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4 CSR campaigns which do not leave anyone indifferent
Cesc Carbó joins Worldcoo as e-Commerce Developer
The story of César and MeQuedoUno implication
4 key points to avoid that CSR stays only on paper
CSR and happy workers: 4 CSR actions which will make your employees feel better
No child without food this Christmas
¡Today is #GivingTuesday! A global day of giving
They join #GivingTuesday too!
Investment in CSR keep rising
This Christmas, help children in emergency situations

4 CSR campaigns which do not leave anyone indifferent

There is nothing that you cannot do with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility and, in fact, like in every part of the business, creativity has a huge role to play as far as CSR is concerned.

In 2015, The Gunn Report recognised, through The Good Report, which were the most successful campaigns in promoting good causes this year. Amongst the winners, these four campaigns which, thanks to the creativity behind their design, were able to not leave anybody indifferent.

1. Human Traffic Signs. Concerning the problem of traffic accidents in China, where every 3 minutes a person is injured in one and every 10 minutes somebody dies due to a traffic accident, the agency MullenLowe created this campaign of General Motors, which intended to promote the importance of paying attention to traffic signs and of following the rules. Do you believe they managed to do it?

2. Like a Girl. Leo Burnett Toronto created this campaign for the brand Always for Procter and Gamble which, with the slogan “Rewrite the rules” spoke out in defence of women and against chauvinistic behaviour accepted by practically everybody. He did this through a small experiment. What happened when women and girls were asked what was “Running like a girl”?

3. A very disturbing taxi ride. Concerning domestic abuse, Memac Ogilvy and Mather Dubai designed this campaign for Kafa who tried to make women aware of how bad it is to turn a blind eye in the face of abuse and to introduce them to phone lines which they can turn to when confronting these situations. Provoking a reaction in women with respect to chauvinistic violence through the feeling of living it up close was their way of doing it.

4. They have had a past. The Foundation Abbé Pierre, from France, launched this ad to create awareness of poverty and homeless people. Under the slogan, “they also have had a past”, their ad tried to make the public realise that these people are, at the end of the day, just like anyone who has a home.

Worldcoo Team.

Cesc Carbó joins Worldcoo as e-Commerce Developer


Cesc Carbó is our last incorporation. From Sant Cugat (Barcelona), he joins Worldcoo as e-Commerce Developer.

He studied Industrial Engineering, but his professional career has been developed into different companies and sectors; both in start-ups, and in a large multinationals in the technology sector, where he has developed projects about business development and project management tasks.

He defines himself as a curios person and affirms that the adjective that best describes himself is “active”. “I like to know about many things, but I don’t deep into them: I guess I’m one of the victims of the generation of the 90’s, the access to a lot of information but with no time to assimilate it”.

Do you want to know more about him? Keep reading!

  • Welcome to Worldcoo, Cesc! What will be your role here?

To get companies to commit themselves to strengthening their commitment to society by relying on Worldcoo as the tool to do so.

  • What will be your main challenge?

Increase Worldcoo’s customer base, thinking in a future where our solutions will be in all online platforms around the world.

  • What do you like the most about Worldcoo?

It is a digital company that works to bring value where it is most needed, a key factor if we expect a change versus a more sustainable development of our societies.

  • By your profile and way of being, what distinctive component do you think you can contribute to the Worldcoo team?

I think I have a very versatile profile in this world of specialists. Within a while, I hope to feel satisfied that I have helped the Worldcoo team in areas unrelated to my most direct work responsibilities. Maybe, focused on managing teams or people.

And some more personal…

If you aren’t at work, we will surely find you… Doing sport and enjoying nature. I need time to escape to open spaces and relax, whether it’s flying across seas scuba diving or running through the mountains linking peaks and rocky places.

I enjoy traveling and I try to do it often. Whenever possible, combining adventure, nature and culture, but according to this order of priorities, if not possible the combination of all of them.

Some of my other hobbies are cats, writing, laughing, photography, movies, series, documentaries, technology and music (this last one just as a consumer).

