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Vegetable garden kits for a healthy and quality diet

Vegetable garden kits for a healthy and quality diet


Planeta Huerto has recently funded its latest project, which they will help to install a new micro-irrigation system that will ensure the food security of 10 families in the high Andean areas of Peru  through the NGO Ayuda en Acción.

This week they have started a new project in which customers who add one euro to their purchase, will be able to contribute to guarantee a healthy and quality diet of 320 families in Quiché (Guatemala), the second department in the country most affected by poverty, with an index of 41%.

educoThe entity with whom they will collaborate on this occasion is Educo. Educo will be able to combat this situation by distributing 50 orchard kits. Each kit contains 180 grams of a variety of seeds and 36 kilos of fertilizer and fertilizer. Thanks to the delivery of these kits, it will be possible to increase productivity, create reserves of basic grains for self-consumption, as well as strengthen new eating habits, personal hygiene and the home.

Remember that, if you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

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