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Our 2015
Worldcoo will attend Emarketing 2016

Our 2015

As you know, we are always talking about our commitment with the transparency of all received donations made by the customers of our e-commerce with a cause. Taking into account this commitment, we have made the Worldcoo’s Annual Report 2015. This report collect the work and the outcomes we have achieved thanks to all parties involved which help to achieve the Worldcoo’s goal.

This year has been a special one for Worldcoo because we have consolidated our widget and we have expanded our e-commerce with a cause network which now includes 18 sites. Thanks to all this socially responsible companies and to their customers, we have raised 159.167€, up 370% from 2014.

Out of the 47 active projects (still raising funds), 34 projects were funded more than twice as many as last year. In addition, this year users had the chance to support projects for humanitarian emergencies like help people affected by Nepal Earthquake or refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.

Although donors continue to express interest in problems related to poverty and food (with 14 funded projects) and health and comprehensive care projects (raising €49.234), projects about education have received more support.

In total, 38 NGOs will execute the projects, nearly twice as many as in 2014 (18). Of the 34 projects funded, we’ve already been able to issue 12 final reports in order to guarantee the transparency of the donations.

This success has been possible thanks to the 123,368 donations received from the customers of sites in our e-commerce with a cause network, up 294% from the previous year. Thanks to their solidarity, 58.381 people from Spain, Greece, Serbia, Syria, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Chad, Senegal, Cambodia, Nepal and Bolivia will have been benefited.

As we have said at the beginning of this post, this year, 7 new companies have joined our e-commerce with a cause network, which now has 18 collaborating sites.

We are glad to explain that we have also consolidated all of our partnerships, with a 0 churn rate and, moreover, they have also seen a positive impact on their conversion rate as a result.

Our commitment to innovation has allowed us launch new complementary ways to raise funds and we are now on online banking platforms so clients can donate when they check their accounts or make transactions.

This year we have received different recognitions from organisations in the sector. We also have been granted B Corp Certification and we have been accredited as the standard in e-commerce crowdfunding by the European Commission.

To finish this post full of good news, we leave you an infographic as a summary of our 2015:



We trust that this 2016 will continue to be a great year for the Worldcoo’s World.

Together we can make big things happen!


The Worldcoo team.

Worldcoo will attend Emarketing 2016

This year, the E-marketing exhibition will be held on days 12nd, 13rd and 14th of April in Paris. It receives the most valuable professionals of digital marketing to improve their performance of marketing in their business.

The event hopes to have more than 15,000 visitors worldwide to learn about the latest innovations and trends in digital marketing, meet the key partners in business and discuss the latest developments.

So, this year, we have the pleasure to communicate the attendance at this referent European event as their social impact partners. Our goal, in addition to keep abreast of developments in marketing, is to communicate the need to create a positive social impact through business.

As we explained in other blog posts, Worldcoo was one of 9 SMEs benefiting from the grant from the European Commission to become the global benchmark in financing social projects.

So, our assistance in the E-marketing exhibition will allow us to find new ecommerce partners who want to be part of the change towards a society with companies commited with their environment, and to start our growth at European level.

If you want to visit us at the E-marketing exhibition you can log-in online through the following link:

The Worldcoo team.


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