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Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”
2 amplía su campaña a 1.900 comidas para dar más becas comedor
Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”

Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”

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All e-commerce companies that have integrated our widget to transform their online shopping purchases in solidarity receive the stamp of E-commerce with Worldcoo´s Cause. This label attesting to their social commitment and the desire to create a positive social impact alongside its users with all the guarantees of the fundraising campaign run by Worldcoo.
With the seal, Worldcoo guarantees:

  • Including a 100% secure technology in solidarity donation widget developed by technological equipment from Worldcoo.
  • The rigorous selection and auditing of all projects by a team at Worldcoo and the network of 21 ambassadors we have in 11 countries worldwide and managing international projects.
  • The traceability of every dollar donated, with the completion of monitoring and relevant verification.
  • The social commitment of e-commerce and generating a positive social impact alongside its users.

!Become an E-commerce with a Cause!
Only e-commerce that meet these regulations may obtain the stamp and become an E-commerce with a Cause with the utmost confidence for their users.Worldcoo was born with the mission of generating a positive social impact and providing a solution to the lack of public funding of NGOs. The e-commerce industry and NGOs collective solidarity allows the new system of solidarity crowd funding.  The e-commerce industry will grow at an unstoppable pace in 2015, at around 20%. The involvement to generate a positive social impact can be instrumental to realize many social and cooperative projects that otherwise would have been impossible due to a lack of resources. These provide visibility to projects and social causes and foster collaborative solidarity among its members.

Our E-commerce with a Cause
In less than a year of activity since the launch of our widgets, more than 10 e-commerces have joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, , Network Verticomm -Uvinum, Mascotic … -,,,,,; have funded more than 10 projects with 16,000 donors who have contributed almost 30,000 € and have benefited over 11,800 people directly.
From Worldcoo we hope that the community of ´e-commerce with a cause´ continues to grow to generate a much greater positive social impact. amplía su campaña a 1.900 comidas para dar más becas comedor

Becas comedor

Esta semana nuestro e-commerce comprometido ha ampliado el plazo para seguir captando fondos a la causa de Becas Comedor de De un reto de 3.500 pasamos a  4.750€. De esta forma, gracias a la solidaridad de sus usuarios podrán subvencionar 1.900 comidas para niños en situación de vulnerabilidad; 500 comidas  más que el plan inicial de mediados de septiembre.

El objetivo es afianzar su compromiso con una causa que está afectando dramáticamente a la población española. Y es que cada tres minutos en España un niño cae en riesgo de pobreza y uno de cada cuatro niños sufre de malnutrición y no recibe una comida equilibrada al día. En un período de tan sólo dos años, entre 2008 y 2012, los índices de pobreza infantil han aumentado en 200.000 niños; los cuales son aún más pobres que los que ya lo eran antes de la crisis.  contacta con escuelas públicas y concertadas que tienen identificados a los estudiantes más vulnerables mediante los informes de los servicios sociales y firman un acuerdo para recibir la ayuda en forma de beca comedor. De momento han contactado con escuelas de 17 comunidades autónomas pero aún quedan muchas que necesitan ser apoyadas.

¡Gracias por no abandonar la causa y a sus usuarios por su infinita solidaridad!


Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”

The project of ´Care at home´ by the foundation “Friends for the elderly” , was the first project we did with LetsBonus in February 2014 and with which initiated their intention to work closely with #LetsBonusActúa program. Thanks to the solidarity of its members, who managed to raise € 1,015 in one month. Here we present the report of investments and everything that was made possible due to the help received.

  • 67 gatherings with 3 volunteers at the home of an elderly person to discuss providing personal support and dynamic activities for them.
  • 450 telephone calls to the elderly person to know how they are and for a follow up.
  • 51 Carers in the individuals home for two hours to give them emotional support and to build stronger ties with them.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to support the transparency of donations and so we track every € donated by the users of our committed e-commerce service. In this case, 586 seniors have benefited from the program activities. This project is great way of providing emotional support to elderly people living alone and also to avoid the social isolation that affects a umber of people.


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