Always that I can… I dedicate myself to observe and try to understand the world where we live, to enjoy a good meal and good drinking; All of them inescapable inheritance.

I love visiting places I don’t know, even if they are next to my home, and being permanently discovered.

You couldn’t live without… Enjoying the madness of the people.

If you could choose one “super power” it would be… Being able to move between dimensions and temporal spaces.

Worldcoo Team.

The story of César and MeQuedoUno implication

In 2017, let’s help children with rare disease have quality education

MeQuedoUno starts a new project!

César is a 20 years old student and has the Apert Syndrome, one of the 7.000 rare disease that exist. Today we have the pleasure to present you his testimony and story, so we can know a little bit more which challenges they face and how it’s their day to day.

cesar_olivia“My name is César Díez, I’m studying Informatics and I have Apert Syndrome, a congenital disorder that affects chromosome 10 and is characterized by a general malformation of different bones, mainly of the head and face. It is a disease that, if not controlled in time, can cause blindness, deafness and intellectual deficit. We are born with our fingers and toes together (syndactyly) and my treatment involves multiple operations and long hospital stays, many kilometres far from my house.

I was born in Merida, a city of 60,000 population and with a small hospital. I was the first and only born with my illness in this health centre and the doctors saw so much difficulty in my state that they only gave me 48 hours of life … meanwhile, I tried to fight the most and enjoy my life, like what I’m doing now.

Throughout my life, both my parents and I have fought constantly for an “inclusive education“, that doesn’t discriminate for my physical or intellectual deficiencies and allow me to have access to a quality education.

In spite of my multiple operations and long stays in hospitals, and that on several occasions the educational system have invited me to attend to “special education” classrooms, I have achieved my goal! After finishing the bachelor’s degree, now I’m studying a high degree in “Telecommunications and Information Systems”.

logo-vector-federThe constant work together with the Education Council in Extremadura (Spain) and the FEDER (Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases), has allowed us to take another step to make the access to quality education a reality. For example, we have recently launched the “Protocol for the reception and care of children with rare diseases” in the schools in Extremadura. Our mission is that all children with rare diseases have an educational response adequate to their abilities, potentialities and needs. We’re sure that, all together, we will achieve it “.

mqu-logoNow, the users of MeQuedoUno have the opportunity, like César, to contribute and collaborate with one of the educational projects that the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER) carries out to guarantee access to a quality and equitable education, regardless of their conditions and circumstances.

With their help, in 2017 25 children with rare diseases that attend school will be benefited from the FEDER Education Assistance Service.

You can follow the project through this LINK.

Worldcoo Team.

4 key points to avoid that CSR stays only on paper

There are increasingly more companies which rely on a CSR plan, a document where you can find the actions and behaviour which the company should develop in order to carry out its actions in a coherent way coinciding with its values and, of course, showing society and its surroundings the respect that they deserve from the organization.

In spite of that, plans are the most of the time exactly that: plans and paper. And, of course, to plan is fundamental, defining strategies and actions is the foundation of the development of any activity relating to CSR, but how can we avoid that the plans only stay written on paper?

4 key points which will lead the company to take action:

1. Timing, timing, timing… 70% of the company’s success to turn the plan into facts is in the plan itself. Define a time frame! The fact of having a timeframe for each action will push you to take the necessary actions in the specified time.

2. Team involvement. CSR isn’t just to do with the company directors’, it’s also to do with the team, in the same way that the company is not just the person who manages it, but also all of its employees as well. Make them take part of every CSR action, in a way that they themselves will be the force behind what makes the company accomplish what is established in the plan.

3. Division of labour. If you have an involved team, who is willing to work to make this world a better place to live and to do it from the company, now is the moment to give them responsibilities. Who does what? Answer this question and entrust the responsibility of each big or small task to a specific person. Remember that a lot of people doing small things can achieve big goals.

