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Worldcoo launches the widget update 2.0 which includes a gamification system and NGO widget.
#NewProject LetsBonus & Fundación ALPE ACONDROPLASIA (enanismo óseo)
Report Plan funding and monitoring for early detection of Cervical Cancer
#NewProject ZACARIS & Foundation “Surt” and the women at risk of exclusion
Project Monitoring Report For one@ more
Worldcoo received the recognition for the program #Yuzz.
#Newproject & Sanfilippo syndrome
430 meals can be subsidized thanks to LetsBonus users
Sergi Figueres explains the experience of Worldcoo in the presentation of the 2nd edition of # Bstartup10.
The love message of Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize 2014

Worldcoo launches the widget update 2.0 which includes a gamification system and NGO widget.

Updating the widget of Worldcoo 2.0 allows multiple personalized features and a reward system thanks to the partnership with This coupled with the launch of the NGOs Widget provides additional momentum to generate a more positive social impact together.

These innovations come a year after the launch of the first widget. It was September 2013 when the donation widget solidarity of Worldcoo appeared in 10 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German; available in various colors and fully responsive. It was the first initiative of its kind in Europe.

In just four months after closing the 1st round of funding with Ona Capital, Delta Partners and Banc Sabadell in June this year, have launched the website in 6 languages, English, French, German, Italian and Catalan and has launched new versions of the widget, as part of its roadmap to accelerate the business and get 50 social fund projects during this year.

New features include new widget customization options, which include:
-the ability to display a motivational message after 25% is funded
-a progress bar of the project


– the ability to chose different donation amounts from € 1 (multi-price)


-and to choose another currency (multi-currency).
New Widget Widget NGO
The new NGO widget is a new version for the cases where the e-commerce has a commitment to a single NGO. In this case it will be customized with the logo of the NGO. This new version joins the existing ones, the Classic Widget (backed by Worldcoo in aspects of the management of funds) and Simple (short version of the first).


A prize for solidarity: “20 Civis for the people doing #goodthings”
Following this clear commitment to innovation, we have built a system of rewards for donors through an alliance with CiviClub is the clubEjemplo_20Civis_logo (1) that rewards the #goodthings we do for our environment by awarding some points called Civis. Thanks to the agreement with CiviClub, Worldcoo has become an issuer of Civis. For every donation made through our donation widget integrated into our electronic commerce partners, you can get 20-donor Civis and redeem multiple gifts in the catalog website. With this partnership, we want to encourage good actions of people, who are the real agents of change.

To achieve the 20 Civis previously, the user must download the certificate of donation on our website with a donation code that appears on the page, thanks to stores that have integrated our widget.

This is the message of thanks to the donation code that appears after purchasing.

pantallazo widget thanks


Click here to see a demo of each of the possibilities and set your custom widget.
All these new features are applicable to all existing widgets to date and have been made by, technological partner¡Thank you very much!



#NewProject LetsBonus & Fundación ALPE ACONDROPLASIA (enanismo óseo)


Ya tenemos nuevo proyecto para LetsBonus para este mes de Noviembre. Durante todo este mes, apoyarán  a las personas con acondroplasia u otro tipo de displasias óseas de la Fundación ALPE  ACONDROPLASIA. La acondroplasia es la forma más común del enanismo óseo y es una discapacidad dura, no sólo en el aspecto físico  por los numerosos problemas de salud que conlleva, sino también en el aspecto psicológico y social. Las personas que padecen acondroplasia, tienen un desarrollo evolutivo distinto, más lento y necesitan ayuda para fortalecer su musculatura. Normalmente también padecen de problemas psicomotrices, respiratorios y en el habla, sumado a una tendencia a engordar.

