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Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day

On December 20, 1989, after 10 years of negotiations with governments from worldwide, religious leaders, NGO and other institutions, agreed the text of Convention on the Rights of the Child. From this day, countries that signed this text celebrates the Universal Children’s Day.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international treaty that gathers the Rights of the Child and is the first tool that legally recognize children as a social agents and as holders of their own rights. The Convention on the Rights of the Child consist of 54 articles each on which details a different type of right of children in the world, for example, economic, social, cultural and political rights of the children (source: unicef).

The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognize the right of all the children to have an adequate life, in other words, to have a protection, education and nutrition adequate. To this day, all the countries of the world except United Estates have accepted this Convention (source: unicef).

The Rights of Childhood are based in four fundamental principles:

  • Non-discrimination: all the child’s have the same rights.
  • The best interests of the child: Laws and actions affecting children should put child best interests first and benefit child in the best possible way.
  • Survival, development and protection: ensure child’s full development – physical, spiritual, moral and social.
  • Participation: the child have a right to have he say in decisions that affect you, and to have his opinions taken into account.


In the Universal Children’s Day celebrates progress made towards these years in connection with Rights of Children and awareness the society about the situation that disadvantaged children are living. Children are the most vulnerable group and those who suffer the consequences of the crisis and global issues. For that reason the 20th of November a global call is made for disadvantaged children in order to their rights are recognized and to guarantee their welfare and development.

Our e-commerce with a cause know the importance of all the children of the world are guaranteed their welfare and development, for this reason, 8 of 13 open projects that we have are destined to help to accomplish the Rights of the Childhood.

There are many ways to help children that live in a vulnerable situation. We purpose to you that always you make a purchase in one of our e-commerce, you will a donation to continue funding projects that fight for accomplish the Rights of Children.

The Worldcoo team.

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