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Cholera outbreak emergency campaign

Cholera outbreak emergency campaign


unicefTo the conflict that already threatens millions of children in Yemen, a dangerous outbreak of cholera is now linked. Health services, halved by the conflict, are on the verge of collapse and do not provide enough to meet the growing number of people suffering from this disease.

Without a proper water and sanitation system, cholera is transmitted at high speed and without health centers or economic resources, it is not possible to face a health emergency like this.

logoIn front of this bad situation, Unicef is working to deal this outbreak of cholera, distributing medical supplies and drinking water. After collaborating with Codespa Foundation in order to train young people at risk of social exclusion, Nicequest users will join Unicef in the cholera prevention.

With their help, 1.170 Yemen children will have access to drinking water for a year to prevent further cholera infections.

Remember that, if you want, you can check the collecting process HERE.

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