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Joel Costa is our new CCO!

Joel Costa is our new CCO!

joel_costaJoel is from Manresa (Barcelona) but he has just landed from Frankfurt, where he has lived the last two years- to join our company as a CCO (Chief Commercial Officer).

Joel confesses that he realised that his professional passion was the online/ecommerce world in 2009. He had already launched an ecommerce that offered geolocation solutions before that, but since that moment, he focused his efforts to gain experience in the online world.

During 2 years, He was the Regional Director of Mobile Sportsbook Company (gambling world) in Russia and India; After that, he had the role of Country Manager of Spain in Avid Life Media (dedicated to dating), and during the last two years, he has worked for eGENTIC (Lead Generation), also as a Country Manager in Spain.  We are very proud that he start to work with us in our team today! Welcome to Worldcoo, Joel!

Joel, what is your next challenge? I’m the new Chief Commercial Officer in Worldcoo; this means that my responsibility is based on establishing the strategy and lead my team to fulfil the sales goals set with the management team.

What is the main thing that attracts you to join this company? Dedicate my efforts, my know-how and my passion to help people around the world. Achieve significant high impact beyond making a contribution to an NGO or be a member of another one (like Greenpeace), which has a limited impact.

If you think in Worldcoo, you think in … a necessary company that allows to join job and passion, with a project that is totally aligned with my personal values.

And a little bit more personal…

  • The adjective that better fits you isdemanding.
  • What are your hobbies? Play acoustic guitar and enjoy a good wine while listening jazz music.
  • Complete the sentence: I couldn’t live without… playing with my little children.

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