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Planeta Huerto is joined with Worldcoo’s e-commerce with a cause
Combat loneliness of the elderly
Guaranteed vaccines for children in Mozambique
Consumers expect brands to do social good
UNHCR fights to give a quality education to refugee children
World Cancer Day: We can. I can.
Goal #10: Reduce inequalities in the world

Planeta Huerto is joined with Worldcoo’s e-commerce with a cause

Break the circle of child poverty continue being a pending subject in Spain. As we said in various articles of our blog, the 35% of Spanish children are living at risk of poverty. The result of the last report presented by AROPE (At Risk Of Poverty or Exclusion) shows that almost 3 million of Spanish children are living at risk of poverty and more than 800.000 children are chronic poor.

The program CaixaProinfancia of Obra Social “la Caixa” has de aim to break the circle of hereditary poverty acting on the needs of children and teenagers between 0 and 18 years who are living in a poverty or social vulnerability situation.

Obra Social “la Caixa” allocate 50 million euros annually to guarantee continued long-term care of more than 238.000 children since 2007. It can do it thanks to the collaboration of more than 30 social organizations from 11 of the main Spanish cities.

Planeta Huerto

Planeta Huerto, the e-commerce leader in garden and ecologic product, has joined to the group of e-commerce with a cause of Worldcoo. The company has integrated our solidary widget in its ecommerce platform to help fund high social impact projects.

Planeta Huerto is specialized in the sale of ecological and sustainable products in all areas of daily life. Nowadays, Planeta Huerto has more than 20.000 product references and more than 85.000 customers in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

Planeta Huerto_ENG

Planeta Huerto will help to combat children poverty

Planeta Huerto will collaborate with Obra Social “la Caixa” in order to help break the cycle of poverty by teaching those vulnerable children. For do that, children will learn how to use the tools of education to take control of their own lives.

From today, the customers of Planeta Huerto will have the possibility to make a donation in each purchase they make. With this project, Obra Social “la Caixa” wants to provide support to childhood and the families through the promotion of social and educational development of children at poverty situation from a perspective of comprehensive care by educational support and family workshops.

Thanks to Planeta Huerto and its customers, 30 children will receive a weekly school support for a month in order to improve their education and break their circle of poverty.

Welcome Planeta Huerto to the socially responsible companies’ community!

The Worldcoo team.

Combat loneliness of the elderly

In Spain there are approximately 1.853.700 elders who are living alone, the 72% of them are women and the 42% are older than 85 years. Loneliness and social isolation are risk factors for depression, the cognitive impairment, their health problems and economic difficulties and for their mortality.

For more than 28 years, Amics de la Gent Gran Foundation works against undesired loneliness among older people. The mission of Amics de la Gent Gran is based in three actions:

  • Emotional accompaniment of older people, through different programs, for example, during a disease, home help or sporadic accompaniments.
  • Social invigoration, trough socializing activities as trips, coteries at home, holidays, Sant Jordi, San Juan and at Christmas.
  • Awareness in society about the reality our elders face. To do this, Amics de la Gent Gran makes three awareness campaigns: “Rosas contra el olvido”, Summer Campaign and Christmas Campaign.

Accompaniment home program

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), loneliness is one of the main causes of health risk in elderly. The relationship between loneliness feeling and serious diseases is significant and WHO advises that this feeling may generate situations of dependency. For this reason, Amics de la Gent Gran fight to prevent this situation.

The accompaniment home program has the aim to fight against loneliness of elders who are living alone. This program provides a two hours weekly visit from a volunteer at the home of an elderly person. This visit wishes to create an emotional and trusty bond between the volunteer and the elderly person in order to break with the feeling of loneliness which have the older person.

For Amics de la Gent Gran the companies are important drivers of social change and, such as, they play a relevant role in the promotion of a more equal and sustainable society. Our committed company Promofarma share the values and the commitment with Amics de la Gent Gran. For this reason, they have joined together to perform a new project with the aim to fight to combat the feeling of loneliness which have many elderly.


Promofarma’s customers will be able to help to combat loneliness of the elderly and also help them to improve their quality of life. Thanks to their solidarity, 13 elders will receive a weekly visit of a volunteer of Amics de la Gent Gran for a year.

