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Help against the cold and the rain, refugee’s new enemy
SIGEF Projects Awards 2015
School Lunchroom 2014-2015 final report
Breast Cancer: investigation to improve its treatment
Generate solutions for the problems in the world
Reduce child malnutrition in the community of sopachuy
Therapy for youth with addiction problems
Syrian refugees: emergency help

Help against the cold and the rain, refugee’s new enemy

According to UNHCR dates, so far this year, more than 643.000 refugees have arrived in Europe by sea. To this day, we have to add the cold and rain to the danger of crossing the Mediterranean.

In these times the cold arrive, the night are chilly and in many areas in Europe there are abundant rains. These circumstances not only affected to the refugees that try to cross the Mediterranean, it also affects to refugees that try to cross borders (as the borders of Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Serbia, Slovenia or Croatia) and people who are still in Syria. Unfortunately, most of them have not a place to shelter from the cold and rain.

UNHCR alert that despite the bad weather, the arriving of refugees will increase because of the fear about new borders closures and because dealers are offering discounts to travel despite the weather.

Against this background, UNHCR knows that refugees will need help against the cold and the rain. For that reason, they are beginning to provide raincoats, blankets and other relief items to refugees buffeted by the first winter storms that have already struck many parts of Central and South Eastern Europe, along with freezing temperatures. These packages will be distributed up to February 2016.

Help from the cold and the rain

There are many ways to give help to refugees and today we are explaining some of them:

The Syrian People Support Association has created a Facebook group called “La Manta de la vida” or “The blanket of life” with the aim to gather blankets that it will be sending to Syria before the arriving of the winter. To the date, the association has collected about 3.500 blankets from knitters throughout Spain. Every blanket have a label with the following message “We are with you”.

Banc de Sabadell has joined with Worldcoo to help Syrian refugees. If you are a customer or you work there, you have the option to make a donation and collaborate with UNHCR in the help to refugees crossing the Mediterranean.

In the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid have made a request that promotes the need to eliminate the visas from people who come from countries in conflict. Thanks to do it, they will be able to travel in a quickly and safe way through the European Union.

The Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council (Barcelona) has created a record for persons and entities can collaborate in assisting refugees from Syria and other conflicts.

Together we may help to improve the refugee situation. There are many ways to do that and all the refugees really need your help now more than ever as their situation is worse because of the cold and the rain.

The Worldcoo team.

SIGEF Projects Awards 2015

This weekend we have posted different images in Twitter and Facebook about our participation in SIGEF Projects Awards. Today in our blog we are talking about all the things that we did during this three days.

SIGEF is an annual international event that gathers non-profit organizations, renowned speakers, social entrepreneurs and the general public. For three days we have been able to attend plenary sessions, make networking related with the social change, the NGOs have been able to be disclosed and social entrepreneurs have been able to explain their projects through their participation in SIGEF Projects Awards.

SIGEF Projects Awards are an awards that take into account the following values in the projects:

  • Originality and relevance of the project
  • Global reach / applicability
  • Positive impact for society
  • Facilitate and create links between citizens
  • Bring positive consciousness about key topics for sustainability
  • Innovative

The selection process was in three phases. On the first one, the participants had to post their project in Horyou, the social network for people and organizations concerned about social good. The jury chose 50 from all presented projects and the selected ones were exposed on Friday or on Saturday at SIGEF and then, the jury chose 10 finalist projects.


In our case, we explain our project on Saturday. On Friday we attend to conferences about social entrepreneurship, gender equality through financial empowerment and we met new initiatives with a social purpose in their business modelWe also met other interesting projects that were participating in the awards and we also met NGOs.

On Saturday, we talked about what is Worldcoo and how our widget could help to the companies and to the society and the social impact that our widget had generated until the date. Unfortunately, at the ending of the day the jury informed us that we weren’t one of the 10 selected projects.

Finally, on Sunday we attended very interesting conferences about youth that worries for social change and we listened different experiences about people that use the culture and the art to generate changes in the society.

