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Water for andian population

Water for andian population


Did you know that 62% of the Peruvian population lives in areas with 2,2% of the water availability of the country?

Family farming is the main economic activity of the poorest families in Peru, most of whom live in rural areas. The human, ecological and water effects of climate change are especially important for them, since they depend on water in all their agricultural or livestock activities.

NRbZ7qZsAmong others, one of the main project of Ayuda en Acción consists in promote a social management of water as a way for conservation rehabilitation and recovery of water sources, that allows to support small-scale agriculture.

logo_planetahuertoAfter completing its last project, in which they helped 20 women from Mali to receive agricultural training in order to improve their productivity (you can remember the project HERE), the customers of Planeta Huerto start now a new fundraising campaign to collaborate with Ayuda en Acción to optimize the use of water in family farming which is the main income source of people in those areas.

Through the money collected, Ayuda en Acción will be able to implement an irrigation technification and 10 families in Peru will have access to water and food security.

If you want, you can check the donation process HERE.

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