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Supermarkets with a cause: Bon Preu y Esclat

Supermarkets with a cause: Bon Preu y Esclat

bonpreu-esclatSome days ago we talked about the importance that brands have a strong social commitment. In fact, according to the study titled “Brands with values ®: The power of the consumer-citizen,  nearly  60% of population prefer those brands that respect environment, cares about social aspects or  take care of their employers.

That’s why every time there are more companies which use one of our fundraising channels in order to show their social commitment and empower their customers to make their little contribution.

In this context, Bon Preu y Esclat Supermarket has launched two new challenges so that their customers can make their little contribution:

  • 535-244-LOGO_BCN_COMPARTEIX_mes_intens_+logo_NsFSharing food: the population with lack of food resources is increasing, a situation that has been aggravated by the economic crisis. With the help of the customers of Bon Preu 50 people will receive a daily food during one month through Nutrición Sin Fronteras.


How they can collaborate?

The customers of Bon Preu y Esclat can collaborate trough the accumulated money in their customer card. They can do it in the Private Space of the web or through the app BonpreuEsclat. More information HERE.


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