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Supermarkets with a cause: Bon Preu y Esclat
Social round up is already here!
Veterinary assistance for animals of homeless people
Decántalo and assisted therapy with horses for people with disabilities

Supermarkets with a cause: Bon Preu y Esclat

bonpreu-esclatSome days ago we talked about the importance that brands have a strong social commitment. In fact, according to the study titled “Brands with values ®: The power of the consumer-citizen,  nearly  60% of population prefer those brands that respect environment, cares about social aspects or  take care of their employers.

That’s why every time there are more companies which use one of our fundraising channels in order to show their social commitment and empower their customers to make their little contribution.

In this context, Bon Preu y Esclat Supermarket has launched two new challenges so that their customers can make their little contribution:

  • 535-244-LOGO_BCN_COMPARTEIX_mes_intens_+logo_NsFSharing food: the population with lack of food resources is increasing, a situation that has been aggravated by the economic crisis. With the help of the customers of Bon Preu 50 people will receive a daily food during one month through Nutrición Sin Fronteras.


How they can collaborate?

The customers of Bon Preu y Esclat can collaborate trough the accumulated money in their customer card. They can do it in the Private Space of the web or through the app BonpreuEsclat. More information HERE.


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Social round up is already here!

We couldn’t imagine a better start of this 2018. Social round up is already here! From now on, all companies can offer their customers the option to round up the final amount of their purchase and donate the cents to a social cause.

The first social establishment

company_logoCottet Óptica y Audiología” is the first company which is implementing it. All their customers can round up the total amount of their purchase and donate their cents to a social cause.

In line with their social commitment with the eye health of who need it the most, all the customers of Cottet collaborate with Ocularis, an entity that focus their activity in the ophthalmological training in developing countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. Through the help of Cottet, Ocularis will train ophthalmologists and optical so they can treat thousands of people who need it. You can follow the donation process HERE.

I want to be a Social Establishment too! 


If you want to become a “Social Establishment” you can contact us HERE. We will be very pleased to count on you in order to help all the different NGO to boost their social projects around the world.

logo_ue“Social Round Up” takes part of the “Widget 3.0” project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 711367.

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Veterinary assistance for animals of homeless people


Did you know that it is estimated that between 5-10% of homeless people have a pet that provides them with deep emotional support?

Animals do not judge, they do not discriminate, they provide a sense of self-esteem and they offer unconditional loyalty. In fact, according to various studies carried out on homeless people, animals foster a sense of responsibility and they reward with affection the fulfilment of this responsibility. In addition, by acting as silent witnesses, they can steer their owners away from risky behaviours, thus allowing the construction of a positive moral identity. Moreover, homeless people who share their lives with pets are less likely to be depressed and are less likely to exhibit potentially harmful behaviours, such as drug use.

logo-fundacion-altarriba-292Homeless people cannot afford veterinary assistance for their pets so, in this context, Fundación Altarriba wants to provide solutions to this problem and pay for veterinary expenses of these animals.

As you know, the community of Mascoteros has been collaborating with us in the financing of different social projects related to animal cause. From its beginning they have collaborated with Fundación Daina and Amigos del Perro to facilitate a home for abandoned dogs.

They have the opportunity now to collaborate with Fundación Altarriba to facilitate homeless people with pets have access to veterinary services.

With their help, 100 pets of homeless people will have access to veterinary assistance.

Remember that you can follow the donation process HERE.


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Decántalo and assisted therapy with horses for people with disabilities


For several weeks, the customers of Decántalo have the option to add a social euro to their purchase when they buy wine trough internet.

Euro to euro, all the customers of the company have raised the amount necessary to distribute educational material to 60 children in Nepal in collaboration with the NGO  Street Child (you can remember the project HERE).

logo_decantaloIn line with their social commitment, the customers of Decantalo have started a new project now in which they will improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, facilitating their autonomy and encouraging stimulation, rehabilitation and reeducation of those functions and motor skills that are altered.

global_logoThey will do it with the NGO Global Humanitaria who, in collaboration with Love Horses, therapeutic and educational activity with the horse as a natural motivating instrument, which favors the stimulation, rehabilitation and reeducation of those functions and abilities that are altered in people with disabilities.

With their help, 30 disabled people between 3 and 58 years old will benefit from assisted therapy sessions with horses during 9 months.

Don’t forget that you can follow the donation process HERE.

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