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New school year, lunchroom program

New school year, lunchroom program

Nowadays, 770.000 Spanish families have not any income and the 37% of households fail to make ends meet. This implies that 2,55 million of children under 18 live at risk of poverty, that is to say, the 30,5% of Spanish children. The poor children and teenagers are becoming poorer to the point that, 360.000 children and teenagers can’t eat meat, chicken or fish at least every two days.

In this situation, increasingly, grandparents and grandmothers help financially their sons and their grandchildren to go ahead, exactly 8 of 10. Five years ago, this figure was 2 of 10. According to a study realized by Educo and Salvetti & Llombart, the grandparents provide aids in different ways:

–          The 50% give lunch or dinner to their sons or grandchildren every day or almost every day of the week.

–          1 of 3 grandparents give a sum of money regularly.

–          1 of 10 has welcomed at home the family of his son.

We have to remember that many of these grandparents have very low pensions and, almost always, all of that money is for pay bills, debt, help their sons…

This is Mª Angeles case, she has to welcomed their granddaughter because her parents cannot take care her.

Her parents stay with her on Sunday, the rest of the week she lives with us because they cannot take care her.” – Mª Angeles

Emma is another case, she had to go live with their two sons to her mother home for a time while she found a job and when she found it, she couldn’t go away because she didn’t have sufficient income to meet the expenses of her children.

I came to my mother’s home for few days, and I already take here eight years” – Emma

Because of the economic difficulties that our grandparents are living, 1 of 10 says his health has worsened and, the 57% says that due to the crisis, their emotional wellness have worsened.


Educo, once again, has presented their School Lunchroom campaign that has the aim to guarantee a daily healthy meal to children living at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Redcoon, one of our e-commerce with cause, wants to continue helping these families that have been affected because of the crisis. With 6.000€ donated by their customers, Redcoon will help to Educo to provide 2,400 healthy and balanced meals to children from Spanish families in need.

Together we can ensure to improve the quality of life of many children and they are not ashamed when they related with other children.

The Worldcoo team.


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