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Report of funding and monitoring of the project Giggle Doctors
Emergency relief for the refugee crisis
We have reached 100.000 donations — THANK YOU!
European Lung Cancer Week
Help Syrian refugees
New school year, lunchroom program
School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers
Children’s vaccination
Preservation of old growth forest in the Mediterranean region

Report of funding and monitoring of the project Giggle Doctors

At the beginning of December 2014 we informed you about the new project of our e-commerce with a cause Promofarma.

When a child is hospitalized during an extended period of time, his/her routine completely change, especially if the period of time is too long. Giggle Doctors from Theodora Foundation try to do more human the stay of children and youth hospitalized in 20 Spanish hospitals.

The aims of the project are to address the emotional care of hospitalized children comprehensively in health as an essential right and raising public awareness about the importance of humanization in hospitals.

In order to get this objectives, Giggle Doctors perform two different activities:

  • The first one is to visit all hospitalized children and youth. This visits are once a week in the afternoon all year.
  • The second one is to stay in the operating room to make easy the anxiety that have the child before his surgery and also to help that medical personnel can focus on their work.

Every time that a Promofarma customer made a purchase, he had the possibility to make a donation for these project and, thanks to do it, in 8 months 3.500 euros were raised to guarantee weekly visits of Giggle Doctors and directly benefit 330 hospitalized children in one of the 20 hospitals in whose Giggle Doctors make their visits.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our e-commerce with a cause.

Today we show you where has gone the donated money by the Promofarma customers. In the following image you will see the Worldcoo report of funding and monitoring of the project, seeing that there have been 5 personalized visits at the Xeral Cíes Hospital in Vigo and at Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada. Furthermore 5 accompaniment visits in the operating room have provided to children at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

Giggle Doctors final report

Thanks to all people who helped make this project has been made possible and we take this opportunity to encourage you to continue helping to create a high social impact collaborating with the new Promofarma project.

The Worldcoo team.

Emergency relief for the refugee crisis

Countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea are living in a situation of constant conflict and destruction. Many people living in these countries are running away and they are taking a risk in the long and risky sea voyages because they can lose their life.

In the first half of 2015, more boats have come to Europe than in the entire 2014. It is estimated that at the end of 2015, the number of refugees and migrants that will make the voyage for the Mediterranean Sea to Europe will arrive to 400.000 people. At the present, the number of refugees and migrants exceeds the 322.500 people.

The Mediterranean Sea is known as the deadliest border in the world because of thousands of desperate immigrants and refugees drown in boats that try to arrive to Europe from Africa and Middle East. Throughout 2015, about 2750 people have lost their life during their trip to Europe and as this emergency situation progresses, people arriving alive are facing an increasingly difficult reception.

All the European countries that welcome refugees are overwhelmed. For example, in Greece 205.000 refugees have landed, the 65% of these refugees came from Syria. The worst thing is that the number of children that have lost a family members and end up alone has increased.

refugee crisis

ACNUR is training European governments to take care and treat all the refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Also, ACNUR is deploying 900 shelters in Greece, Macedonia and Hungary to help the refugees and the governments.

ACNUR focus their effort in realize different activities for help Mediterranean refugees:

  • They are improving rescue services in order to manage the needs of housing, food, water and basic support of refugees arriving in Europe.
  • Other activity that they are realizing is offer their specialized staff to develop more quickly and correctly the refugee registration and guarantee that they will be able recognized, protected by law and have access to doctors.
  • Their staff is also helping to governments to identify if some refugees need specific help, for example, help children traveling alone.
  • Provide direct emergency humanitarian assistance, for example, providing hygiene kids, sleeping bags, food or water.

The fourth banking group in Spain, Banc Sabadell, with more than 2.000 bank offices and 6 million of banking customers, will help ACNUR to support and advice to the Government and local Greek authorities at front line reception for newly-arrived people seeking international protection on their rights and obligations and to provide direct support to refugees. In order to help in the refugee crisis, Banc de Sabadell will offer to their customers and their workers the possibility to make a donation for this cause.

