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#NewProject: Children & Family support in Spain

#NewProject: Children & Family support in Spain

There is an estimated 700,000 families in Spain with either less than 600€ a month or no income at all. According to AROPE (At Risk Of Poverty and/or Exclusion) an European index, 29.2% of Spanish people are at risk of poverty or exclusion and, consequently, 35% of children lives are affected in these low-income households.

Unfortunately, children are those who suffer most in this situation, both physically and mentally. Ildefonso Hernández, president of SEPAS says that “inadequate nutrition and this discriminatory social situation are associated with mental problems and increase risk of meningitis or other infectious disease, also in mid- to long term inadequate nutrition is associated to metabolic disorders like diabetes or cardiovascular problems, finally, poor nutrition is linked to cognitive development in children”.

In light of this situation, Ayuda en Acción has developed a new program to help families overcome these problems in Spain, this program is called Children & Family Support with the aim to improve, in conjunction with schools, the living condition of families who are in vulnerable situations due to the economic crisis.


With this program, Ayuda en Acción goal is to cover the school children’s needs in 30 schools that are in 8 different communities through scholarships for dining, school supplies, extracurricular activities and educational support activities.

Thanks to this project, Zacaris customers will contribute by helping 2 students to have the chance to have a guaranteed annual scholar lunchroom. With this fact, you not only help 1 child to increase their physical and mental performance, you also help their family to know that their child is guaranteed a diary healthy food.

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