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The right to see in Mozambique
New Sponsor : Uvinum
Improving women’s health conditions in Sankuru region
Let’s have one more final report
Worldcoo closes its first financing round and joins the BStartup programme
"Operació Fred" is in construction Update #1
Zacaris : New Sponsor

The right to see in Mozambique

The Right to See has been set as a priority in the world’s development agenda by the World Health Organization. The objective is to eradicate avoidable blindness by 2020. Mozambique is one of the most affected countries in the world, counting with a 500.000 eye diseased population and as few as 8 professional ophthalmologists.

Acknowledging that most of these diseases could be prevented by a minimum health care, we at Worldcoo believe we have the power to change things. With the help of our visionary sponsor Cottet, the project “Out of sight, not out of mind” could make the difference. By bringing an ophthalmologic training course to the Central Hospital of Maputo doctors and nurses, and treating 80 eye patients, Ocularis surgeons will help improve Mozambique health care system.

Help us bring Mozambique a new vision for a brighter future.   

New Sponsor : Uvinum

Uvinum is Worldcoo’s brand new sponsor.

Uvinum is an innovative ecommerce founded in 2009 in Barcelona which provides a large and personalized selection of wines and other alcohols. It is part of Verticomm group, an ecommerce gathering that is expanding internationally to meet all your needs.

As a sponsor, they decided to support the project Solar equipment for the Agroforestry School of the Dindefelo Community  in Dindefelo, Senegal, carried out by the NGO Jane Goodall Institute. We thank them a lot!

Website of Uvinum:

Improving women’s health conditions in Sankuru region

Women’s health has become in the latest years one of the top issues on world development’s agenda, as it is a factor of gender inequality and worldwide disparities in access to healthcare. Cervical cancer is one of the most common feminine diseases. With its 270.000 deaths every year, of which more than 85% are count up in developing countries, cervical cancer is a clear exemplification of women’s health nowadays challenges. According to World Health Organization: “the high mortality rate from cervical cancer globally (52%) could be reduced by effective screening and treatment programs”.
This is why at Worldcoo we are committed with Pobles Germans and supported by Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona to promote cervical cancer awareness and health coverage in Sankuru region (Democratic Republic of Congo).
And thanks to MeQuedoUno and its generous customers who have allowed us to raise 1300€ in less than a month for cervical cancer in Sankuru it is becoming a reality. Keep going so we can help improve women’s health conditions in this region and make a difference!

Let’s have one more final report

After the success of the project Let’s have one more, our friends from the International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies made a final report to show to all donors where their contributions went.

The report is made as a video, and you can view it in the following links:

We are happy to have such a success story in Worldcoo.

The worldcoo team.


Worldcoo closes its first financing round and joins the BStartup programme

As announced last November, Banco Sabadell has already selected the first five companies that, over the course of the next 6 months, will benefit from the high-performance BStartup 10 programme. Through the programme, the bank will invest 100,000 euros in each of them, to be split between direct financial investment and a growth programme coordinated by renowned technological entrepreneur Dídac Lee.

BStartup 10 is coordinatedby the BStartup business department, through which Banco Sabadell makes available to technological entrepreneurs a series of products and services specifically adapted to their needs, as well as a network of 67 branches with staff specialised in this type of company.

Apart from Worldcoo, the other four companies selected in this first round are Enigmedia, Red PointsSetpay and Trendipia.

"Operació Fred" is in construction Update #1

As we already said, the funding for “Operatió Fred” was a success.

Just after reaching the funding, the NGO El Cau Amic began with scheduled tasks.

This past weekend was made ​​all the paddock cleaning and replacing all the straw through the collaboration of volunteers.

With this, we ensure that our little friends can take the cold better the rest of the winter.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked!
The Worldcoo team.

Zacaris : New Sponsor is the leader in Spain in online shoe sales.

You can read more about their brand CSR here.

Zacaris is fundraising among its customer comunity in their website and we are happy to have them onboard.

As a sponsor, they decided to support the project Appartments for patients and families, carried out by the NGO José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation. We thank them a lot.

Website of Zacaris :

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