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Who are the online shoppers? Why do they prefer responsible companies?
Worldcoo’s employees join Giving Tuesday
4 CSR actions you can take that will also lead to savings for your business
Web Summit Lisbon starts this week
E-commerce, 4 reasons to get started on CSR
Support for pregnant teenagers and mothers with babies at risk of exclusion
5 things that your e-commerce must not neglect (ever)
New deal with Banco Sabadell!
PC Componentes, committed to breast cancer
One in three people suffer from some form of malnutrition in the world

Who are the online shoppers? Why do they prefer responsible companies?

postsemana1novAccording to an e-commerce study carried out by Elogio in colobaration with IAB Spain last year, 67% of internet users purchase on the internet, which implies that there are more than 19 million online shoppers in our country.

The study, however, did not simply find out these statistics but it also analysed the demographic profile of the buyer. This analysis does not only allow us to know the potential shoppers who buy online, but it also allows us to understand what is it that makes the buyers choose one business over another.

The profile of an online shopper

  • They are on average 37 years old: 32% are between 16 and 30 years old whereas 27% are between 31 and 39 years old. Therefore, the majority of online shoppers are younger than 40.
  • 39% of online shoppers have gone through higher education.
  • 97% of online shoppers use at least one social network and 76% of them use an instant messaging app.
  • 72% are in employment.
  • There are no differences between men and women: 50% of online shoppers are men, and the other 50% are women.

With all of the above information, the description considerably fits in with that of a millennial: young people born between the 80s and the start of the 2000s, who have had an undeniable influence of technology in their day-to-day lives.

Therefore, if the online shopper of today is a millennial, why is it more important now than ever to take CSR actions? The 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study gives us a few clues:

  • 87% of millennials would buy a product which has social or environmental benefits.
  • 93% of millennials hold a better opinion of a business when they know that you are carrying out CSR actions.
  • 70% would pay more for a responsible product.
  • 38% of millennials share information about brands or causes which have moved them on social media and 18% of them contact the business to talk about these topics.

Do you still need more reasons to start to connect with your target audience through CSR?

Worldcoo Team.



Worldcoo’s employees join Giving Tuesday

Next November 29, Worldcoo’s employees will join to the celebration of #Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to help others through the gift of our time, donations, goods or voice.

We join this movement in Spain last year, we help to fund more than 400.000 euros for 260 causes. This year, again, we want to overcome this number through the participation of all our ecommerce partners, but also with all of us. For this reason, all the Worldcoo’s employees will dedicate part of our workday to collaborate with ASSÍS Centre d’Acollida, an organization that wants to improve life quality of homeless.

descargaEvery day, they help more than 150 people through their basic services (breakfasts, clothes and showers). But they also implement different kind of initiatives aimed to sensitize, take care of health and hygiene and help to find a job with different educational courses.  One of them is the gardening workshop that they organize to motivate and help people without home and risk of social exclusion to find a job.

In concrete, we will help them in cleaning, adequacy and maintenance the area where they do this workshop in order to facilitate the realization of this service.


We will do it during next November 29, a global day of giving fuelled by the power of social media and collaboration. (Learn more about it HERE).

So that’s why we encourage you to join this cause and share it through your social networks with the hashtag #GivingTuesday. Through next days, we will tell you all the other initiatives that we will implement with all our e-commerce partners, so stay tuned! 😉

Worldcoo Team.


4 CSR actions you can take that will also lead to savings for your business

If one of our recent posts motivated you to start implementing CSR policies in your business, well now we are going to give you another list with four CSR actions which will not only maximise the positive impact your business has on society but which will also reduce costs and increase profits for your company.

Since Corporate Social Responsibility has a positive impact on everyone and is affordable for everyone, take note of these 4 CSR actions!

accionsrscb1. Promote actions which save energy. Switching off the lights when you don’t need them, reusing paper when it is not absolutely essential to use new paper, avoiding printing off documents when it isn’t necessary, switching off the computers before leaving the office … These practices don’t only show that you respect the environment, but they also help to reduce costs within the company.

2. Train your employees. To rely on a motivated team is to rely on people who are happy with their jobs, something which has a direct impact on our society but also on the company itself. A motivated team implies greater efficiency in the workplace. Make sure that you add value to your employees and you will see that, in the medium-term, counting on them and their energy will prove to be an investment and money-saving for the business.

3. Reconcile! Going back to point number two, a happy team has a direct impact on the economic results of the business. Did you know that one of the biggest worries for Spanish people is being able to reconcile their work life with their personal life? Make it easy for them, and you will notice that sooner rather than later, you will reap the benefits.