Together, we manage to repay the desire to live of elderly who are alone” – Amics de la Gent Gran

The Worldcoo team.

Guaranteed vaccines for children in Mozambique

Every day, 18.000 children under 5 die prematurely because of diseases which could be prevented or treated with vaccines but, unfortunately, in development countries haven’t access to adequate vaccines.

Vaccination is one of the best ways to guarantee to children a healthy life since the beginning because with vaccines many diseases can be prevented. Vaccines are a key tool for the communities’ development and are the most-effective way to save lives.

Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi have been teamed up with the aim to help fund the necessary vaccines to protect children living in the poorest countries. Thanks to Vaccine Alliance, until the end of 2014, they have been able to immunize 500 million children averting millions of premature deaths.

The first cause of death in Mozambique is pneumonia. Thanks to customers, partners, employers and companies who collaborated with the alliance between Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi, more than 300.000 children from Mozambique were vaccinated.


6 months ago, Promofarma began to collaborate with Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi and offered to its customers the possibility to make a donation to guarantee the use of vaccines in Mozambique. Today we are glad to announce that thanks to the solidarity of Promofarma customers we have funded a new project.

With 4.574€, vaccines will be introduced in Mozambique in order to facilitate its access to the population. In addition, the markets will be able adapted for vaccines and other immunization-related products. With the help of Promofarma customers and, thanks to the fact that Obra Social “la Caixa” will quadruplicate each euro donated, 2.287 children from Mozambique will have access to adequate vaccines to guarantee them a healthy life.

Thanks again to Promofarma for being an ecommerce with a cause and thanks to its clients because thanks to their solidarity a new project has been funded. We encourage you to continue generating a positive social impact collaborating with the new project of Promofarma and Amics de la gent gran.

The Worldcoo team.

Consumers expect brands to do social good

Nowadays, many citizens of the world are conscious of the existing social and environmental problems and they want to be a part of its solution.  Citizens wish to act in the benefit of the people who are living at poverty, marginality and exclusion but also they are conscious of the factors in our behaviour that affect society as a whole, for example, that affect the environment.

Citizens know that in order to give a response to many problems existing in the world nowadays all people have to change their habits, but they also know that companies have to make a change too. Companies have to help generate more positive impact for the society as well as for the environment.

That is why, to choose a brand, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding because of for them it is important that brand has not only the aim to generate profit and success.

Today we are showing an infographic about Havas Worldwide’s report that explain what consumers expect when they choose a brand. This report is based on a survey of more than 10.000 adults in 28 markets including Canada, the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil, France and India. The survey sample made up of 20 “prosumers” and 80% mainstream consumers.

Before showing the infographic, we are going to explain what a “prosumer” is. Prosumers are these consumers who are becoming content producers of a product or a service. The way they made this content is the following, they providing information or opinions about a product or a service in different apps or websites. In other words, they produce content when they talk about their experience with the product or the service (Source: Marketing Directo).

The concept of “prosumer” is clear and now we can show you the report results:

consumers expect brands to do socialgood

As we can read, consumers and “prosumers” are paying more attention to the social and/or environment impact of the products they buy. They not only want to know the products or service they use, they also want to know something more about the company.

In conclusion, the change in thinking of citizen is reflected in all aspects of their daily life, for this reason, the future in the companies is in the fact that, the idea of generate profit and the idea of give something back for your employers or for the society go hand in hand.

The Worldcoo team.

UNHCR fights to give a quality education to refugee children

Currently, there are approximately more than 27 million refugee or displaced children in the world. Children are a half of the displaced and refugee population. All these children have to flee from war and violence. They have left behind their home, their friends, their school, their life… They will have to face an uncertain future outside their country.

Education is a human right which many of these children have lost when they have been forced to leave their home. UNHCR works to protect and provide a productive future to all these children in order to make them to be self-sufficient and allow them to lead a worthy life. According to ACNUR, education provide children the basis to build a prosperous future and keep the children protected.

For this reason, in the year 2012, UNHCR started the project “Educate a child” to give response to urgent and important needs in education in 12 countries which welcomed a large population of refugee through capacity building, teachers training and the rehabilitation and/or construction of scholar infrastructure.

The first year, 176.800 children were incorporated to primary education and, at the end of 2014, 280.000 children were enrolled at school. The goal for 2016 is to have educated 3 million refugee children who currently have no access to any education.

