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PromoFarma against skin cancer
Summer camps for children at risk at social exclusion
Food security in Mauritania
We reach one million euros in donations!

PromoFarma against skin cancer


¨Skin is a 90% of your selfie.  Protect it against sun, capture your best image”.

PromoFarma has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the skin from the sun.

Together with influencers and collaborators of the leading parapharmacy sales portal in Spain, the objective of the campaign is none other than to become aware of the harmful effects of solar radiation when there is no adequate protection.

logo_CRISIn line with the recently launched campaign, from now on, all of PromoFarma’s clients have the opportunity to collaborate with Cris against Cancer Foundation with the aim of obtaining the necessary funding to develop innovative therapies, and new methods to help fight skin cancer of all patients; by far, the most common type of cancer.

You can check de donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team

Summer camps for children at risk at social exclusion


logo_ticketmasterToday we start July and, with it, the new project for the customers of Ticketmaster.  Last month, they could participate with the clinical research against prostate cancer and they raised more than €5,000! On this occasion, they will collaborate with Save the Children in order to guarantee that this summer, children at risk of social exclusion have the opportunity to participate in summer camps.

stc_logoDid you know that in Spain one in three kids are at risk of social exclusion or poverty?

Summer camps are a great opportunity to for those children whose families can’t afford these activities and have no one to leave them while they are working.

Through these camps, Save the Children favors the social inclusion of these children and guarantees them, at least, a healthy and balanced meal a day.

To participate, Ticketmaster customers only have to add a solidary euro to their purchase.

Click HERE to see the status of live collection and know the different campaigns that Ticketmaster has supported.

Worldcoo Team

Food security in Mauritania


In the coming weeks, Educo will be able to distribute 50 garden kits for the population of Quiché (Guatemala), which will allow 320 people have access to a healthy and quality diet.

logo_planetahuertoThis is possible thanks to the micro-donations made by all the customers of Planeta Huerto (remember the project HERE), that right now they have just started a new challenge with the NGO Save the Children.

Mauritania suffers a major food crisis due to the recurrent droughts of recent years. 120,000 children under the age of 5 suffer from acute malnutrition and this situation is expected to worsen in 2018.

stc_logoThe objective of Planeta Huerto will be to collaborate with the entity to provide the necessary resources to those most vulnerable families, so that they can cover their food and health needs and prevent malnutrition and other diseases.


The challenge is that euro to euro, 210 households that have lost their harvests due to the drought will receive seeds so they can plant in the following season.


You can follow the donation process HERE.

Equipo Worldcoo

We reach one million euros in donations!

1M eng

Today is a very special day for all of us. We’ve just known that we have achieved one million euros in donations!

One million micro-donations that have helped to implement nearly 200 social and cooperation projects around the world. And what is more important, more than 163.000 people have benefited directly through any of these initiatives.


From our beginnings, our main objective has been to help NGOs to find the economic funds needed to carry out their projects. Day to day, we have worked constantly in order to develop new and better tools available to companies that favor micro-donations around the world.

Today we are more than satisfied to see that step by step, our goal has become a reality and our constant commitment to innovation and the development to new technologies has made that our ambition don’t stop growing. As you may know, this achievement coincides with the launching and implementation of the “Social Round Up”, our new fundraising channel which is already live.

UNICEF, Save the Children, Plan International, Bombay Smiles UNHCR or Educo are some of the entities we collaborate with. With them, we have fight against child malnutrition, share smiles to sick children, investigate the cure of childhood leukemia, facilitate the Access to drinking water in countries such as Peru or Kenya, find a home for abandoned dogs or promote access to education in India, among many other.


For this, we count on an extensive network of “companies with cause” (more than 50 already!) that have offered their customers and employees the possibility of making a micro-donation.

To all of them, thank you very much for collaborating with us as a social partner!

Worldcoo Team. 

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