Tratamiento global de medicina alternativa
Gracias a un  acuerdo de colaboración con la Clínica de Medicina Bionergética NT, la fundación ofrece un tratamiento global de medicina alternativa que se basa en diferentes técnicas homeopáticas y se complementa con sesiones de fisioterapia o rehabilitación para que adquieran unas proporciones  lo más parecidas posibles a sus progenitores. Además hacen un seguimiento completo de su alimentación y de del desarrollo psíquico de los afectados para mejorar la calidad de vida de estas personas. Todas las pruebas que se les hace a los pacientes son totalmente gratuitas para las familias, siendo la Fundación quien corre con estos gastos.

El reto de LetsBonus es conseguir el máximo de recaudación para subvencionar  estos gastos  para las sesiones de  osteopatía y fisioterapia pediátrica y  mejorar así, la calidad de vida de los pacientes.

Esta fundación nació en el año 2000  para proporcionar atención, seguimiento y evaluación de las personas con acondroplasia y sus familias, desde una perspectiva global. Su  centro de Gijón es el centro de referencia de España para el tratamiento de la acondroplasia.

La Fundación no sólo pretende solucionar problemas de salud, desarrollo físico, psíquico sino también la creación de un marco legal y social que facilite el desarrollo de los objetivos anteriormente citados, la promoción de programas de investigación, métodos de prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento de la acondroplasia, la integración social y la concienciación de la sociedad del respeto debido a los acondroplásicos.

¡Gracias LetsBonus por ser un e-commerce socialmente comprometido, mes tras mes!

Report Plan funding and monitoring for early detection of Cervical Cancer

The project for the plan Early detection of cervical cancer for women in the Sankuru region in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is developing as planned.

The team COMB ( Official College of Doctors in Barcelona) are working on health coverage for affected women, medical equipment and staff training to implement the screening program and preventive treatment for cervical cancer.

To date, thanks to the solidarity campaign and its users, who managed to raise €6240, COMB have been using this money to carry out logistical activities, staff training (with the completion of over 30 training sessions for cytologists, colonoscopists and surgeons). Already there have been significant results:

  • There have been 70 colposcopy appointments.
  • There have been 45 pap smears
  • And from a total of 70 women that attended, 7 have been identified: 1 with invasive cancer, 2 adenocarcinomas in situ and 4 with high-grade lesions.

Positive social impact for women RDC
On completion of the project, 120,000 people in the region and 10,727 women will benefit. It is  very positive for the people of this area as Cervical Cancer (Ccx) was the leading cause of cancer related deaths for Sub-Saharan women. 80% of cases occurring entirely in Africa where every year 56,000 women die. DRC, along with other neighboring African countries, did not have a plan for detecting cervical cancer thus the cure rate was very low. We hope that these figures will improve and the social impact generated is vital.

We leave you with a summary report financing as well as a more detailed report of the activities undertaken at the end of October ( in spanish).

Informe Final Mequedouno - Pobles Germans VE


CIMG8474 copia 2

Formacion Rad Oct copia (1)


#NewProject ZACARIS & Foundation “Surt” and the women at risk of exclusion

10406462_672968226110032_653054182207752666_n, the e-commerce leader in online shoe sales, has a change of project and over the coming months will help the Surt Foundation raise funds for the program ´Open Doors´ with all the donations made with our solidarity widget during the process of buying. The ´Open Doors´ Project is a tool for women who have lost their support networks and are in a helpless situation. It offers a program of social care and empowerment of women in poverty by which their basic needs (food, clothing, housing, etc.) are covered and in turn, they receive the tools needed to be independent ( empowerment groups, job counseling, training etc.).

Surt Foundation supports gender equality
This Foundation has been working since 1993 to facilitate the process of integration of women into the job market, especially those who, for reasons of a social, cultural and personal context, are in situations of vulnerability. SURT is a transformative project, committed to women in the hope to build a society with gender equality in the economic, social and cultural sector. To achieve this, they work on different areas, promoting fair employment conditions and a non-discriminative workforce; generating knowledge and raising awareness regarding discrimination based on sex, which affects the social, economic and labor market participation of women, especially in the professional field; and to take action to promote respect for cultural diversity and defense of the rights of citizenship for women.

obrintporteslogo2 Challenge: Help 32 women and their families.
The goal is to raise € 800 to provide social care and support to 32 women and their families, totaling 150 people. Thanks to @ for being a committed #ecommerce and use our widget solidarity grants to fund high impact social projects like this.