Thanks to the customers and employees of Banc de Sabadell, 460 emergency rescue kits will be distributed, each kit has a cost of 25 euros. Also, a reception center, where thousands of asylum seekers can receive vital medical care, will be installed. It costs around 8,500 euros.

In this project, the funds raised will be designated to Greece because it is the country that has received more refugees in the last months.

The Worldcoo team.

We have reached 100.000 donations — THANK YOU!

Worldcoo was founded at the end of 2012 with a clear aim to create a new fundraising channel in order to fund social and cooperation projects. To do that, we created a technology to allow online users to add 1€ or more to the final price of purchase to help make a difference in the world. In May 2013 we had our first project funded through donations received from more than 20 countries.

Two and a half years after, we are pleased to announce that 100.000 people have made a donation in one of our E-commerce with a Cause.  We would like express our gratitude with a sincere — THANK YOU!

100.000 donaciones

Thanks to all of you we have funded 34 projects that were intended to different purposes, the project are divided into 5 categories:

  • Education: 6 funded projects related to education.
  • Comprehensive care: with our donations 7 projects of this category have been funded.
  • Environment: 2 projects have been funded to protect the environment or the animals that living in there.
  • Health: thanks to add 1€ or more in your purchases, 6 projects destined for research, therapy and prevention of diseases have been funded.
  • Poverty & Food: School lunchroom for kids living at risk of poverty, food banks or help for people living in malnutrition and dehydration situation, all of this projects, thanks to the 10 funded projects.
  • Water & Energy: 2 funded projects.
  • Emergencies: 1 funded project that help to provide first aid kits and drinking water to the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Thanks to your solidarity, more than 63.000 people have been able to improve their lives but, there are still many people who need our help. Your help shows that together we can do big things, you have seen that with tiny gestures, every bit of help counts, for that reason, we must continue to fight to change the world.

Again THANK YOU, without your help none of this would be possible.

The Worldcoo team.

European Lung Cancer Week

The European Lung Cancer Week take place from 10th to 17th September for to raise awareness of the bad habits that may lead this disease, the symptoms presented by the patients and the serious consequences that entails living with the disease.

Lung Cancer is one of the most frequent cancers in the world and it has the highest mortality rate. Globally, an estimated that 1,9 million of people will have new cancer case in the year 2015 and, in Spain, this amount will be 28.300 new cases.

The main cause of this disease are both active and passive smoking, but other factors associated with lifestyle are also influential, for example, not have a balanced diet.

Smoking causes between 85% and 90% of lung cancers

Nowadays, there are not specific symptoms that indicate someone have lung cancer. For that reason, the doctors diagnose this disease when it is in advanced state and its symptoms oblige patients to visit the doctor.

The most frequent symptoms are:

–          Coughing: is the most frequent symptom.

–          Coughing up blood.

–          Dyspnea.

–          Chest pain and shortness of breath.

Lung Cancer, depending on its localization, may affect other areas of the body and this can lead to other symptoms, for example, headache o backache. Is important to know that all of these symptoms can be related with other diseases but we recommend to visit the doctor when it appears.

European Lung Cancer Week

Regarding the treatment, it is essential knowing what kind of lung cancer the patient have and which extension he has. Also is important knowing the age and the state of health of the patient. There are four basic lung cancer treatments: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Most people with this kind of cancer receive more than one type of treatment, unfortunately, often this is useless because, as we said before, the cancer has been detected in an advanced situation.

For that reason, the best prevention for this kind of disease is giving up smoking, trying not to be exposed to their smoke or minerals lung carcinogens and having a lifestyle with balanced diet and constant physical exercise.

We must all be aware of the seriousness of the disease and how we can avoid it before it is too late.

The Worldcoo team.

Help Syrian refugees

To date, and after all the news arriving through the television, newspapers and social media, nobody will be surprised when we say that we are living one of the worst refugee crisis of this century.

Since the conflict between army of Bashar al-Assad and the rebels began in March 2011, according to a BBC article, more than 4.000.000 people have escaped from Syria to neighboring countries searching a decent life.

