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Joel Costa is our new CCO!
New progress in Project Lydia
Building a new rural school in Sierra Leone, the new Nice Quest challenge
25 bikes to go to school and rebuild young lives
Regalador has joined us as a responsible ecommerce!
How are NGOs reacting to the EU policies concerning migration?

Joel Costa is our new CCO!

joel_costaJoel is from Manresa (Barcelona) but he has just landed from Frankfurt, where he has lived the last two years- to join our company as a CCO (Chief Commercial Officer).

Joel confesses that he realised that his professional passion was the online/ecommerce world in 2009. He had already launched an ecommerce that offered geolocation solutions before that, but since that moment, he focused his efforts to gain experience in the online world.

During 2 years, He was the Regional Director of Mobile Sportsbook Company (gambling world) in Russia and India; After that, he had the role of Country Manager of Spain in Avid Life Media (dedicated to dating), and during the last two years, he has worked for eGENTIC (Lead Generation), also as a Country Manager in Spain.  We are very proud that he start to work with us in our team today! Welcome to Worldcoo, Joel!

Joel, what is your next challenge? I’m the new Chief Commercial Officer in Worldcoo; this means that my responsibility is based on establishing the strategy and lead my team to fulfil the sales goals set with the management team.

What is the main thing that attracts you to join this company? Dedicate my efforts, my know-how and my passion to help people around the world. Achieve significant high impact beyond making a contribution to an NGO or be a member of another one (like Greenpeace), which has a limited impact.

If you think in Worldcoo, you think in … a necessary company that allows to join job and passion, with a project that is totally aligned with my personal values.

And a little bit more personal…

  • The adjective that better fits you isdemanding.
  • What are your hobbies? Play acoustic guitar and enjoy a good wine while listening jazz music.
  • Complete the sentence: I couldn’t live without… playing with my little children.

Worldcoo Team

New progress in Project Lydia


Did you know that every year 1.400 children and teenagers are diagnosed of cancer in Spain?

Months ago, Dreivip users research the necessary capital to participate in Project Lydia, a campaign leaded by Cris Cancer Foundation, who has the objective of develop new therapies and treatments more effective and less aggressive for child and young people with cancer.

So today we come with good news! Thanks to their solidarity collaboration, 1 new kid has been included in a clinical trial that pursues this objective.

As you know, one of our commitments is showing total transparency in each euro donated and show the results of all the projects our e-commerce are involved with.  In that sense, we bring you the final report of Cris Contra el Cáncer.


Once again, we would like to thank to all Dreivip users that have contributed to make real this project and the next ones that will come.

Worlcoo team.

Building a new rural school in Sierra Leone, the new Nice Quest challenge

In just one week, Nice Quest users have collected the 4.000€  necessaries to help 720 kids under 6 months against severe malnutrition in Chad, where there are more than 370.000 refugees. The project will be leaded by UNHCR, who currently works there to mitigate and prevent food insecurity and malnutrition by proving refugees access to enough nutritional food. You can remember it HERE.



Afther this successful campaign, we present today the new project to solve an new need with the help of Nice Quest users, who will have the chance to show once again their solidarity and collaboration. Here is it!

The new challenge is to fund the construction of a new rural school and and train teachers to provide access to education to 200 children over a period of 3 years.

streetchildIn this ocasion, we will do that with Street Child, who currently works in two of the least developed countries in the world: Sierra Leone and Liberia, where an estimated 500,000 children of primary age do not go to school.

Street Child  helps vulnerable and street-connected children, in rural areas to access education. In Sierra Leone, they will build a new school and train teachers to provide students quality education and reduce rural-urban inequalities in children’s education.

The NiceQuest community has already started to fund the 4.000€ necessaries. If you want, you can follow the proccess HERE.

Worldcoo Team.

25 bikes to go to school and rebuild young lives



Last week we announced in our social network that Santa Fixie has contributed to founded one more project that will help that 25 youth from the slums of Nairobi will be trained as mechanics and employed in Cycloville’s network of Bikes Shops, which will help them to have. One more time, challenge succeed thanks to more than 900 users who participated! You can remember it HERE.

