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CSR and happy workers: 4 CSR actions which will make your employees feel better

CSR and happy workers: 4 CSR actions which will make your employees feel better

postsemana3novrscequipoCSR affects everyone that has something to do with the company and, although sometimes it appears that the external public are the most important, in terms of communication and CSR the internal public is also essential. The members of the team within the business are the main ambassadors of this, and therefore, must believe and trust in the values which the business holds. Communicating solely to the people outside of the business could make the business pay, affecting directly its credibility.

That is why CSR actions must bear in mind what a company can do for society, but starting with those who are closest to the business itself, the employees. If we combine this with the fact that happier employees is synonymous to more motivated and productive employees, the benefits are twofold!

Due to this, we propose 4 CSR actions which involve your team of staff:

  • Reconciliation: flexible working hours is not the enemy of good results! There are increasingly more studies which show that flexible working hours and teleworking are not the enemies of productivity, however, quite the contrary! Give your team freedom to work wherever and whenever this want, they will work better and more, and also, you will be doing a favour for a society which is crying out for a reconciliation of working and personal life.
  • Training: learning is growing. We live in an increasingly more demanding world, we are always needing to know more and learn faster, and training can’t just be limited to the 4 years we study at university. Did you know that millennials value more the possibilities to learn which are offered by the company, rather than the stability which they assure them of? Make training available to your employees, you will be helping create better professionals, better professionals who work in your company!
  • Team solidarity: promote the participation of the business and the staff in solidarity initiatives. A company which participates in solidarity actions will have a growing recognition from their employers. Moreover, involving your employees and making them feel part of a positive project will help them feel more integrated and motivated in the day by day activities of the business.
  • Democracy: ask your employees! Feeling part of a business is one of the most motivating feelings when performing a job, that’s why, before making important changes which will affect their day to day life, consult them! They will feel appreciated, and also, you will be able to implement more suited solutions according to their circumstances. For example: an intensive working day? Let them have their say! Be a democratic business.

Worldcoo Team.

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