks to Inspirt.

From Worldcoo we send our biggest congratulations and give them our full support in their new adventure @wearearima, @heyplease_es, Signaturit, Testaments in a click and WeSmartPark !!

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