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No child without food this Christmas
¡Today is #GivingTuesday! A global day of giving
They join #GivingTuesday too!
Investment in CSR keep rising
This Christmas, help children in emergency situations
Who are the online shoppers? Why do they prefer responsible companies?
Worldcoo’s employees join Giving Tuesday
4 CSR actions you can take that will also lead to savings for your business
Web Summit Lisbon starts this week

No child without food this Christmas


Nicequest users are more solidarity than ever before! After Matthew Hurricane, which struck the Caribbean cost last October, we launched an emergency campaign to help the victims and, trough their collaboration, they have raised €8.000 that will help Oxfam Intermon to send hygienic kits to more than 600 families. Thank you very much! You can remember the project HERE.

logo3Their next challenge will be provide a decent meal per day to 800 children in Bolivia thought SOS Children’s Village during Christmas time. It is an important dare because every day, in every Latin America country, thousands of children lose the care of their families. They have nowhere to find the protection care and support they need for their healthy development, such as access to a healthy and nutritious diet.

In this context, SOS Children’s Villages works in order to guarantee one of the fundamental rights in the life of a child: food, essential for their growth and development.  And now, our friends from Nicequest have the opportunity to collaborate with it too.

You can follow theprocess HERE.

Worldcoo Team

¡Today is #GivingTuesday! A global day of giving


To celebrate it, all Worldcoo’s employees have spent the morning with Assís Foundation.

Today is a special day. This morning, we haven’t worked in the offices. For the first time, we have dedicated part of our workday to help those who need the most directly and personally, without a computer screen in front of us.

During more than four hours, we have collaborated with Assis Foundation in the cleaning, adaptation and maintenance of a space for gardening workshop organized by the entity in order to facilitate the access to the working market for homeless people.


In collaboration with 15 more users from the centre, we have collaborated so that the entity can develop the “Workshop of gardening, urban orchards and composting”; A training course that is part of the “Assis Verd” project and which acts as a motivational and training tool for the socio-labor insertion of people at risk of vulnerability.

This has been our way of celebrating #GivingTuesday, an international movement that was born as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season. #GivingTuesday is a day dedicated to donate, share, help and act.

Collaborate and help Assís Foundation has allowed us to know firsthand one of the causes we work for 365 days a year, which is to help eradicate poverty. In addition, it has helped us to value the work of local organizations in our immediate environment.

CLICK HERE if you want to see all the pictures!

Worldcoo Team



They join #GivingTuesday too!

As you might know, tomorrow we will celebrate #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fuelled by the power of social media and collaboration.

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

Worldcoo’s employees will join this movement tomorrow by collaborating with Assís Foundation but we won’t be the only ones. Many of our e-commerce companies that collaborate with us will join the cause too.

By Hours, Dreivip, Zacaris, Planeta Huerto, SantaFixie, Mequedouno, Uvinum and Nicequest will promote solidarity and collaboration through different actions, so stay tunned of everything they do!

We encourage and thank all users of these online companies to add one euro for each of their purchases and share it on their social networks.

Together, we can make big things happen!


Worldcoo Team.


Investment in CSR keep rising

Companies find, through taking corporate social responsibility actions, a way of giving back to the environment and society around them which have enabled them to be able to perform their everyday business. The businesses, as agents who form part of our world, have the responsibility, just like any person, to work to make our planet a better place.

The world is crying out for us to listen to it and to take care of it and now nobody no longer can turn a death ear to its call: businesses know this and now they have started take action.

On the 7th of November 2015, in Madrid, Deloitte and the SERES foundation presented the third report of the Social Impact of Businesses. The information was inspiring, it implied that we are increasingly more worried about our planet, and therefore, we are working more and better in order to look after it.

  • The investment made by businesses and institutions in CSR actions exceeded the 741 million euros invested in 2015, which is about 300 million more than in 2014.
  • 30 million people benefited from this investment, 14 million more beneficiaries than last year.
  • 8,600 programmes were developed, and of the 30 million beneficiaries mentioned, 14.9 million were direct beneficiaries from these.
  • The actions on the information society and childhood and youth represent 36% and 31% respectively, of the total of beneficiaries.
  • 7 out of every 10 businesses contribute to the workplace integration of disadvantages groups.
  • 82% of businesses rely on people with disabilities in their workforce, whether it be in their own business or one business that belongs to the same group.
  • 57,371 people with disabilities people have been integrated into the job market in 2015.
  • Wellbeing and the coverage of social needs represent 58% of the projects carried out, emphasizing education and health, which represent 30% of the projects.
  • In the field of employment 42% of the projects were developed, with 33% of them aimed towards job creation and job integration and 9% aimed towards job training.
  • 119,547 workers have participated in the development of CSR projects, to the extent that 26% of businesses rely on 50% of the workforce involved in the projects mentioned.
  • 13% of the businesses dedicate 100,000 euros more to each of the CSR projects.
  • 16,000 collaborations have been formed with social organisations.
  • 64% of the investment in CSR is spent on actions in the home country of the business, whereas 36% is spent 0n international projects.

These figures speak for themselves, businesses can no longer turn a blind eye to the impact that CSR has. This world is everybody’s responsibility.


Worldcoo Team.

This Christmas, help children in emergency situations

promofarma__logoThe users of Promofarma had the challenge of helping 855 babies against chronic malnutrition, and they succeeded. Thanks to their contribution, UNHCR will be able to distribute nutritional milk in therapeutic feeding centres located in refugee camps in Ethiopia, the African country which hosts more refugees. You can remember the project HERE.

The countdown for Christmas has begun and for these special days, the company wants to help, again, all children who need the most. Nearly 250 million live in countries affected by armed conflict, 28 million are out of their homes, fleeing violence and insecurity.  