Nicequest, a company which have more than 726.210 users, wanted to help UNHCR to obtain its goal and at the beginning of August gave to their users the possibility to change the points they obtained each time they made a survey for donations. Thanks to the solidarity of its users, Nicequest had raised 8.000€ in donations in 36 days.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our e-commerce with a cause. In the following image we show you the report of funding and the monitoring of all the things that UNHCR has made thanks to the help received by the users of Nicequest:


Thanks to all people who helped make this project has been made possible and we take this opportunity to encourage you to continue helping to create a high social impact collaborating with the new Nicequest project.

The Worldcoo team.

World Cancer Day: We can. I can.

Today 4th of February is World Cancer Day, a day where all the world is awareness about a disease which this year will kill more than 8 million of people around the world. Today millions of people join against a disease that knows no boundaries and it claims more lives worldwide.

Cancer is a process of growth and uncontrolled expansion of cells. It can appear in practically everywhere of your body. Many kinds of cancer would be able to prevent avoiding body exposure to common risk factors, for example, to snuff smoke and sunshine.

Luckily, through surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy a big percentage of different kinds of cancer can be cured, especially, if the cancer is detected in an early stage. For this reason, the earlier prevention and detection are fundamental to finish with this disease.

The highest rates of mortality because of this disease are given by the lack of early detection of the disease and the difficulty people have in accessing to available treatments. For this, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) asks the government to urgently reaffirm their commitment with the following “essential measures” that can help to save lives:

  • Vaccine program implementation in order to prevent infections that cause cervical or liver cancer.
  • Have more access to early detection program, to cancer screening tests of cervical, breast or intestine and have a follow-up treatment.
  • Improvement of taxes, regulation and tobacco control.
  • Pain relief and palliative care to all cancer patients.


According to World Cancer Day, Cris Cancer Foundation has announced that this 2016 it is going to donate one million euros to research projects in different hospitals, centres or institutes because Cris Cancer Foundation believe that the research is the way to overcoming the disease.

Today’s society is ever more conscious about the fact that the research has an essential role in the eradication of cancer and they know that in Spain we are in the queue of investment. For this reason, people wants to donate their money to top projects having results in our country because cancer is a disease that involves everybody, most of us meet somebody who suffers this disease.”- Marta Cardona, director of Cris Cancer Foundation

From Worldcoo, we encourage you to collaborate with Cris Cancer Foundation to help to end with a disease that affects us all. One way to do that is donate 1€ each time you make a purchase in Dreivip (for more information about the project click here).

Under this year’s theme, “We can. I can” the World Cancer Day give the opportunity to reflect and thinking about what we want to do in order to commit us and take action. Go to and discover all the things WE CAN do and all the things I CAN do against cancer.

The Worldcoo team.

Goal #10: Reduce inequalities in the world

Few weeks ago we were talking about a goals (Sustainable Development Goals) that 193 UN’s Members had approved in order to reach 3 extraordinary purposes: ending extreme poverty, fight against inequalities and injustice and combat climate change.

Since the beginning of 2016 until December 31, 2030, different economies, companies and citizens of the world will have to follow the itinerary marked by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in order to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

A days after, Oxfam Intermon NGO published a report in which talked about inequalities there are in the world. The report called “An economy for the 1%” has the aim of this report is to end with the privileges and the concentration of power to slow the extreme inequality.

Today, we are creating an infographic with the most relevant data we have found about inequalities in the World and in Spain. If you want to read the whole report, you can download it in Oxfam Intermon webpage.


Growing economic inequality harms everybody as it weakens the growth and the social unity. But is the poorest population who suffer their worst consequences.” – Oxfam Intermon

Oxfam Intermon has made this report to demand the governments to work hard for having more redistributive societies and get a social justice. Furthermore, for the future government in Spain, the NGO has asked a new law against tax evasion with more effective steps and with greater control.

Oxfam Intermon also asked social steps that guarantee, among others, a minimum incomes for all homes, increase the minimum salary to 1.000€, reduce the salary gap between women and men and promote recovery of 0,4% of international development aid.

It is time for world leaders in this era of modern capitalism work together on all governments to change the system and make it more inclusive, equitable and sustainable” – Lady Lynn Forester

The Worldcoo team.

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