We are clearly facing a migration crisis that transcends borders, thousands of people crossing the countries with complicated and dangerous conditions. In the first half of this year, approximately 160.000 people arrived from different countries through the Mediterranean, an 83% higher than a year ago. The worst thing of this numbers is that all these people, more than 6.400 are children and half these children were unaccompanied by family, they were alone.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS are available to help Syrian refugees in different points of their way and put at service of these families and children unattended all of their attention. Internationally, the organization is being coordinated with a joint action and, in every recipient country, they are working with the relevant authorities and other social entities for giving an effective response. Moreover, in the home countries, like Syria, Aldeas Infantiles SOS maintains all of their programs trying to normalize children’s daily life, as far as possible, in a country in conflict, ensuring their protection, nutrition, health, education and games.

Children are supposed have to smile all the time, no have pain or misery. All of our team are working hard to obtain this important aim, for that, we collaborate with the nutritional supplement for the children.”- Loubana Al Jadaly, Aldeas Infantiles worker

Help Syrian refugees


Nicequest, after to help children to have access to a quality education, wants to collaborate with Aldeas Infantiles SOS in order to 500 refugees, specially unaccompanied children, young mothers, mothers with children (especially malnourished children under 5 years) and pregnant women will receive an emergency kit with alimentation and sanitation products and specific material to tackle their urgent needs.

Futhermore, Aldeas Infantiles SOS will provide adequate care and assistance, medical and psycho-social support to children and families, useful information for their travel and they will distribute emergency kits with food and sanitation packages, raincoats, blankets and basic hygiene items based on refugees needs.

The Syrian conflict not have a solution in sight and the attempts for achieve a political solution have failed. For this reason, any outside help is very important for all of these people fighting for a better life.

The Worldcoo team.

New school year, lunchroom program

Nowadays, 770.000 Spanish families have not any income and the 37% of households fail to make ends meet. This implies that 2,55 million of children under 18 live at risk of poverty, that is to say, the 30,5% of Spanish children. The poor children and teenagers are becoming poorer to the point that, 360.000 children and teenagers can’t eat meat, chicken or fish at least every two days.

In this situation, increasingly, grandparents and grandmothers help financially their sons and their grandchildren to go ahead, exactly 8 of 10. Five years ago, this figure was 2 of 10. According to a study realized by Educo and Salvetti & Llombart, the grandparents provide aids in different ways:

–          The 50% give lunch or dinner to their sons or grandchildren every day or almost every day of the week.

–          1 of 3 grandparents give a sum of money regularly.

–          1 of 10 has welcomed at home the family of his son.

We have to remember that many of these grandparents have very low pensions and, almost always, all of that money is for pay bills, debt, help their sons…

This is Mª Angeles case, she has to welcomed their granddaughter because her parents cannot take care her.

Her parents stay with her on Sunday, the rest of the week she lives with us because they cannot take care her.” – Mª Angeles

Emma is another case, she had to go live with their two sons to her mother home for a time while she found a job and when she found it, she couldn’t go away because she didn’t have sufficient income to meet the expenses of her children.

I came to my mother’s home for few days, and I already take here eight years” – Emma

Because of the economic difficulties that our grandparents are living, 1 of 10 says his health has worsened and, the 57% says that due to the crisis, their emotional wellness have worsened.


Educo, once again, has presented their School Lunchroom campaign that has the aim to guarantee a daily healthy meal to children living at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Redcoon, one of our e-commerce with cause, wants to continue helping these families that have been affected because of the crisis. With 6.000€ donated by their customers, Redcoon will help to Educo to provide 2,400 healthy and balanced meals to children from Spanish families in need.

Together we can ensure to improve the quality of life of many children and they are not ashamed when they related with other children.

The Worldcoo team.


School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers

Today we want to explain the story of John, a man of 49 years old that, as a many people in Spain, he lost his job years ago and he hasn’t found a new job yet.

When Johbecascomedorn lost his job 5 years ago he never thought that would mean in his life and in the life of his family.