In front of this terrible situation, UNICEF has launched “One plus one, it is much more” campaign, aimed at assisting people in an emergency situation through integral interventions related to health, nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene education and protection.


The users of Promofarma have the chance to join this cause created to minimize the risks of armed conflicts, wars and natural disasters to all the kids that are involved in that. In concrete, thanks to their contribution, nearly 7.000 children would have access to clean water during Christmas.

You can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team.


Who are the online shoppers? Why do they prefer responsible companies?

postsemana1novAccording to an e-commerce study carried out by Elogio in colobaration with IAB Spain last year, 67% of internet users purchase on the internet, which implies that there are more than 19 million online shoppers in our country.

The study, however, did not simply find out these statistics but it also analysed the demographic profile of the buyer. This analysis does not only allow us to know the potential shoppers who buy online, but it also allows us to understand what is it that makes the buyers choose one business over another.

The profile of an online shopper

  • They are on average 37 years old: 32% are between 16 and 30 years old whereas 27% are between 31 and 39 years old. Therefore, the majority of online shoppers are younger than 40.
  • 39% of online shoppers have gone through higher education.
  • 97% of online shoppers use at least one social network and 76% of them use an instant messaging app.
  • 72% are in employment.
  • There are no differences between men and women: 50% of online shoppers are men, and the other 50% are women.

With all of the above information, the description considerably fits in with that of a millennial: young people born between the 80s and the start of the 2000s, who have had an undeniable influence of technology in their day-to-day lives.

Therefore, if the online shopper of today is a millennial, why is it more important now than ever to take CSR actions? The 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study gives us a few clues:

  • 87% of millennials would buy a product which has social or environmental benefits.
  • 93% of millennials hold a better opinion of a business when they know that you are carrying out CSR actions.
  • 70% would pay more for a responsible product.
  • 38% of millennials share information about brands or causes which have moved them on social media and 18% of them contact the business to talk about these topics.

Do you still need more reasons to start to connect with your target audience through CSR?

Worldcoo Team.



Worldcoo’s employees join Giving Tuesday

Next November 29, Worldcoo’s employees will join to the celebration of #Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to help others through the gift of our time, donations, goods or voice.

We join this movement in Spain last year, we help to fund more than 400.000 euros for 260 causes. This year, again, we want to overcome this number through the participation of all our ecommerce partners, but also with all of us. For this reason, all the Worldcoo’s employees will dedicate part of our workday to collaborate with ASSÍS Centre d’Acollida, an organization that wants to improve life quality of homeless.

descargaEvery day, they help more than 150 people through their basic services (breakfasts, clothes and showers). But they also implement different kind of initiatives aimed to sensitize, take care of health and hygiene and help to find a job with different educational courses.  One of them is the gardening workshop that they organize to motivate and help people without home and risk of social exclusion to find a job.

In concrete, we will help them in cleaning, adequacy and maintenance the area where they do this workshop in order to facilitate the realization of this service.


We will do it during next November 29, a global day of giving fuelled by the power of social media and collaboration. (Learn more about it HERE).

So that’s why we encourage you to join this cause and share it through your social networks with the hashtag #GivingTuesday. Through next days, we will tell you all the other initiatives that we will implement with all our e-commerce partners, so stay tuned! 😉

Worldcoo Team.


4 CSR actions you can take that will also lead to savings for your business

If one of our recent posts motivated you to start implementing CSR policies in your business, well now we are going to give you another list with four CSR actions which will not only maximise the positive impact your business has on society but which will also reduce costs and increase profits for your company.

Since Corporate Social Responsibility has a positive impact on everyone and is affordable for everyone, take note of these 4 CSR actions!

accionsrscb1. Promote actions which save energy. Switching off the lights when you don’t need them, reusing paper when it is not absolutely essential to use new paper, avoiding printing off documents when it isn’t necessary, switching off the computers before leaving the office … These practices don’t only show that you respect the environment, but they also help to reduce costs within the company.

2. Train your employees. To rely on a motivated team is to rely on people who are happy with their jobs, something which has a direct impact on our society but also on the company itself. A motivated team implies greater efficiency in the workplace. Make sure that you add value to your employees and you will see that, in the medium-term, counting on them and their energy will prove to be an investment and money-saving for the business.

3. Reconcile! Going back to point number two, a happy team has a direct impact on the economic results of the business. Did you know that one of the biggest worries for Spanish people is being able to reconcile their work life with their personal life? Make it easy for them, and you will notice that sooner rather than later, you will reap the benefits.

4. Donate your product or service. A donation to an appropriate organization or to a suitable movement could prove to be a strong tool for promoting your business. How much would it cost you to reach your target audience by paying for conventional media advertising? Do the maths; a lot of the time, investing in donations is essentially saving money in advertisement without giving up the benefits.

Worldcoo Team.

Web Summit Lisbon starts this week

logo_websummitThis week we travel to Lisbon to attend the Europe’s largest technology meeting point, Web Summit Lisbon 2016. During these next 4 days, we will share our vision of how innovation can help us to become the main online tool for funding social and cooperation projects among the world’s leading technology companies, like Google, Facebook, Dropbox or Amazon. Also, how technology can be the perfect tool to make a good for the world.

Moreover, in this edition, 20 Spanish startups will be there too. In total, more than 50.000 attendants from 165 different countries. The most promising startups of the moment (Spotify, Uber, Stripe, etc.), great investors and world-renowned speakers will also attend the event, which will attract worldwide media coverage.

Web Summit is a key event to the tech industry development and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to be there and take a step further in the Worldcoo internationalization, one of our main objectives.


Worldcoo Team.



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