To summarize the experience we have lived this weekend, we only want to say that it has been very gratifying explain in SIGEF what is Worldcoo and what we do because there were many people that worries about how to improve the problems in the world and they could meet us and could know how we have helped to improve the situation of many people. We also met people with big values that had made very interesting project and we wish them best of luck for the future and, finally, we could visit an amazing city full of beauty in every corner. We recommend it to 100%.

For finish, congratulations to the three winners of the SIGEF Project Awards: Human Relais, Lensational y Kmerpad and thanks to Horyou for give us the opportunity to attend at SIGEF 2015.

The Worldcoo team.

School Lunchroom 2014-2015 final report

At the beginning of September 2014, the e-commerce Redcoon became a new sponsor of Worldcoo. It meant that, since then, their customers had the possibility to donate 1€ in every purchase that they made to help fund a high social impact project.

The first project with which Redcoon began to collaborate was the School Lunchroom Program of Educo. Two months after the project started, Redcoon decided to enlarge the term to continue to get fund for the cause of School Lunchroom of Educo. From there, the alliance between Redcoon and Educo grew stronger and they decided to make a new project in every season in the year with the aim that the Spanish children could have a school lunchroom all the year. One year after, Redcoon and Educo have served their purpose. They haven’t stopped distribute School Lunchroom to Spanish children.

One of the commitments of Worldcoo is to support transparency of the donations, for this reason, today we show you an annual report where you can see in which things Educo has distributed every donated euro by Redcoon customers.

The projects that have been funded this year by Redcoon customers are the following:

  • School Lunchroom Program: 4.510€
  • This Christmas, School lunchroom program: 6.000€
  • Spring – School lunchroom program: 8.040€
  • Summer Lunchroom program: 6.000€

With the donations made by Redcoon customers, 24.550€ have been collected and it has been distributed in 46 school lunchrooms during the school year and 36 school lunchrooms during the summer. Educo has been able to distribute 9.820 meals in 21 school from 9 Spanish regions.

school lunchroom 2014-2015

Finally, we want to thank all the people that have helped to fund the four projects and we remind you that a new school lunchroom project has started. We encourage you to continue helping these children that are living at the risk of poverty.

The Worldcoo team.

Breast Cancer: investigation to improve its treatment

Breast cancer is the most frequent tumor among women. In Spain, more than 22,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. The positive part is that the cancer mortality rate has decreased in the last years.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that it originates from the mammary gland tissue and it has the capacity to invade the surrounding healthy tissues and spread into other organs.

According CRIS CONTRA EL CANCER foundation, from a clinical-pathological point of view, we can classify breast cancer in three groups:

Tumors with hormone receptor expression.

We find the hormone receptor in the membrane of the cell and this hormone receptor transmit signals inside the cell.

Tumors overexpressing HER2 protein kinase transmembrane.

This protein stimulates the growth of the cell and it can do that these cells don’t stop of multiplying. This kind of tumors are characterized by present an aggressive clinical course and unpleasant prognosis. The 25% of breast cancer tumors are of this kind.

Tumors that lack high expression of these markers and are classified as triple-negative tumors.

These tumors not responding to the treatments, they are more aggressive and the patients can suffer relapses. This kind of tumors are 15% of all breast cancer tumors and only the chemotherapy slowers their growth speed.

breast cancer

CRIS CONTRA EL CÁNCER is an independent organization dedicated to the promotion and development of research to eliminate cancer. This research foundation wants to deepen in the knowledge of the mechanisms responsible for the resistance to anti-HER2 therapies and then propose alternative treatments and develop new medicines to improve the prognostic and the curation rate of the breast cancer patients whose tumors are tough to current anti-HER2 medicines.

The research team of Dr. Alberto Ocaña and Dr. Anastasio Pandiella are responsible to execute this research. With the aim to help to develop this research and develop new medicines to improve the prognostic and the curation rate our e-commerce with a cause Pc Componentes will offer to his clients the option to make a donation to this project.

