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Emergency laughter for hospitalized children

Emergency laughter for hospitalized children

Children routine change when he/she is hospitalized. It moves the child from his habitual environment to put him in another unknown, altering his and his family daily life. In order to try to make more human the stay of hospitalized children from 20 Spanish hospitals, the Theodora Foundation was created in Spain the year 2.000.

Giggle Doctors are professional artists having a specific mission, help to create hope spaces, making that the hospitalized children and teens have no tensions and help their families and the medical personnel, as far as possible, that their situation becomes less dramatic and they have a faster recovery.

Thanks to PromoFarma customers, two weekly visits from Giggle Doctors for 2 months will be guaranteed. The activities that Giggle Doctors will do during that time are the following:

  • Visit all hospitalized children and teenagers in one of the 20 Spanish hospitals, one afternoon a week. The essential aim is to cheer up pediatric plants, change the room environment and create hopes and smiles.
  • Stay in the operating room for help ease the anxiety in the child and provide that medical personnel can focus on their work.

fundación theodora

For the families of hospitalized children is also very important the work done by Giggle Doctors because while they are giving smiles, all forget where they are and why.

With 3.500€ not only 330 children and teenagers will be benefited, their families and the medical personnel will be also benefited (in total 990 individuals) all thanks to the important and rewarding work from Giggle Doctors.

Thanks to PromoFarma for being an ecommerce with cause and thanks to their customers for helping to realize this project.

The Worldcoo Team.

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