4. Donate your product or service. A donation to an appropriate organization or to a suitable movement could prove to be a strong tool for promoting your business. How much would it cost you to reach your target audience by paying for conventional media advertising? Do the maths; a lot of the time, investing in donations is essentially saving money in advertisement without giving up the benefits.

Worldcoo Team.

Web Summit Lisbon starts this week

logo_websummitThis week we travel to Lisbon to attend the Europe’s largest technology meeting point, Web Summit Lisbon 2016. During these next 4 days, we will share our vision of how innovation can help us to become the main online tool for funding social and cooperation projects among the world’s leading technology companies, like Google, Facebook, Dropbox or Amazon. Also, how technology can be the perfect tool to make a good for the world.

Moreover, in this edition, 20 Spanish startups will be there too. In total, more than 50.000 attendants from 165 different countries. The most promising startups of the moment (Spotify, Uber, Stripe, etc.), great investors and world-renowned speakers will also attend the event, which will attract worldwide media coverage.

Web Summit is a key event to the tech industry development and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to be there and take a step further in the Worldcoo internationalization, one of our main objectives.


Worldcoo Team.



E-commerce, 4 reasons to get started on CSR

worldcoo_engCorporate Social Responsibility is nothing new. Today the majority of businesses commit to promoting a positive impact through the actions they take in the society they work in. Working in terms of specific politics of CSR is not only beneficial for the surrounding community, but also for the business itself.

How does applying CSR policies benefit the business itself? Here are 4 reasons for why you should start being socially responsible.

  1. Employees prefer responsible businesses. According to recent studies carried out by Regus, 43% declared that when choosing between two similar job offers, they would choose the business which gets involved with charitable projects. Also, 47% of employees considered it very important that the businesses which they work for carry out these kind of activities.
  1. To improve the image of the brand: making it responsible and coherent. Every brand has values which they identify themselves with and those which they want to be linked with. In order to do this, however, the company must be coherent, and act accordingly. There is not a better way to communicate what you believe in with regards to the environment than carrying out the relevant actions, and this is only one example!
  1. Your reputation: We human beings believe that a lot of the time, seeing is believing. Don’t settle for simply saying the good things you do, actually do good things for your community. Your audience will realise what you are contributing and it will boost your reputation. Creating a strong reputation is a matter of work well done.
  1. Your CSR can be in your product or your service. Take advantage of what your business offers. Involve your product or service in your CSR strategy, you will not only achieve projecting a positive of your brand, attracting better professionals and building a strong reputation for yourself, but you will also make your product or service known and you will make people talk about it.

Have you still not decided? Get your CSR strategy under way and you will see all of the advantages it will have on your business.

Worldcoo Team


Support for pregnant teenagers and mothers with babies at risk of exclusion



¿Did you know that 95% of cases of young and pregnant adolescents at risk and psycho-social problems in Spain are neglected for lack of resources?

logo-eshopAfter his last project, in which they helped 90 kids in Cambodia could receive language classes and school support (you can remember it HERE) eShop Ventures users already have a new charity challenge to show, once again, their solidarity.

madrina_1Through Fundación Madrina, they will be able to improve maternal and child health and quality of young people and pregnant teenagers at risk of social exclusion. The aim is to reduce the risk of abuse and social inequality, infectious diseases and malnutrition.

With € 2.000 that users can donate since now through the different platforms that the group has basic material and basic attention will be provided to 915 babies and 740 mothers in situations of social vulnerability.

You can follow the process HERE.

Worldcoo team.

5 things that your e-commerce must not neglect (ever)

A computer, connection to the internet and a certain amount of time. That is all you need to start to sell through the internet. It sounds simple, but it is not always as simple as it seems. In order for an e-commerce to produce results, you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort, pay attention to the details, and above all, never neglect these five things:

1. The design. Your online store must be pleasing to the eye, but it also must be simple to understand. The customer must immediately sense how to get around the website, how to find what they are looking for, how to return to the previous page, where to find … We internet users are, by definition, lovers of the simple, easy and fast things. Make it easy for your clients!

2. The photography. If there was one aspect that shops have always had, it is that you can see the product, touch it, and in some cases, try it. The online world does not offer this possibility, which makes that the only contact your clients will have with the product, will be through photos. Make sure that they are honest, and at the same time, appealing!

