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100 more Giggle Doctors visits in Spanish hospitals

100 more Giggle Doctors visits in Spanish hospitals



Once again, our favourite Giggle Doctors will share happiness among Spanish hospitals thanks, in part, to Worldcoo community.

In this occasion, we will do it in collaboration with the users of Zacaris, the main ecommerce in Spain where people can buy all kind of shoes.

logo_theodora_foundationThanks to their collaboration, Giggle Doctors will be able to visit 100 kids in different hospitals in Spain, which will allow them to brighten the atmosphere of paediatrics plants and change the room’s atmosphere. These visits represent a moment of disconnection from the daily routine and are a good distraction that helps to alleviate anxiety, not just for the kids, also for families.

This initiative, promoted by Theodora Foundation, try to address the emotional care of hospitalized children, ease the anxiety in the child and raise awareness about the importance of humanization in hospitals.


This is not the first time that the users of Zacaris show their solidarity and social commitment. In their last campaign, recently founded, they’ve achieved that 150 people in Cameron have the chance to prevent and detect diseases such as uterus cancer, one of the main mortality causes among woman in Africa.  You can remember the project HERE.

You can follow the process HERE.

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