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#NewSponsor&#NewProject: Children’s poverty
Report of funding and monitoring the project: Solar equipment for the Agroforestry School of the Dindefelo Community
Therapeutic diet to combat severe malnutrition
How companies can be a solution for social problems
Combat elders loneliness and isolation in summer
Financial assistance may be given to families with children with cancer
#NewSponsor & #NewProject: Education for Cambodian Children

#NewSponsor&#NewProject: Children’s poverty

The first private online club, Dreivip, offers exclusive promotions of the best brands for its members with discounts between 20% and 30% regarding with the prices of the shop. In the past financial year, Dreivip close its sales with 13 million euros, 14% more than the previous year.

Dreivip continues looking for new to develop social work and, for that reason, it has decided to introduce the solidary widget in its web in order to offer to its customers the possibility of helping fund projects with high social or environmental impact.

The first project that Dreivip collaborate with has the aim to break the cycle of poverty, to guarantee that children in vulnerability situation would have the same possibilities that children that aren’t in that situation.

Unfortunately, the level of child poverty hasn’t gone down and, nowadays, 1 in 4 children live in a vulnerability situation. These children and their families haven’t incomes or basic aids that can help them to go ahead, and their situation is becoming untenable.

In order to help in this situation, Obra Social “la Caixa” created the program CaixaProinfancia. This program has the support of more than 30 social entities of the 10 principal cities OF Spain that take on responsibility of the direct attention to the families who are in vulnerability situation.

Children's poverty

With this project, Dreivip customers will be able to help to give support to these children and their families, promoting the children at risk of poverty social and educational development from an approach of integral attention.

With the money raised, 10 kids will have a daily breakfast and a weekly educative session during 6 months. Obra Social “la Caixa” wants that these children living in a situation of vulnerability only think about being kids, not about the problems that their families have.

Thanks to Dreivip and its customers, the families of the 10 children will also benefit to see that their children have everything they need to study and, thanks to that, in a future their children will be able to go ahead and not living in the situation of poverty that they are being now.

The Worldcoo team.


Report of funding and monitoring the project: Solar equipment for the Agroforestry School of the Dindefelo Community

In March, Uvinum began to collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute in order to get funding for the “Solar equipment for the Agroforestry School of the Dindefelo Community” Project. The main aim for this project is to improve the quality of life of the population from Rural Community of Dindefelo and protect the biodiversity through sustainable management of agroforestry activities. For that, research and training infrastructures will be built.

In order to meet the project aims, the Agroforestry School has been equipped with solar equipment and an electric system has been installed to allow for an autonomous school management.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our e-commerce with cause.

Thanks to Uvinum users, not only 50 farmers, 30 women, 15 local authorities from Dindefelo Reserve Management Committee and 20 tourist guide have been trained, 1.500 people from Dindefelo have also benefited thanks to use the installed electric system.

Final Report Uvinum - JaneGoodall

The Worldcoo team.

Therapeutic diet to combat severe malnutrition

According to UNHCR data, in the last year almost 60 million people have been displaced by force, 20 million of them are refugees and over half are children. The majority of these displaced people are found on the African continent due to armed conflicts and poverty.

In Africa, these two factors- wars and poverty- are present on a terrifying scale. It is rare to find a country that has not had strong social, political or ethnic tensions. Unfortunately, this fact means these people are forced to choose between staying and dying, or running away, knowing that they face risks such as detention, torture and forced recruitment. Unfortunately, this fact means these people are forced to choose between staying and dying, or running away, knowing that they face risks such as detention, torture and forced recruitment.

Some of the problems that affect refugees are undernutrition and food insecurity. About a third of deaths in children are believed to be due to undernutrition, and more than 12.340 children die of hunger every day.

With the “Hungry for help” project, ACNUR aims to both increase food rations of refugee families and to identify and treat malnutrition in children under 5 by preforming medical examinations and providing therapeutic feeding to babies and children.

hungry for help

Thanks to help from mequedouno users, we have successfully raised 3.600€ that will help 66 babies and children to receive a month of a therapeutic diet that will help them to combat severe malnutrition. With this, we will help to avoid several malnutrition and food insecurity consequences such as the risk of higher rates of disease and infant mortality, the higher likelihood of suffering physical and / or mental illness, increased dropout rates especially among girls and many other consequences.

Thanks mequedouno for being an ecommerce with cause, and thanks to their users for helping babies and children to combat severe malnutrion.

With this project, we have 30 funded projects!

The Worldcoo team.

How companies can be a solution for social problems

Today we explain you how companies can be a solution for social problems. For that, we refer to a TED talk that made Michael Porter with the title “Why business can be good at solving social problems”.

This talk made in 2013 and Porter explained that all the world was full of serious and pressing problems, for example, poor nutrition, access to water, climate change, deforestation, lack of skills, insecurity, not enough food, not enough healthcare or pollution. Two years later, unfortunately, this problems are already in the world.

More people already believe that only NGOs have the solutions for this problems. It’s true that this organizations have had a growth through the years, but this growth is too slow, thus, the solutions that they are achieving and their impact are small because of lack of resources.

Porter announced in 2013 that the solution for this lack of resources was in the business, in other words, we had to see the companies like a solution for that problems and not see, like more people believed, like a part of the problem.

Nowadays, from Worldcoo, and together with many other companies, we know that with our business we can generate resources in order to solve social and environmental problems.

How can a business generate these resources?

Business generates those resources when it makes a profit. And those resources can help to solve social and environmental problems, they only have to reallocate these profits to social problems.