Project Monitoring Report For one@ more


Following the success of the campaign For one@ more, by Worldcoo in April 2013, the official report will enable all our donors to see the evolution of this campaign. The project´s objective was to raise the necessary funds for a student from a poor country or a situation of conflict, to come and en-role at the International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies of the University Jaume I, located in the town of Castellón. The idea for the campaign came from the students themselves following the cancellation of all public subsidies for the granting of these scholarships.

Raul Montes Osorio, was the lucky one who received the award thanks to funding obtained by the community @Worldcoo. A total of € 5,340 was raised in 5 weeks, from 146 donors. According to Raul´s report, the results of his first year have been more than satisfactory, both in academics and student integration into the community. In his final year, apart from gaining the last 60 credits of the Master,  Raul needs to present his final Master’s project  in Professional Counseling publicly before a tribunal constituted for this purpose. This is to evaluate the quality of work and decide if it is suitable for obtaining the ´Masters´ title.

We wish you the best of luck in this course Raul!

Read the full report  in spanish here: Crowdfunding Junio_septiembre Report 2014

View video report final collection

Worldcoo received the recognition for the program #Yuzz.


During the celebration of the fourth edition of the National Yuzz Meeting, held in La Casa del Matadero Madrid, 10 entrepreneurs of the Yuzz program received special recognition. Among them was Worldcoo. They were selected from more than 450 entrepreneurs who have been with Yuzz since its start. They proved that they represented the values that have grown with the program and demonstrated that “an idea can become a good business plan.”

The other people selected who also received the special mention were: Francisco García Franco, Qlikbar, Iris Sancho, FormalDocs, Francisco Javier Campos, Mobile.ndo Cesar Martin of Me gustan las flores, Alvaro Sanmartin of Floqq, Isabel Rubio, of Ilatela, Eduardo Delgado, Begoña Martínez Roams and of Swear.

Sergi Figueres also participated in a discussion panel to share their experiences with the community of Yuzz with Pilar Mateo, researcher and creator of paintings Inesfly; Carlota Mateos, online marketing expert and founder of the platform and two other Hotels Rusticae and two other emerging entrepreneurs of the  YUZZ Program.

Yuzz is the online platform that brings together hundreds of young people across the country and renowned entrepreneurs in an environment of innovation, creativity and technology to foster entrepreneurship.

We are very pleased by the recognition from our community.Many thanks for your work!



#Newproject & Sanfilippo syndrome


• Sanfilippo syndrome is a rare disease that causes the premature death of those affected, between 15 and 20 years old.

• In Spain there are 12 cases and 250 in the world.

• Gene therapy is the only way to research this disease and has cost 4 million euros.

Following the success of the project against cervical cancer, funded by users of through the widget of Worldcoo, it is time to explain another illness, Sanfilippo Syndrome (Mps III). The new charity project seeks to raise funds for research into this ultra-rare disease, affecting 250 families in the world and 12 families from Spain. Currently there are 7000 rare diseases. The challenge is for 2500 euros to go directly to the foundation to fund Sanfilippo Barcelona. This small contribution will finance part of the € 4million costs of research funds that are needed.

Sanfilippo Syndrome is a cumulative, degenerative and fatal genetic disease that attacks the central nervous system causing severe motor and mental deterioration. Due to the lack of an enzyme (protein) in the body, the body does not degrade large molecules of sugar accumulating in the lysosomes. A person without this disease would eliminate these substances through urination. These substances accumulate in your brain, gradually becoming toxic, thus killing all cells, causing premature death, between the ages of 15 and 20. To date, their only hope is the so-called scientific gene therapy, led by Drs. Bryan Bigger, University of Manchester and Dr. Alexey Pshezhetsky, Montreal. Gene therapy is mainly based on the direct introduction of a vector in the brain. Today its effectiveness has been demonstrated on an animal model (mice) whilst waiting to be conducted in the clinical trial with humans.