Thanks to the solidarity of the Pc Componentes customers this research team will make a detailed analysis of the mechanisms responsible for the resistance to anti-HER2 therapies, they will generate in vitro and “in vivo” models of resistance to anti-HER2 therapies and they will execute all of them with one aim: identify the causes associated to resistance of certain treatments and develop new drugs to improve the prognosis and cure rate.

A decade ago, if one doctor diagnosed a HER2 breast cancer to a woman it meant that she could die in less than 20 months. Thanks to the researches that cute this kind of cancer, the life of women who have this cancer has been extended and, according to ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) if the cancer hasn’t been extended to other organs, this kind of tumor will be able to be cured in 90% of cases.

We want to give our support to the research to fight for breast cancer and we want to encourage that you do the same.

The Worldcoo team.

Generate solutions for the problems in the world

A few months ago we gave you good news about Worldcoo: we were officially a Certified B Corporation and we explained to you how much it meant for us. Today we are talking about what it means to be a B Corp company.

Perhaps you don’t know what it means to have this certification, don’t worry about it in the following sentences we will tell you the definition. According to B corporation website, “B corp is the first certification of a company that guarantees the organizational sustainability and allows the company to comply voluntarily with high social and environmental standards as well as comply with transparency commitments and corporate responsibility.

It seems easy but it isn’t. B corp companies have to have a continuous improvement process to generate positive impact for the society and for the environment. The company has to take into account that it always has to fulfill the following requirements and commitments:

1.       Commitment of purpose: the companies have to have a business model focused in order to create a positive impact in the society and environment.

2.       Commitment of responsibility: the company must protect the interest of the workers, environment and the community.

3.       Commitment of transparency:  the companies with Certified B Corporation have to publish an annual report about their social and environmental impact. This report must be comprehensive and transparent and it must be certified by an external and independent organism.

generate solutions for the world

Many citizens of the world are conscious about social and environmental problems that exists in the world and all want to be a part of the solution of these problems. We not only want to pay our bills and satisfy our basic needs, we also want to have integrity and we want to feel our lives are meaningful.

Best of all is that to create the solutions for the problems there are in the world, we don’t need heroes, we must change the way to we make many things. For instance, in 2011 when the Spanish government approved the new law about smoking many people thought that it was a madness but nowadays we have changed our habits and now it would be rare to see someone smoking, for example, in a restaurant. Changing our habits can generate solutions for many of the problems that exists in the world today.

If citizens can change their habits, companies can also change their habits. Many companies will think like many citizens, they will think that it is a madness and that they will not receive anything, but what these companies don’t know is that their success is in to make everybody be able to live better.

If you are a person or company and you had doubts about B Corp movement, we hope that this post helps you and remember BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

The Worldcoo team.


Reduce child malnutrition in the community of sopachuy

Sopachuy community is located in Bolivia and, together with Alcalá and El Villar, be a part of Alcalá Territorial Development Area (ADT Alcalá). ADT focus its attention in promote the welfare in childhood and adolescence in these municipalities.

The main source of income and foods in Sopachuy is farming. The population of Sopachuy lives in a situation of poverty and vulnerability. For example, the 37% of the population haven’t secure water, in other words, obtains water from rain, rivers, slopes or ditches.

Sopachuy has one of the poorest IDH in Bolivia, it ranks in 286 from 327. The child malnutrition rate in Sopachuy is high, for every 100 children, 24 have chronic malnutrition. Definitively, in Sopachuy there are social inequalities that negatively affect, physical and emotionally way to children and to the general population.

In order to solve this inequalities, ADT Alcalá with Ayuda en Acción, has created a project that will allow to articulate the resources and efforts of three micro-projects: Food Security and Revitalization of Local Economies, Quality Schools and Social Health Management.

child malnutrition

Netquest wants to continue generating positive social impact and is going to work together with Ayuda en Acción to help to reduce child malnutrition in Sopachuy. Thanks to Nicequest users, the following aims will be achieved:

  • Increase the availability of diversified foods in families and schools.
  • Consolidate healthy eating habits in families.
  • Increase the family incomes from crops and improving access to irrigation water.
  • Reorientation of local health system, articulating in efforts to reduce malnutrition and in the health promotion.