Many companies don’t still know but, when they really make profit is when they solve social problems. For example, have a safe working environment will prevent accidents and, that will make the business more profitable because of accidents are expensive and costly. Another examples that can be help to the business performance are prevent pollution or protect the health of employees of your company. Although you don’t believe it, this facts generate good practices and efficient process that make higher profits.


How can a business help this social problems?

We have to address a social issue with a business model. Porter tell that Shared Value, and is when we can create social value and economic value simultaneously and their application allow the resources expansion to a sufficient scale for solve social problems.

In other words, business should analyze social problems that can be related with their business activities and close to their group like another market segment and define appropriate value offers to serve them.

Finally, in order to solution works, we have to now change how business sees itself, and this is thankfully underway and know that they also have to recognize business is not going to do this as effectively as if we have NGOs and government working in partnership with business.

From Worldcoo we are helping many companies to collaborate with NGO to find fund for projects that have a high social and environmental impact.

Like Porter, we are sure that a fundamental opportunity exist in order to impact and solve this problems at the same time that the companies obtain high profits. We are sure that the future business will be a company that save the environment, save their workers and involved in actions with positive social impact.

The Worldcoo Team.

Combat elders loneliness and isolation in summer

Miles of elders confront with loneliness and the isolation in our country. The disappearance of a loved one, an illness or loss of mobility are factors that driving elders to an unwanted loneliness.

In Spain, there are a million and a half elders that are living alone. According to some studies, the 59% of elders feel theirselves alone and, this fact causes a feeling of insecurity, sadness and depression.

In summer, heat weaken the physical state and the absence of neighbors intensify the isolation of this elders and also the feeling of loneliness.

To combat this situation, the Federación Amigos de los Mayores, has created a special program Vacaciones Amigas” that aims elders to leave their homes, enjoy with workshops and activities for few weeks and establish new friendships with other old people that are in the same situation.


Let’s Bonus consumers will be able to help 50 elders to enjoy with moments in company either for receive phone calls in order to break with the daily monotony, receive weekly visit from a volunteer or receive the opportunity to pass an unforgettable days in community.

The Worldcoo Team.

Financial assistance may be given to families with children with cancer


Every year more than 1.200 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in Spain. Childhood tumors are the second cause of death in children under 15 years, the first are the accidents.

For all the families that have children suffering from cancer, receiving the diagnosis is devastating, but we have to add to this feeling economic, social or familiar problems that worsen circumstances of abandonment.

In 2003, a group of mothers and fathers that had child with oncologic treatment, supported by friends and their family, joined forces with the aim to cover other aggravating circumstances that can appear along to children illness and improve the conditions surrounding the child. In 2006, they were made as Fundación Caico, Ayuda y Cooperación al Cáncer Infantil.

niños con cancer

In 2007, the project “Financial assistance for families with children with cancer” was created. With a budget of 30.000 annual euros, this project consists in provide financial support to families having money problems because of their child illness. Every year, Fundación Caico give between 3 or 5 aids and the amount ranges between 400 and 1500€ depending on the needs of the family.

Our ecommerce with cause PcComponentes didn’t doubt in collaborated with Fundación Caico. Today, thanks to the solidarity of PcComponentes consumers, half of aids requested for 2015 will be cover. It means that 19 families will receive financial assistance.

With this project we have 28 projects funded!

PcComponentes is a socially engaged ecommerce that are willing to generate social impact and for this reason, PcComponentes is now collaborating with a new project: Youth project from the Association Proyecto Hombre (APH).

In the APH centers, young people and teenagers with addition problems are attended developing activities mainly focused in getting alert the teenagers about drugs effects.


The aim of this project is to work with young people that have problematic consumption behavior that can affect their future. For obtain this aim, an individual interviews with teenagers and young people, group therapy sessions and training workshop for families are carried out.

Thanks to PcComponentes consumers 47 young people from the Association Proyecto Hombre centers from Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Logroño will receive the necessary support to prevent consumptions.

With this project, not only 47 young people will be benefit, 90 families suffering to see their child in that situation will be indirectly benefit.

The Worldcoo Team.



#NewSponsor & #NewProject: Education for Cambodian Children

eShop Ventures, a company holding specialized in e-commerce in the flash sales format, has implemented in all of their websites, which will offer users the possibility to add 1 euro in their purchases in order to help to fund cooperation social projects and sustainable development projects. Periodically, different projects will be activated and the eShop Ventures customers will be able to make micro donations during check out that would be added to their invoice.

The different websites that are a part of eShop Ventures group are: (decoration), (children’s), (womenswear), (menswear), (gastronomy), El Armario de la (male and female fashion) y Nonabox (baby’s and mother’s).

Nowadays, eShop Ventures has over 2,3 million users that will be able to help fund the project: “Education for Cambodian Children” of S.A.U.C.E NGO.

Cambodia is ranked 138 in the Human Development Index. After the “Khmer Rouge” period in 70’s, Cambodia stayed in a very precarious situation, with their basic services and their infrastructures dismantled. As a consequence, their population was in poverty.

Each day in Cambodia the children fight with problems like a malnutrition, abuse, exploitation, landmines or difficulties with lack of access to schools, especially in rural areas.

Education for Cambodian Children

In order for Cambodia to move forward, education is a key element. To solve that, the school “Karuna Computer Centre” has created a project that is aimed to train 90 young Cambodians with some physical disability and train girls that comes from rural areas to have access to education.

Thanks to the solidarity of eShop Ventures customers, each year 3 groups of 30 children will receive 120 hours of language classes and tutoring per month using computer software.

With this project, it will be possible to strengthen the education provided in Cambodia schools and it may equip young people with the necessary skills and knowledge.

The Worldcoo team.

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