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Maxcolchon’s dream

Maxcolchon’s dream

Maxcolchon joins our Companies with a Cause network!

Often, when we are in a difficult and complicated situation, having a reason that excites us and keeps our mind occupied, can be a key piece to give a boost to our day to day and break with the routine that we are used to.

It’s the same with the youngest ones; even more if they are children who suffer from a serious illness. Having a dream to pursue and hope to make it come true brings hope for the future, happiness and strength necessary to overcome their illness.

logo_makeawishThis is what Make-A-Wish Foundation does. Since 1999 they have been working to make dreams come true for children with serious illnesses.

Sick children and their families live in a harsh routine that transforms their reality. However, despite being children suffering from serious diseases, they are still children: children who play, laugh, cry and are also deluded. The entity works together with the child and his/her family in order to make their dreams come true.

logo-maxcolchonToday we talk about it because we have recently signed a new collaboration agreement with one of the great dream experts: Maxcolchon, online reference in the manufacture and sale of rest products.

In addition to being the online reference in its sector, Maxcolchon is caracterized by a strong social commitment. Since its creation, in 2009, it has collaborated with different social causes in different ways.

Now, through the Worldcoo solidarity widget, Maxcolchon goes a step further and offers all its customers the opportunity to collaborate with Make-A-Wish so that, through their online store, they can comply not only his own dream, but also that of the little ones who need it most.

Maxcolchon’s dream

The challenge of Maxcolchon’s customers is to help Timothy to fulfill their illusion. Timothy is a 9 year old boy who has a passion that helps him when, because of his oncological illness, he can’t go to school, during treatments, in the hospital. It is a passion that he shares with his little brother Kenji and that helps him to build a world in which everything is possible: LEGOLAND. A multicolored world that helps him in the difficult moments to continue fighting against the disease. And his great hope is to visit LEGOLAND and enjoy it with his family. Timothy knows that he has to work to achieve it … and that there are many people who are willing to help him so that, piece by piece, his illusion becomes a reality.

You can follow the donation process HERE.

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