And now we move to Uganda with a new aim: distribute bicycles for 25 orphaned girls living in child-headed households. Thanks of that, now they will be able to travel to school to pursue their studies and access the local market to sell their goods, as well as pick up medical supplies, HIV medication and other essential prevention medication from the nearest medical facility. With education, these girls will have a greater chance of securing employment after they graduate.

chance for childhood_logoThis is what is doing Chance for Childhood, an international organisation who helps local communities to protect their children and give them the chance of a proper childhood. One such example is “Rebuilding Young lives” project, which currently supports hundreds of orphaned children living in child-headed households in northern Uganda, a region that has been devastated by almost two decades of conflict and more than 3 million children are orphaned and robbed of their childhoods.

The organisation has noticed that in Uganda the “adult” of the family is almost always an adolescent girl, of between 15 and 18 years, who has no choice but to stay at home because they live too far away from the nearest school and they have no means of transportation.

Bikes can be a life changer for these young girls, ensuring that they are no longer excluded from learning, can travel to the nearest school or Youth Centre and transport their goods to market, take their siblings to school and, perhaps most importantly, reach the hospital and medical supplies when a younger sibling becomes critically ill.

If you want to follow the project, you can do it through this LINK. 

Worldcoo team.

Regalador has joined us as a responsible ecommerce!


regaladorWhen half of the country is on vacation, we don’t stop receiving good news. The last one, is that “Regalador “has joined us as a responsible ecommerce integrating our charity widget in their website.

Do you know them?

“Regalador” in an online shop where you can find a wide range of original and special gift items for every kind of people. They propose you different options in order to making the experience of giving nicer, easier and more fun.  All of this has made that, in this moment, more than 100.000 families had counted on them.


So, since now, all their users can make their most special gift: they will provide of a school material kit to one kid for the course, which will help them to develop their classes and training activities.  With just 1€ at the end of the  purchase, users hill have the opportunity to contribute to facilitate the access to free and quality education for the students in Honduras, the second poorest country in Latin America, where 1,3 million people are illiterate (15% of the population) and 2 million people live on less than 1,5€ a day. Education is the only means to address poverty effectively.

Thanks to their solidarity collaboration, 100 school kits equipped with a notebook, a pencil and a sharpener, will be distributed among students of ACOES Schools, the only free educational infrastructure in Nueva Capital, the largest marginal zone throughout Tegucigalpa (Honduras).

If you want to follow the project, you can do it through this LINK.

Without any doubt, this will be the greatest gift they have ever done.

How are NGOs reacting to the EU policies concerning migration?

pexels-photo-113885Migratory movements from last year, who featured heavily during the conflicts in Syria and the flight of Syrian citizens in search for better prospects in life, have forced international organizations and the receiving countries of immigrants to define their positions and to establish policies to confront the huge wave of immigrants.

Naturally, the European Union has had to take action and implement policies, which, from their point of view, address the situation in the most efficient way.  However, these policies have not convinced everybody and have even mobilised people and organisations against them.

Thus, on the 27th of June, one-hundred European NGOs signed a declaration, which firmly condemned the policies, which according to them, whose purpose was to reduce migration without taking into account the protection of fundamental rights and values.

What are the opinions of the NGOs concerning migration? Here are seven key points.

  1. The EU’s policies, according to the NGOs, leave people stuck in inhumane conditions, a situation which affects both children and adults and violates their fundamental rights as human beings.
  2. The right to asylum has also been violated by these policies, making it more and more difficult the search for international protection for those people who find themselves in conflict zones.
  3. The aim of the policies implemented by the EU, seeks to contain the migratory movement and reduce it, forgetting that by doing this, it does not stop the trade of human trafficking and it forces migrants to take paths that are even more dangerous.
  4. In addition, these policies do not open safe routes to enter the EU for those people who need international protection.
  5. The EU should take into account the circumstances in which migrations take place and its consequences.
  6. The aim of the European Union’s policies should not be to reduce immigration (an aim that many consider unsustainable and unattainable in the long term) but to maximise the benefits of the migratory movements and reduce the risks for them.
  7. The EU should show an example of solidarity, therefore it should be coherent with its discourse and it should find a system based on the protection of rights and on a viable strategic vision for the long term.

After a detailed statement including these points, NGOs have signed a list of six petitions in line with these points aimed at European leaders, which you can read here.

Amongst the NGOs who have signed these petitions are Oxfam, Amnesty International, Refugees Welcome, and another 77 supportive bodies that you can find here.

*You can read the full statement here by following this link:


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