La Fundacion Sanfilippo Barcelona was founded in 2010 in the city of Terrassa, after the founders received the fateful diagnosis of Pol, their son. They saw that there was no treatment around the world that could save his life. From here, they tirelessly sought scientists around the world and began working with them in a race against time, with the sole purpose of finding the cure against Sanfilippo Syndrome.

The foundation is part of the consortium called Hands, Sanfilippo composed of different organizations around the world:

– Jonah’s Just Begun (USA) – JLK Foundation (USA).

– Sanfilippo Sud (France).

– Sanfilippo Barcelona (Spain).

Between them all they are financing gene therapy due to large individual initiatives.

Thank you again,, for being a socially responsible ecommerce and willing to continue to generate social impact through your users.

430 meals can be subsidized thanks to LetsBonus users


In less than a month LetsBonus users have got a new challenge for a new social cause, within the program of # LetsBonusActúa.

This time the challenge was to raise funds for the sponsorship of two annual Scholarships Dining Organization SOS Spain. Not only have they achieved what they intended, however they have surpassed. Thanks to this solidarity plan, almost 3 children in a vulnerable situation and under the poverty line will receive a balanced meal a day with their classmates. Each scholarship is worth € 900 per year, which corresponds to a daily meal of 5 € each. Thus, with a total collection € 2150, 430 meals can be subsidized.

This year, a total number of 542 children were detected with a particularly urgent need, in Spain. Thus the Scholarship Dining Program was launched.

 LetsBonus Act Program

The program ´LetsBonus Actua´ supports the real problems close to us in our day to day life. To date, the NGO ´Amigos de los mayores´, ´Fundation Adsis´, ´AccióNatura´, the ´Federacion de Autismo Madrid´ have been the beneficiaries of the solidarity of its members. Worldcoo participated in the selection and auditing of projects submitted, ensuring compliance and traceability of donations received.

Thank you very much, again, LetsBonus for being a companon of social e-commerce.

Stay tuned, because from this blog we can show you the details of those scholarship recipients.


Sergi Figueres explains the experience of Worldcoo in the presentation of the 2nd edition of # Bstartup10.


At the end of September, Sergi Figueres was invited to the presentation of the 2nd edition of # Bstartup10 of Banco Sabadell to explain Worldcoo´s experience after having participated in his first edition. Following their participation in the program, Worldcoo closed its first round of funding with the entry of Delta Capital Partners and Ona main investors, and is beginning the process of internationalization of its supportive e-commerce widget for socially responsible e-commerces. “Do not be alarmed but you will forget about your life for 6 months,” explained Sergi to those selected startups present at the event.

Here  we have the entire article from La Vanguardia,  on the new startups thanks to Inspirt.

From Worldcoo we send our biggest congratulations and give them our full support in their new adventure @wearearima, @heyplease_es, Signaturit, Testaments in a click and WeSmartPark !!

The love message of Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize 2014

The Nobel Peace Prize 2014 was awarded jointly to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai “for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education”

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist who stood up for women’s right to education as a teenager at a time when the Taliban prohibited access to education for young girls.

She was shot in the head for defying those orders and still, she keeps fighting. If you haven’t heard of Malala yet, this speech of her accepting the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize will make you an instant admirer. “I had two options, not to speak and wait to be killed, or speak up and then be killed. I choosed the second one because at that time there is terrorism and women are not alloweed to go outside of their house”  explained Malala.

At the time, she was the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever.

Kailash Satyarthi  is an Indian children’s rights activist. He founded the Bachpan Bachao Andolan (lit. Save the Childhood Movement) in 1980 and has acted to protect the rights of more than 83,000 children from 144 countries. According to the latest data provided by Unicef ​​28 million children between 6 and 14 work in India. Thousands of children across India are being sold by their parents and forced to work long hours in garment factories.India has the dubious distinction of having the largest number of child labourers under the age of 14, as you can see in the video above:

made with in BCN