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Worldcoo is now a Certified B Corp
World Refugee Day
B-Corp. How to be the best business for the world?
Report of funding and monitoring “Obrint Portes” project
#NewProject: Summer Lunch Program
3.216 healthy meals will be distributed among children at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion

Worldcoo is now a Certified B Corp

Today we are proud to announce that Worldcoo is officially a Certified B Corporation. The B-Corp designation is similar to Fair Trade or LEED certification, but unique in that it considers the business as a whole.  This includes an entity’s commitment to transparency and comprehensive performance standards. The B Corp certification validates the high sustainable business standards we hold for our products, practices and investments.We are proud to join a group of outstanding companies with the vision for change and shared value.

It is a great honor for us to be part of the diverse and socially-conscious community of over 900 Certified B Corps from more than 60 industries (including Patagonia, Etsy and Egg) in 32 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business.

Certificado B Corp

Co-founders Aureli and Sergi established an NGO in 2010 to carry out co-operation projects, they discovered countless efforts focused on development projects that would solve worldwide large-scale problems but only a handful focus on funding them in an efficient, elegant and sustainable way.

In 2012, the co-founders brought to life Worldcoo, a social enterprise, transforming its not-for-profit origins into a for-profit entity to bring great value to its stakeholders and shareholders.  It was in that same year that a new fundraising channel for social projects was born.  As of that date we provide streamlined, innovative technology to unite a sector that is growing around the world, e-commerce with meaningful and measurable social initiatives.

The Worldcoo brand at its core stands for innovation, transparency and social commitment.  Naturally we sought the B Lab certification to uphold and protect our mission while taking an active role in this movement to create higher quality jobs and improve quality of life in our local and global communities.  We believe that high standards and innovation are driving forces for the change.

Receiving a B Corp Certification confirms that we are not only socially conscious, but also committed to value-creation through transparent economic and environmental practices. In our everyday operations we measure out our company’s impact on all our stakeholders — investors, e-commerce, NGO, people, and consumers.

B Corporations are clearly a new kind of company characterized by using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corps are important because they inspire all business to compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

“We are proud to be one of the B Corp Europe founding parnters and join a community of like-minded companies.  With our first assessment we earned a score positioning us as a leader in Spain and in Europe, nonetheless we will constantly raise the bar to uphold Worldcoo as a company with a sustainable & social mission.” – Sergi Figueres, CEO

The Worldcoo Team.

World Refugee Day

Every minute, 8 people leave everything they own behind to flee from persecution, horror or war. On June 20th World Refugee Day was celebrated and we want to show how the situation has impacted millions of people worldwide.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), on December 4th, 2000, declared the 20th of June, World Refugee Day.

World Refugee Day

According to UNHCR, in the last year, there are 60 million people that have been displaced by force, meaning 20 million people who are refugees and more than a half are children. 55% of these refugee come from countries that are affected by warlike conflicts or violent situations. These countries are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Somalia
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • South Sudan

The high Commissioner of UNHCR, António Guterres, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, issued the following statement:

“World stability is falling apart leaving a wake of displacement on an unprecedented scale. Global powers have become either passive observers or distant players in the conflicts driving so many innocent civilians from their homes.”

Unfortunately, humanitarian organizations help people that live in crisis and they have few resources for refugees, to the point that some countries are closing their doors to people that need a home.

“Borders are closing, pushbacks are increasing, and hostility is rising. Avenues for legitimate escape are fading away. And humanitarian organizations like mine run on shoestring budgets, unable to meet the spiraling needs of such a massive population of victims.” Said António Guterres.

UNHCR differs from other humanitarian agents because they provide international protection to the refugees that don’t have protection for their governments. Their aim is defend all displaced person’s rights such as woman, children,  elderly and disabled people. Their mission is to join them with their families and to protect them from sexual exploitation, violence and military recruitment. Afterthey offer them things to help them rebuild, for example, an education, training and health services.

Nowadays, we want to fund an UNHCR project that has the aim of identifying and treating malnutrition and food insecurity that affect refugee children. Thanks to the solidarity of mequedouno users, we will be able to fund 100% of the project soon.

The current situation for all of these people is very hard, therefore, any small type of  help for them will be very important and relevant. Together we can help to improve their quality of life.

The Worldcoo team.

B-Corp. How to be the best business for the world?