4. Commitment to the community. Your team is one of the company’s most important audiences, but not the only one. Share your plans with your network of followers, with your customer … Don’t be afraid of commitment, engage with your community to act accordingly to your CSR plans! Tell them about your plans and let your commitment with those people push you to make the plan become real actions.

If you already have your CSR plan, now is the time to take action!


Worldcoo Team.

CSR and happy workers: 4 CSR actions which will make your employees feel better

postsemana3novrscequipoCSR affects everyone that has something to do with the company and, although sometimes it appears that the external public are the most important, in terms of communication and CSR the internal public is also essential. The members of the team within the business are the main ambassadors of this, and therefore, must believe and trust in the values which the business holds. Communicating solely to the people outside of the business could make the business pay, affecting directly its credibility.

That is why CSR actions must bear in mind what a company can do for society, but starting with those who are closest to the business itself, the employees. If we combine this with the fact that happier employees is synonymous to more motivated and productive employees, the benefits are twofold!

Due to this, we propose 4 CSR actions which involve your team of staff:

  • Reconciliation: flexible working hours is not the enemy of good results! There are increasingly more studies which show that flexible working hours and teleworking are not the enemies of productivity, however, quite the contrary! Give your team freedom to work wherever and whenever this want, they will work better and more, and also, you will be doing a favour for a society which is crying out for a reconciliation of working and personal life.
  • Training: learning is growing. We live in an increasingly more demanding world, we are always needing to know more and learn faster, and training can’t just be limited to the 4 years we study at university. Did you know that millennials value more the possibilities to learn which are offered by the company, rather than the stability which they assure them of? Make training available to your employees, you will be helping create better professionals, better professionals who work in your company!
  • Team solidarity: promote the participation of the business and the staff in solidarity initiatives. A company which participates in solidarity actions will have a growing recognition from their employers. Moreover, involving your employees and making them feel part of a positive project will help them feel more integrated and motivated in the day by day activities of the business.
  • Democracy: ask your employees! Feeling part of a business is one of the most motivating feelings when performing a job, that’s why, before making important changes which will affect their day to day life, consult them! They will feel appreciated, and also, you will be able to implement more suited solutions according to their circumstances. For example: an intensive working day? Let them have their say! Be a democratic business.

Worldcoo Team.

No child without food this Christmas


Nicequest users are more solidarity than ever before! After Matthew Hurricane, which struck the Caribbean cost last October, we launched an emergency campaign to help the victims and, trough their collaboration, they have raised €8.000 that will help Oxfam Intermon to send hygienic kits to more than 600 families. Thank you very much! You can remember the project HERE.

logo3Their next challenge will be provide a decent meal per day to 800 children in Bolivia thought SOS Children’s Village during Christmas time. It is an important dare because every day, in every Latin America country, thousands of children lose the care of their families. They have nowhere to find the protection care and support they need for their healthy development, such as access to a healthy and nutritious diet.

In this context, SOS Children’s Villages works in order to guarantee one of the fundamental rights in the life of a child: food, essential for their growth and development.  And now, our friends from Nicequest have the opportunity to collaborate with it too.

You can follow theprocess HERE.

Worldcoo Team

¡Today is #GivingTuesday! A global day of giving


To celebrate it, all Worldcoo’s employees have spent the morning with Assís Foundation.

Today is a special day. This morning, we haven’t worked in the offices. For the first time, we have dedicated part of our workday to help those who need the most directly and personally, without a computer screen in front of us.

During more than four hours, we have collaborated with Assis Foundation in the cleaning, adaptation and maintenance of a space for gardening workshop organized by the entity in order to facilitate the access to the working market for homeless people.


In collaboration with 15 more users from the centre, we have collaborated so that the entity can develop the “Workshop of gardening, urban orchards and composting”; A training course that is part of the “Assis Verd” project and which acts as a motivational and training tool for the socio-labor insertion of people at risk of vulnerability.

This has been our way of celebrating #GivingTuesday, an international movement that was born as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season. #GivingTuesday is a day dedicated to donate, share, help and act.