3. Social networks. E-commerce and social networks must always go hand in hand for two reasons: the first being that it is the way to get to and attract potential customers, the second being that it allows to make your brand ‘more human’. The online sales channels can inspire certain mistrust and doubt amongst the clients, so take advantage of the potential of social networks to battle this mistrust and doubt!

4. Customer service. It might be that your clients have overcome their mistrust and doubt and they have decided to buy something, but they have doubts about the size that is right for them (for example). So they write to you and they get a very late reply or not one at all. You have not only lost this sale, but you have also lost the trust that your client had placed in your store. Look after your customers at every stage of the sale.

5. The possibility of a refund or an exchange. Keeping to the theme of creating confidence. Is your client not happy with their purchase? Make it easy for them to exchange it. They might even make another purchase that suits them better. If you make it difficult for them, they will never buy anything from the store again.


Worldcoo Team.

New deal with Banco Sabadell!

We present you “Actitud Solidaria”, a new campaign that we have launched with Banco Sabadell in order to promote CSR among bank’s customers and employees.

SergiFigueres, CEO de Worldcoo y Josep Oliu, Presidente de BS

SergiFigueres, CEO of Worldcoo and Josep Oliu, BS President

This week we have signed a new deal with Banco Sabadell to address the need for the bank’s customers and employees to have access to proper tools to help those who need it most. Starting today, anyone interested can collaborate on various social and cooperation projects through different channels. For example, customers may make a donation as part of their normal online banking transactions via the platform. Employees, additionally, will be able to do so when purchasing tickets for corporate events or through several internal initiatives.

In this context, the emergency campaign recently launched to help children affected by hurricane Matthew (Haiti) has already yielded fruit: in less than 24 hours, the Banco Sabadell community has donated nearly €10,000 to work with Unicef  on providing drinking water for the youngest victims.

At the event to announce this alliance, Banco Sabadell President Josep Oliu highlighted, “If there is something that makes us great, it is our attitude. This is why we are so proud to offer our people an easy way to collaborate on charity projects and address the emotional need to make a difference using the new services technology has to offer.” Furthermore, he added, “One of the things we value the most about Worldcoo is that they audit each and every project they collaborate with, which is key to have total transparency as to where the money goes.”

Also present was David Camps, director of Marketing at Vicente Ferrer Foundation, with which the bank will tackle the challenge of providing paediatric care for 1,300 children in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He highlighted, “We are very interested in the Worldcoo concept, especially its ability to persevere.”

Here you have some images from the event presentation (subtitles in Spanish).

Worldcoo Team.


PC Componentes, committed to breast cancer

imatge_xarxes_engThere are about 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer each year (IARC Globocan, 2008). Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and developing countries. The good news is that it is also the cancer that most survivals presents.

In this sense, psychological support after being diagnosed is crucial; in fact, approximately 30% of women affected by breast cancer shows some degree of psychological affectation that requires professional treatment.

For this reason, today, the World Brest Cancer Day, we launch a new fundraising campaign with PC components to ensure free psychological support for patients and their families provided by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

Thanks to the funds raised by users of the leader in electronic commerce and technology platform nationwide, the organization may provide information, guidance and emotional support to women with breast cancer in situations that require immediate intervention. For example, anxiety, depression, fear of rejection, insecurity, changes in body image…

In addition, several of the employees of the company have decided to cut their hair and donate it to make wigs and show their commitment and solidarity. We love it!

You can follow the donations HERE.

Worldcoo Team.


One in three people suffer from some form of malnutrition in the world


International World Food Day

On 16 October 1945, 42 countries met in Quebec to create the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Since that day, every year the organization celebrates the World Food Day to raise awareness about hunger in the world and remember the need to ensure food security for all.

We don’t want to miss the opportunity to show our commitment to this fight, which affects 2,500 million people worldwide, and is that 1 in 3 people suffer from one form of malnutrition, ranging from the hunger to obesity.

But this doesn’t end here, 793 million suffer chronic hunger and don’t have enough food. These frightening figures contrast with the nearly 1.900 million people who are overweight; the other side of the coin which causes 3.2 million deaths each year.

From Worldcoo we try to encourage all projects that seek to end this problem that contributes to the premature death of mothers, children, poor physical development and brain and increasing chronic diseases.

One of them is “Overcoming malnutrition in Ethiopia,” sponsored by UNHCR / ACNUR and that we launched together with PromoFarma.  Thanks to the donations that users are doing, the NGO will ensure the nutritional well-being of 11,323 children under 5 years as refugees in this country, which hosts more displaced persons in Africa.You can remember it HERE.

Today, we encourage you also help spread the cause and raise awareness.

Worldcoo Team.

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