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Zacaris against child blindness in India

Zacaris against child blindness in India


Blindness is one of the most severe issues faced by the poorest people in India. In fact, it is estimated that 15 million people in the country have problems related to blindness; which represents 1,3% of total people.

banner-imgIn childhood, the problem can lead to educational problems, and is that one out of three cases of school failure is due to vision problems. For this reason, one of the main initiatives that Sonrisas de Bombay carries out is a program related to health prevention for children in Bombay.

img_21918After collecting the amount needed to reduce child abandonment and family breakdown in Ghana (remember the project HERE), Zacaris clients will collaborate with the NGO to improve the health of children and prevent curable diseases.

Through their collaboration, 80 kids will receive medical check-ups to prevent and treat curable diseases.

Remember that you can follow the funding process HERE.

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