In this project, the money raised by the Netquest users through the exchange of their points will be designated to transport, materials, personnel, training and others. The biggest beneficiaries of the project will be 67 children and youth from an educational unit, but other 55 adults will be also benefited, for example, 10 teachers. With the improvements made by ADT Alcalá project other 165 people will be indirectly benefited.

The Worldcoo team.


Therapy for youth with addiction problems

In June, the National Committee of Smoking Prevention, warned that more and more youth start smoking cannabis before tobacco. According to the memory of activities of Proyecto Hombre, one of ten people attended in centers for treat drugs addiction is under the 16 years.

The Household Survey on Alcohol and Other Drugs 2013/2014 reflects that in Spain, 168.677 people had started to consume cannabis and, of these, the 36% were under 18 years (they were between 15 and 17 years). Cannabis effects are devastating for health, in addition, smoking cannabis increase the possibility that one of these people will consume other dangerous substances or may have a mental illness. Apart from Cannabis, youth under 20 years are also consuming alcohol and tobacco.

The consumption of alcohol, cannabis and other substances by youth under 20 caused the creation of Young Program of Proyecto Hombre. It is a prevention program indicated for youth and teenagers that have a problem behavior because of the consumption of substances and need an educational-therapeutic intervention.

Youth with addiction problems

From Young Program different activities are performed in order to help youth with addiction problems to generate a change and they will be able to think in have a future where drugs will don’t exist and also help families whose sons are addicts and need support to change their situation. The activities are the following:

  • Individual interviews with young people and teenagers.
  • Group therapy sessions with young people who need it.
  • Training workshop for families.

In order to help to 47 youth from the centers of Proyecto Hombre located in Barcelona, Logroño, Madrid, Málaga and Murcia and help to 90 families, in early July our e-commerce with a cause PcComponentes gave to their users the possibility to make a donation for this project. About 3 months later, we are glad to announce that thanks to Pc Componentes consumers we have 10.000 euros to give help to all these youth and their families.

With this project we have 36 funded projects!

The Worldcoo team.

Syrian refugees: emergency help

The situation of Syrian refugees is not improving. Syrian people continue to come to Europe to flee from the situation they are having in their country and the number of people who have died trying to cross the Mediterranean has increased. Refugee reception centers are scarce, winter is coming and the government does not respond with the celerity and solidarity that this situation requires.

Many people that are arriving in Europe from Syria are children, most of them are traveling alone and they may be exposed to become victims of violence, human trafficking, corruption or extortion. Aldeas Infantiles SOS, are focusing on attending to children that have lost their parents or that are separated from them. They are also focusing on mothers with young children. They are giving food supplies like products for babies, blankets and diapers and they are increasing childcare places.

Nicequest, the online platform that converts the participation in opinionated studies in a new pleasant and remunerated experience, wanted to contribute with Aldeas Infantiles SOS. Their aim is to help children traveling alone, young mothers and mothers with young children with malnutrition and protect them from the effects of war and displacement, offered to its users the possibility to change their points for donations.

Syrian Refugees: emergency help

In only two weeks, Nicequest users have donated 10.000 euros and, thanks to them, Aldeas Infantiles SOS will provide emergency kits with food and basic hygiene and food products to address the most pressing needs of Syrian children.  They also will provide kits with basic products of sanitation and hygiene, raincoats and blankets to cover children needs.

We would like to thank Nicequest for their commitment, once again, to give assistance to refugee children and we would also like to thank to Nicequest users for their solidarity, thanks to them, 500 people will be directly benefited.

With this project, we have 35 funded projects and more than 64.000 direct beneficiaries!

The Worldcoo team.

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