The first month without finding a job he didn’t care, he thought that he could spend time with his son David those months. The months went by, John did not find a job and the situation in John’s house went worse with the time.

One day, John and his family haven’t dinner. John tried to cheat on his child’s stomach giving him something for eat that he found in home but, when they were staying in the bed, David asked to his father why they went to the bed without dinner. John remember that moment like one of the hardest moments in his life.

Luckily, David is receiving now one of the school lunchroom that Educo provides and he can have a daily healthy meal every day.

David, at least once a day eats well, because in home he doesn’t eat well, neither he nor any of us”- John


David enjoying his meal thanks to school lunchroom

Unfortunately, like John, there are many families living in poverty and they can’t provide the adequate food to his sons. We recall that Spain is the second country of the European Union that have the child poverty rate higher: 1 of 3 children live below the poverty line.

Today we are happy to announce that Redcoon customers, once again, have helped to Educo to guarantee a daily balanced meal to children living at risk of social exclusion.

We thank to Redcoon for being an e-commerce with cause and thanks to their users to continue helping achieve a better life for children living in poverty and the life of their families.

With this project, we have 34 projects funded!

The Worldcoo team.


Children’s vaccination

Every year in the world 6,5 million of children under 5 years die because of diseases that, with appropriate vaccination, could be avoided. Vaccination is one of the best solutions so that children can have a healthy life from the beginning.

Gavi (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) is an international organization that was created in 2.000 to improve access to new vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries. Gavi was the first public-private global partnership fighting against infant mortality by promoting vaccination. According to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (founding members of Gavi) in the last 15 years deaths in developing countries have been reduced.

La Obra Social “la Caixa” and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have joined to finance the necessary vaccines to protect children from the 70 poorest countries in the world. In addition, for every donation, Obra Social multiplied by four this value, therefore, the efforts against child mortality will quadruple.

Children’s vaccination


PromoFarma wants to join the cause and, together with Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi, will give access to vaccines to children living in developing countries in order to help that child mortality in these countries continue to decline.

With the help of Promofarma customers, Gavi and Obra Social “la Caixa” may introduce and give an equitable coverage of vaccines in developing countries and they will provide to the population living in these countries easy access to the vaccines. With their help it may also adapt the markets to the vaccines and other products related to immunization.

As we said previously, Obra Social will multiply by four each donation of Promofarma customers. Considering that each vaccine worth 8€, Promofarma customers will donate 3.500€ and Obra Social “la Caixa” will quadruple this amount, 1.750 vaccines will be provided to children living in developing countries.

Thanks to children’s vaccination the children living in developing countries mortality rate will be reduced and, at the same time, we will help to improve the health of the population of those countries.

The Worldcoo team.

Preservation of old growth forest in the Mediterranean region

From April, Uvinum’s customers have the possibility to add in their purchases one solidary euro to help to protect old growth forest in the Mediterranean region.

After 4 month from the beginning of the project, we show you an infographic about the current project status. In conclusion, we can say that, until now, 695 customers have made a donation and we have raised 46% of the project.

Preservation of old growth forest in the Mediterranean region

According to Compensa Natura, an old growth forest is a forest with none or very little human intervention, which has evolved naturally over decades, or even centuries, until it has developed into a unique and singular indicator of what nature is able to generate in a specific ecosystem. The preservation of old growth forest is key to protect biodiversity, especially to protect many animals that are endangered.

For example, in Catalonia, there are less than 207 old growth forest, which represent only a 0,17% of its wooded area. For that, Acció Natura, in collaboration with “Selvans Program”, have the aim to preserve the last remaining old growth forest in Spain.

With your help 7.895m2 of old growth forest will be preserved and, at the same time, the biodiversity of the area will remain intact. Another reason to protect the old growth forest is that, according to a University of Girona study, the old trees emit substances to the air that are beneficial to our health.

Don’t hesitate, go to the Uvinum website, choose between all the wine, beers, distillates, wine accessories and gourmet products that they offer and, before finish your purchase, add a solidary euro to preserve the few old growth forest that are in Spain.

If you want more information about the project, click here.

The Worldcoo team.


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