Yesterday, 16th of June, we got together in the IESE Business School in Barcelona with five businesses that all have one thing in common, all of us are pioneers and we are leading the B-Corp movement in Spain.

The purpose of this meeting was to show the assistants how their organization can be a part of a movement that is being extended around the world. However, the most important thing was to show how their organization could become one of the best businesses for the world.

The companies that participated in this event with us were:

  • Grupo Construcia
  • DBS Screening
  • 1000 Friends
  • Alma Natura

B the Change

The schedule of events was:

First of all, Pablo Sánchez of Roots for Sustainability, made a presentation about the B Corp movement. Then, he talked about a B Corp International experience. Afterwards, Joan Fontrodona, the teacher of Business Ethics and Analysis at the IESE Business School, talked.

Before beginning the conferences about B-Talks, Albert Riera of the La Fageda Business, made their contribution to the event.

What does it mean to become a part of the B-Corp movement?

B the force for good

The B-Corp business are a type of company that uses the power of the companies to solve social and environmental problems. Moreover, this companies inspires other companies to compete, not only for be the best in the world, also to be the best for the world.

Be a part of B-Corp means that we are inside a movement that shows that create employment with better quality and improve the quality of our communities, contribute to the company success.

B-Corp in the world

Nowadays, there are 1.280 B-Corps in 45 countries, Patagonia and Etsy are examples. All of these companies have a universal goal: redefine success in business.

We are excited to be a part of the B-Corp movement and to meet other companies that, just as we do, want to be the best for the world.

The Worldcoo team.


Report of funding and monitoring “Obrint Portes” project

In October, we launched  the project “Obrint Portes” of Fundació Surt with the aim to help women at risk of social exclusion and improve their quality of live from the perspective of empowerment. We want to give to these women the opportunity to cover their basic needs and receive the necessary tools to be as autonomous as possible.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our e-commerce with cause.

Thanks to Zacaris users, the project was funded in 196 days and, with 800€, 32 women have been directly benefited of which, the 84% had children and more than 50% didn’t have income or their incomes were less than 400€ in a month.

Final Report

The Worldcoo team.

#NewProject: Summer Lunch Program

Summer is coming and with it school holidays. Most of children are happy with this moment but, for others, this fact means that they will not have their lunch scholarship and, therefore, without their healthy daily meal.

In Spain, there are thousand children that have a poor alimentation because of their family have serious financial difficulties and have no money to buy food. Thanks to Educo and his School Lunchroom Programs, most of this children have the opportunity to receive a healthy daily meat.

With the arrival of summer, most of schools close their doors and, consequently, they also close their lunchroom. One of the Educo mission is that all children have the opportunity to receive a healthy daily meal, for that reason, Educo has expanded his program to summer camps.



Educo will be present in 57 summer entities and schools of all of autonomous communities in order for children that are at risk of living in poverty, apart from doing socio-educational activities they will also receiving quality food at least once a day.

Redcoon wants to help Educo to make this project possible. Thanks to their users, they will ensure a healthy and balanced daily meal to children whose families are at risk of social exclusion and will also ensure an opportunity to participate in socio-educational activities in summer entities.

This year, half of Spanish children will not be able to go away on holidays. For that reason, the fact that, thanks to summer lunch program, they can participate in educational and recreational activities that includes a healthy meal, will be essential to have a full development.

The Worldcoo team.

3.216 healthy meals will be distributed among children at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion

Nowadays there are more than 30% of children live at risk or poverty and/or social exclusion, it means that 1 in 3 children in Spain are malnourished and not receive one balanced meal a day.

The bad alimentation not only affects in the child physical development, it also affects in his school performance. Before this situation of vulnerability, Educo in 2013 launched a school lunchroom program in 17 autonomous communities to reach the maximum of children who are in family with financial difficulties.

With Educo Spring-School lunchroom program and thanks to Redcoon users, a scholarship will be given to children at risk of poverty and /or social school.


The aim of this project is to assure a healthy and balanced daily meal to children that, because of economic crisis, their family are at risk of social exclusion. With 8.040€, 3.216 healthy meals will be distributed among these children.

Having a healthy daily meal helps these children to improve their scholar performance and improve their socializing with the other children. It also helps their families: their economy will improve and they will be able to search jobs for improve their situation.

Thanks again to Redcoon for being an e-commerce with cause and thanks to their users because without their help we couldn’t have done their project.

The Worldcoo team.


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