Collaborate and help Assís Foundation has allowed us to know firsthand one of the causes we work for 365 days a year, which is to help eradicate poverty. In addition, it has helped us to value the work of local organizations in our immediate environment.

CLICK HERE if you want to see all the pictures!

Worldcoo Team



They join #GivingTuesday too!

As you might know, tomorrow we will celebrate #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fuelled by the power of social media and collaboration.

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

Worldcoo’s employees will join this movement tomorrow by collaborating with Assís Foundation but we won’t be the only ones. Many of our e-commerce companies that collaborate with us will join the cause too.

By Hours, Dreivip, Zacaris, Planeta Huerto, SantaFixie, Mequedouno, Uvinum and Nicequest will promote solidarity and collaboration through different actions, so stay tunned of everything they do!

We encourage and thank all users of these online companies to add one euro for each of their purchases and share it on their social networks.

Together, we can make big things happen!


Worldcoo Team.


Investment in CSR keep rising

Companies find, through taking corporate social responsibility actions, a way of giving back to the environment and society around them which have enabled them to be able to perform their everyday business. The businesses, as agents who form part of our world, have the responsibility, just like any person, to work to make our planet a better place.

The world is crying out for us to listen to it and to take care of it and now nobody no longer can turn a death ear to its call: businesses know this and now they have started take action.

On the 7th of November 2015, in Madrid, Deloitte and the SERES foundation presented the third report of the Social Impact of Businesses. The information was inspiring, it implied that we are increasingly more worried about our planet, and therefore, we are working more and better in order to look after it.

  • The investment made by businesses and institutions in CSR actions exceeded the 741 million euros invested in 2015, which is about 300 million more than in 2014.
  • 30 million people benefited from this investment, 14 million more beneficiaries than last year.
  • 8,600 programmes were developed, and of the 30 million beneficiaries mentioned, 14.9 million were direct beneficiaries from these.
  • The actions on the information society and childhood and youth represent 36% and 31% respectively, of the total of beneficiaries.
  • 7 out of every 10 businesses contribute to the workplace integration of disadvantages groups.
  • 82% of businesses rely on people with disabilities in their workforce, whether it be in their own business or one business that belongs to the same group.
  • 57,371 people with disabilities people have been integrated into the job market in 2015.
  • Wellbeing and the coverage of social needs represent 58% of the projects carried out, emphasizing education and health, which represent 30% of the projects.
  • In the field of employment 42% of the projects were developed, with 33% of them aimed towards job creation and job integration and 9% aimed towards job training.
  • 119,547 workers have participated in the development of CSR projects, to the extent that 26% of businesses rely on 50% of the workforce involved in the projects mentioned.
  • 13% of the businesses dedicate 100,000 euros more to each of the CSR projects.
  • 16,000 collaborations have been formed with social organisations.
  • 64% of the investment in CSR is spent on actions in the home country of the business, whereas 36% is spent 0n international projects.

These figures speak for themselves, businesses can no longer turn a blind eye to the impact that CSR has. This world is everybody’s responsibility.


Worldcoo Team.

This Christmas, help children in emergency situations

promofarma__logoThe users of Promofarma had the challenge of helping 855 babies against chronic malnutrition, and they succeeded. Thanks to their contribution, UNHCR will be able to distribute nutritional milk in therapeutic feeding centres located in refugee camps in Ethiopia, the African country which hosts more refugees. You can remember the project HERE.

The countdown for Christmas has begun and for these special days, the company wants to help, again, all children who need the most. Nearly 250 million live in countries affected by armed conflict, 28 million are out of their homes, fleeing violence and insecurity.  

In front of this terrible situation, UNICEF has launched “One plus one, it is much more” campaign, aimed at assisting people in an emergency situation through integral interventions related to health, nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene education and protection.


The users of Promofarma have the chance to join this cause created to minimize the risks of armed conflicts, wars and natural disasters to all the kids that are involved in that. In concrete, thanks to their contribution, nearly 7.000 children would have access to clean water during Christmas.

You can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team.


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